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well its kinda had if all of my friends are either people who pity me o people i just met not even a week ago and i doubt people wanna talk about how a 14 year old has been bullied severely for 7 years of her life but that is just me bt i gue- oh crap did i say that aloud?*

“Listen kid, real talk. No one of any age deserves to go through emotional, mental, or even physical pain on their own. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on, everyone needs a helping hand once in a while. No one should ever have to handle something on their own, especially if it’s hurting you.” His voice continues glitching. “Re-…. I never understood that I didn’t always have t-o… be tough. Sometimes, it’s nice to lean on someone else. I alw-ays th-ought-” He clears his throat. “I always thought no one would ever want to help me. Then….” He’s silent.

“Look kid, what I’m saying is: don’t beat yourself up over this. Don’t blame yourself for it either. Life is complete and utter shit, it’s never going to lighten its load on you. It’s your choice whether or not you want to give up.”

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👏👏👏(sixsmolsouls) wINKS AZ AND GIL OR WREN AND AURA?

I present you… the ultimate leader of the ‘I need weed killer asap’ squad I mE AN: Azil!
♥ This child has…. ungodly strength (probably can lift a log by themselves?? stop them)
♥ Full of bad puns™
♥ Don’t try to remove the vines/flowers from their hair, they’ll probably die–
♥ They glitch quite often (just small glitches, nothing too notorious)
♥ Their magic can be a bit…. unstable at times
♥ Do not let them near ovens, just DON’T (unless you want everything to go down in flames then oKAY)
♥ LV doesn’t change, but they do become stronger and they can perform very strong attacks with that pan (they chose not to, though)
♥ hAS THE WORST MEMORY EVER (they’ll probably paste sticky notes and forget about them in a second)


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1. Who are your top 5 favourite fictional ladies?

This is going to be reaaaaaly hard because there are so many but

  1. Elara Dorne from SWTOR
  2. Ruby from Supernatural
  3. Kaliyo Djannis from SWTOR
  4. Vaylin from SWTOR
  5. Ahsoka Tano from Clone Wars

as you can tell, Star Wars has a huge place in my heart.

2. Who is your favourite female protagonist from any media?

I’m gonna go with Ahsoka because I don’t think any of my other favorite ladies are protagonists. I guess Ahsoka is kind of debatable as a protagonist (IIRC there are more episodes that feature Anakin than her), but she still does fill very important role and is one of the closest things to a protag that show has IMO

3. Who is your favourite female villain/antagonist in fiction?

Vaylin like times 1000. She’s a) more genre savvy than Arcann (“um shouldn’t we go to whatever planet the mandalorian’s are on now?” “No I like sitting on this throne too much”), coded as mentaly ill (with crappy writing, but the coding makes her more relatable to me), and has survived stuff no kid should’ve had to survive.

She was raised in a household pretty much without morals (at least once Senya disappears) and is clearly chill with killing other people pretty much for no reason (IIRC she was like “I killed three knights to make sure they weren’t lying” etc…) But it’s not like she’s 100 percent bloodthirsty; she still does disapprove of some of Arcann’s harsher acts (like killing literally half of the knights of zakuul). It’s unclear whether this is on moral or practical grounds, but I still was surprised because they seemed to be going pretty much one-note always-chaotic-evil up to that point.

She has a complex relationship with her mom (I mean she doesn’t like her, she views her as a threat, but she also gets resentful when Senya spares her). It’s like there’s so much depth to explore there (but IDK If the writers ever will).

She’s just 100% A+ basically

4. Of all the fictional ladies you like, who do you believe is the most underrated or underappreciated in fandom?

I haven’t seen much positive stuff for Elara, but I also haven’t seen much negative stuff for her either. Most under appreciated I would say is Kaliyo. She’s a really morally complex character and does not require player’s approval for anything which I think ticks a lot of guys off. I’ve seen way too many people talking about how happy killing her made them and I am like “fucking creeps”.

5. What is your favourite canon f/f couple in fiction?

Wow this is just making me realize I need more media with sapphic women. I can’t think off the top of my head of any canon f/f couples in my current favorite things (clone wars and SWTOR)

Wait no I got 1

Becky/Dina in Dumbing of Age. they are really cute together.

6. What are your top 3 favourite femslash ships from any media?

  1. Lana/Fem Sith Warrior
  2. Kaliyo/Fem Imperial Agent
  3. Max/Original Cindy in Dark Angel

7. What is your favourite friendship between ladies in fiction?

Ahsoka Tano and Padme Amidala

8. What is your favourite relationship between female relatives (such as sisters, mother-daughter, aunt-niece, female cousins, etc.) in fiction?

You know possibly the Vaylin Senya thing I really admire how it’s written.

9. Who are the top 3 fictional ladies you believe deserve better writers?


Any lady in SWTOR basically


also Steela Gerrera from Clone Wars

Also Jarael from KOTOR comics. Her writing seemed really inconsistent and basically to be around “whatever will give Zayne or the other male characters more development”

tooooo many ficitonal ladies need better writers

That is more than three but really could you narrow it down to just three?

10. Who is your favourite non-human woman character?

Most of the characters I listed on my faves were non-human. I guess Ruby? It’s not like I like her *better* than the other ladies, but her non-humanness is very important to the plot.

11. Of all the fictional ladies you have come across, who do you think gets the best character design?

Akaavi. She’s so pretty and badass.

Okay my questions. Thye’re mostly video game/ disability related. (I could try to think of some lady related questions but I’m pretty sure malavaisquinn already covered the best ones :P)

  1. What’s your favorite video game and why?
  2. What’s your favorite style of video game combat (Is it an action bar with abilities that require certain amounts of energy and have a cool down, like in SWTOR or Runescape? Is it a heavily-turn based, you go once, baddy goes once, nothing is in real time, abilities have no cool-down, like in Monsters Den? Do you not like cool downs at all and prefer abilities to require no energy and no cool down, but the big ones are slow and you have to time right (like Super Smash Bros Melee)?
  3. Do you like playing as a Tank, DPS, or healer best?
  4. Are there any gaming conventions that are inaccessible to you (like too much keysmashing, volume being needed for things, texts being tiny, etc….)?
  5. Does your favorite game have any disabled characters?
  6. Who is your favorite disabled character in any medium (not just video games)
  7. Are there any characters who are heavily coded as disabled you really wish the authors would just confirm as such?
  8. Which disabilities would you rather see represented more often or better (or both)?
  9. First Person combat or Third Person?
  10. What’s your favorite game you really wish was better about something (either game play, writing, etc)?
  11. What was the first video game that really hooked you in for long periods of time?

okay IDK if I’ll get eleven people but

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100 percent optional, just if you all feel like answering questions ^_^. Also if anyone else wants to answer my questions feel free to do so and send me an @ or an ask so I can see what you wrote!