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Happy Blackout!!! Congratulations to all the beautiful kings and queens who will also be graduating this year, ya’ll we did it.

I’m proud to be the first child in the Osuntoyinbo family to be getting not only a Degree but a Diploma, university was one hell of a ride but I’m so happy I did it. I’m forever proud to call my self Nigerian, proud of the dark pigmentation of my skin, and to have worked hard for my Bachelors of Business Administration from Guelph and a Diploma of Business Administration from Humber Collage with an Area of emphasis in Marketing in both 🙌🙌🙌🙌👑👑👑👑

College Confession #28

I matched with my biology Teachers Assistant on Tinder so I decided to just go with it. Apparently, he didn’t realize I’m in his seminar because he was hitting on me, and we eventually slept together. The next week in seminar he saw me and realized what he had done. I haven’t gotten a grade worse than 95% from him since then.

-University of Guelph
Is Walk on the Wild Side transphobic? Student group issues apology after playing Lou Reed song
A Canadian student association has published an apology after a playing the Lou Reed song Walk on the Wild Side during a university event.

The student group needs to issue an apology to the ghost of Lou Reed. There was nothing transphobic about the lyrics and if they had bothered to contextualize the lyrics in the song, it’s time and Lou Reeds life they would recognize their error.

This isn’t “political correctness”, this is abject ignorance. Holly (the trans woman mentioned in the song) is Holly Woodlawn, one of Warhol’s “superstars” and star of many of his films. Candy (who “came from out on the island”) was Candy Darling, another trans superstar. The world of The Factory, which Lou was part of, celebrated gender fluidity before that was a word. Reed himself was in a long-term relationship with Rachel, a trans woman who was the muse for much of his 70s songs and is featured on the cover of at least one of his albums.

History didn’t start the day you were “woke”, you little prats. Take a moment away from SnapBat or InstaFriend and read about the fucking world, not just your world, and learn a thing or two. Here’s a good idea; “Google it” before you run off at the mouth.


Church of Our Lady by Jonathan Plumb
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Autumn light on the Church of Our Lady.