#LocalLens: Walking your Senses through Oaxaca with @fcoronado

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. To see more photos of Oaxaca, Mexico, through Frank’s eyes, follow @fcoronado on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

“Oaxaca is color, flavor, smells and sounds. Walking through its streets you get a unique encounter with your senses,” says Frank Coronado (@fcoronado), a photographer and painter from the region in southern Mexico.

The Mexican state is known for its cultural diversity, something that Frank aims to capture. “The differences between the eight regions of Oaxaca can be found in their gastronomy, in their textile richness. Every regional costume is made in a different way with colorful threads, which weave traditions inherited throughout generations.”

Frank spent 18 years away from his hometown and was amazed with everything he rediscovered when he returned. “Many people believe that due to the fact that Oaxaca is a small city, not a lot of things happen here. But you just need to walk through its streets to realize there are endless things going on,” he says.


Guelaguetza 2014

The Guelaguetza is an annual celebration of Oaxaca’s Indigenous communities typically held during the last two weeks of July.

‘Guelaguetza’ is a Zapoteco word meaning system of collaboration and exchange. Scholars say it has been practiced since the days before pre-European contact and was preserved as a means of surviving the trauma of colonization.

Although commercialized, La Guelaguetza gives Oaxaca’s Native Peoples an opportunity to showcase their culture and traditions.

Members of a teachers’ union and a student group attempted to block the entrance to La Guelaguetza on the celebration’s last day over a dispute with the government on Monday.

Photo credits: Cuarto Oscuro, Revolución 3.0, Estación Foto

Oaxaca Under Siege

Oaxaca has been militarized by federal and state police on the weekend of Guelaguetza festivities. The Peña Nieto administration has issued 35 arrest warrants for leaders of Oaxaca’s CNTE teachers’ union, freezes bank accounts and has sent thousands of riot cops to occupy the city.

Days earlier, governor Gabino Cué took the extreme measure of dismantling IEEPO, State Public Education Institute of Oaxaca.

A major CNTE march is planned for Monday, July 27. With EPN under pressure after El Chapo’s escape and Oaxaca militarized, things may come to a head. Stay tuned as we bring you more details.

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:: Danza de la pluma ::

El último número de la Guelaguetza tradicional.

De origen Azteca-Zapoteca; culturas que dejaron plasmado conocimiento acerca del universo en la estructura central de Monte Albán; con la danza de la pluma buscaron representar la existencia de ocho planetas y su movimiento alrededor del sol desde tiempos prehispánicos. Además, es llamada la máxima danza del estado de Oaxaca.