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I always wanted to make comics. For so many years now I’ve had a fantasy of creating a webcomic, and I have so many ideas that I’ve spent so much time trying to develop. But… any time it actually came to, like, drawing it? Making an actual comic? I just always feel like… “Wow, I super hate this.” But I kept trying. I kept brainstorming and worldbuilding and writing comics and then balk at the actual drawing of it. I kept telling myself I just needed to try harder.

I just spent like 10 months working on a visual novel literally every single day, and I released it just under a week ago, and every day since then I’ve been thinking about what I would make next, and I’ve been anxious to get started on it. I don’t feel daunted by the work ahead of me, I feel excited by it! Like… I actually want to do this. Like I actually like it.

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Okay but, sick Yuri in Eros form with glasses AND a gauze is literally everything. My life is complete. Also, your finale to the Yuri passing out on ice (I don't know what it's called sorry!) is absolutely beautiful, majestic, and overall is really heartwarming! Thank you so much for your contribution to this fandom and world! You make it a beautiful and sneezy place.

sick Yuri in Eros form with glasses AND a gauze“ I’m ngl, I saw the opportunity & leapt at it. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

lol PERSONALLY I’ve been referring to it as the Eros Angst comic (but it has no official title so you can call it whatever)
omgsh thank you so much! I love drawing them.. they’re actually really comforting in a way.