hc on terumob -ish

mob actually likes teru ONLY platonically and its basically all admiration on probably how easy teru can pick up girls ,but in reality mob is the only one that teru really likes and it hurts him in his soft egotistical heart because damn. this once he wishes he could be w/ someone and it would be as easy as all those girls asking him out just because hes known to be ‘smart’ and ‘cool’ but nah

i mean of course teru does admire mob in all sorts of ways but from there on it gets stronger and forms itself into a whole nother feelin, such as a gay CRUSH wow nice

as teru and hang out he eventually finds out that mob has a childhood crush on tsubomi chan and maybe that quickly escalates into jealousy and he almost sees through her personality immediately and just thinks ‘shes not even that cute??? why her. not me. also shes so fake?? .tf’ idk i mightve stuck my own thoughts into that bUT thats not the point,

AND THEN ,,he compares tsubomi chan and himself and find the fact that they both have a similar trait is that theyre kind of ‘popular’ and well known in school for their looks and teru is just ‘*clenches fist* try me bitch’  and through that whole inner teru analyzation mob is just next to him blushin and staring at tsubomi who notices once she feels teru’s glare and mob accidentally takes it as they made eye contact but NO boy u wrong 

i dont even like terumob tht much????y’all,,,

idk where this is goin g ,but

the quickest doodle ive ever done it looks terrible but u know what i meant i think–