Horizon Zero Dawn Headcanon: Nil & Avad

So, I have this little headcanon that Nil and Avad (and Itamen & Kadaman) are actually brothers.

When the boys were young, Nil always proved himself to be stronger and a better fighter than his brothers so naturally he was the first man to loyally serve in his father’s army, probably in a high position.
However, he always was a little psychotic and seemed to enjoy killing people who didn’t quite agree with his ideals or his father’s kind of ‘justice’, which was a little alarming in Avad’s eyes.
Nil and Itamen also were sun-king Jirad’s favourite sons, while Avad who secretly didn’t quite agree with his father’s politics was more or less neglected.

However, when Avad and his men brought sun-king Jirad down and Avad started his reign Nil confessed to all his war crimes out of despair and was sentenced to spend two years in Sunstone Rock for his crimes.
After that Avad banned him from Meridian because he felt that Nil, who had slowly lost his mind, could be a threat.

Hence, Nil aimlessly wandered around without anyone to keep him company or a purpose.
He finally found it in killing bandits and other dubious people lurking around. Killing them brought him joy and the feeling that he was giving them the justice they ‚deserve‘.

So, just what I had on my mind :’) Some things don’t make that much sense but I quite like the idea so I thought I could share it. Just a headcanon, nothing more.  …also, computer crashed while typing this and everything was gone! HECK! I had to type the whole thing again and I hope I didn’t miss anything but yeah…damn it.

“Gençlik, devrimci yığınların politik bilince ulaşmadıkları yarı-sömürge bir ülkede, bağımsızlık mücadelesinde toplumun devrimci sınıf ve tabakalarını harekete geçiren bir dinamit fitilidir.”

Mahir ÇAYAN - Teorik Yazılar (Syf : 6)

Hey baylar hayat kısa…
ve biz eğer yaşıyorsak kralları
çiğnemek için yaşıyoruz.

William Shakespeare - IV Henry

Görsel :  A female Viet Cong guerrilla armed with a Russian-made PPs-43 submachine gun

“Cebimde bir kurşun var. O, kardeşlerimden birinin hayatına son veren kurşun. Hepimizin öldürülmüş bir kardeşi yok mu? Benim kardeşim başına sıkılan bir kurşun ile öldürüldü. Peki, o kurşunu ve o silahı ona kim verdi? Daha güçlü biri. Peki ona kim verdi? Daha güçlü biri. Kardeşimi öldüren o kurşunu cebimde taşıyorum. Zapatistaların ceplerinin büyük olması ceplerinde kurşun taşıdıkları için değil. Kardeşlerini taşıdıkları için.”

Subcomandante Marcos

Görsel :  René Clement -  en la Selva Lacandona, 1995