??? crack quirks lol


  • terrible at hiding. when he’s covertly following poli around in their uni building (because the batangueño actually prefers to be alone most of the time), he acts so cartoonish when his best friend looks behind to see if he’s tailing again. even if poli just slightly turns his head to the side, miong does this little pirouette and hides behind something (or even someone, which is embarrassing). when it comes to secrets, he easily gets flustered when someone bullies him to spill.


  • has this weird thing going on every time he’s in one of those ice cream shops wherein an employee is in-charge of operating the machine. his eyes go big and his mouth forms a little ‘o’ — yes, like an amazed child
    — when the employee starts twirling the ice cream on the cone.


  • he’s a hard cuddler, but even he isn’t aware. it’s something he does whenever he’s alseep. he grabs anything soft near him and ‘puts it in a chokehold’ — or at least that’s how a survivor describes it. one time, pepe was sat beside poli, waiting for him to wake up so he could get back his book on bertrand russell. leaning over to rouse him was the biggest mistake pepe did, because that was when poli ‘unconsciously’ grabbed him by the shirt collar and entangled him on the bed. little meme missed a class presentation tuloy.


  • if there’s a contest for high-pitched squealing, ladies and gentlemen please pack up your things because we have a champion. andoy often comes across as the pensive type, but when in the right mood, he’s up for a few pranks. when there’s a long, awkward pause in a group conversation, he um…he does the scream (to ease the tension ??? idk. but he gets a combination of laughter and startled screaming from his friends). don’t worry — it rarely happens.  


  • as the human embodiment of the word ‘boom,’ his volume options are loud, lOUDER, and LOUDEST. for him, it’s normal and usually his friends have to remind him when he’s starting to become a distraction to others. yes, he is also that kid whose sneeze startles the whole class during a big examination, causing others to accidentally make unnecessary streaks on the paper.


  • his childhood training with his sporty uncle will never save him from the occasional slipping and tripping — even when there are no obstacles. it just happens. pls don’t laugh at the smol kid though; he’s already having a hard time navigating the dark boarding house at night. couple that with his paranoia that andoy might be hiding in a corner, waiting for him to pass by so he could scream at him like a banshee.


  • no one in his friend group knows of this but he absolutely loves to collect various lip balm flavors. he has a pouch for each brand and all of these are stored in his medicine cabinet. he switches every week because he’s a Bored Son Lookin 4 Some Fun.