Heidi: :c hey Cartman is something wrong? You seem sad and as your girlfriend I would like to make you happy and support your needs in any way u can but in order to do that we have to be able to share and talk so I can fully understand your wants and needs and be able to care for you. Please allow me to help you and be there for you in any way I can. If you need anything I’m here for you, please don’t be afraid to share your problems with me and be open, I’m always here to listen…( over generally trying to be a good significant other and trying her hardest to please someone who keeps brushing her off and belittling her feelings)

Some people in this hell fandom: Heidi is so terrible >:(( I hate her >:(( what an abusive annoying bitch >:(((( how dare she be like that? Cartman deserves way better than that >:(((

Superstitions in Brujeria

I love witchy Tumblr, I do, but I feel like a lot of the witchcraft reflected on this platform is very Eurocentric. Which is a great place for starting out and has helped me out personally so very much, especially when it came to connecting with the Norse gods. But! I feel it’s time for me to divulge more into my culture…that being Mexican brujeria and I couldn’t really find any posts about it, so I decided to make my own!

So a background I guess. Brujeria just means witchcraft in Spanish. It’s that simple and really rolls off the tongue for me. When I’m speaking to fellow Spanish speakers, I simply call myself a bruja. (Disclaimer: I am not fluent in Spanish by any means! I’m a guera and I’m sorry…)

So, I’m really hoping to share some of the superstitions I know and maybe how they can be used to power spells and such. I may get stuff wrong and since a lot of this is based on my own personal experiences, I don’t have any sources really. Please feel free to correct me or bring your own spin on things! I’m always down to learn more about my culture!

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its 12 am and making this meme helped me with my dysphoria fjfjfjfjh

Attention White People:

Today is Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in Latin@ (specifically Mexican) culture. It’s a long standing tradition that dates back to the time before Spanish occupation. During these next two days, we’ll be honoring the memories of the loved ones we’ve lost throughout the years by building temporary shrines to them, stocked with some of their favorite things in life, as well as memorabilia they may have left behind. We also will be following the tradition of our ancestors, who attempted to take the fear out of death by turning death into a caricature. Our homes may be decorated with calaveras (sugar skulls) and images of La Catrina.

Here is what you CAN do:

- wish us happy DdlM/DotD
- ask us who we’re remembering and how
- accompany (if invited) a celebrating friend or co-worker to a church, graveyard, etc.

Here is what you CAN’T do:

- refer to this as “Mexican Halloween”
- paint your face like a calavera out of “respect for the culture”
- take images of calaveras or La Catrina and wear/use them simply because “they look cool”

Thanks in advance for being intersectional non appropriating decent human beings!

Your friendly neighborhood (Latina) cat lady

Ps. Taking a semester of Spanish in high school, or being 1/25th <insert Latin@ culture here> does NOT make you exempt