Gudvangen - Norway - Viking boat by Nicolas Erny

Norway: Flåm - Bergen

PATRIOOOOOTTTTSSSSS!!!!! Yeh boii!! Definitely worth staying up until 5am and probably giving my laptop herpes to watch these machines turn donuts into a glorious ring!! Patties, I love you.

(Below: boat from Flåm to Gudvangen on Aurlandsfjord)

Now, back to Norway. Bergen is stunning. It’s actually quite a large city when looking at it from the top of the mountain (well large compared to the towns I had just come from), but still had the charm and atmosphere of a charming little fishing village. I met a girl from Sydney in Flåm and we happened to be staying at the same hostel, so we explored Bergen together. We found a small Norwegian bar (it was like you were sitting in the inside of a Viking ship) with AH-MAZING live music. I painfully paid $17.50 for a Jack Daniels and coke, and it had never tasted so good.

Saturday we were told numerous times how lucky we were that we got to experience the clear, sunny weather. I had finally seen the sun for the first time in 3 weeks!! And what a perfect day for it too. We planned to do a 7km Hike up in the mountains behind Bergen. We went on our way and I immediately fell in love with the forests. It’s exactly like what you’d expect from a fairytale. Bright green moss covered the ground and climbed up the trees. Crystal clear rivers wound their way along the forest floor. It was perfection. I could have spent a year walking around that forest, and I almost did!

We ended up so far off our intended trail we were even on the map anymore! Even though the trails were adequately signed at points, we missed our and the fact it was in another language didn’t help.
13km’s later we made it back to our hostel (with extremely sore feet). Keep in mind, I haven’t done a whole lot of exercise for I don’t know how long now, and definitely have a few more K.G’s than I’m used to, so pulled up a little sore (which is embarrassing).

Norway Highlights:
- Flåm snowshoe Hike: so much fun and breathtaking views
- Fjord cruise: there’s nothing like slowly working your way through a Norwegian fjord on a boat
- Bergen hiking: fresh air, amazing scenery and a bit of adventure. Ticks all the boxes

Tomorrow I head down to Copenhagen to meet up with Ben and Ali!! I’m so excited to hear about their Iceland and Norway adventures and explore Copes with them :D

Stay hydrated back home folks ☀️