A picture of my best friend, Thorvald Rikardson. He’s a very talented woodworker, i’ll try to show you guys some of his work…

Maybe some of you did recognize the Gudvangen fjord, think they shot some scenes of the TVshow “Vikings” there, make sure to visit the Gudvangen Viking Market facebook page ! Those people are really nice !

Location : Gudvangen

Photographer : Brunnodóttir

Viking love - July 2013 - Brunnodottir

With the lovely Svartalfar  ( she’s a well known french model ) and her lover Leif ( as knows as Vorace MysticArt ) in the beautiful fjord of Gudvangen during the 2013 edition of Gudvangen Vikingmarked in Norway.

The place is amazing, full of energy and the people there always happy to share their knowledge and experience.

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Have a nice day, vikingar !