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You have to remind yourself that even when life feels like poop, great things are in and arriving to the present moment. Pay attention to how you feel. Sometimes you need you to listen. Talk to yourself. Write to yourself. Listen to yourself. Get to know yourself. Be with yourself. Explore yourself. Support yourself. Emit to yourself. Admit to yourself.

Here and there, I’ve seen #MercuryRetrograde spoken about as an inopportune period of time. However, it’s the opposite. The feelings, the thoughts, the emotions, the ideas, the energies that are rising to the surface are all appearing because they need to be looked at, felt and/or ultimately, released or redirected. Our Selves are calling us to really pay attention to what we feel and to determine what it is we’ve wanted all along. I just want to encourage each and every person reading this to trust the uncomfortable, the unwanted emotions, the perceived negativity. This is the time to heal.

All in all, the gucky emotions and uncomfortable thoughts are surfacing now because they ultimately need to be released. To facilitate its transition, get rid of people, things, situations, thoughts that no longer evolve you. If there’s something you no longer use, get rid of it. Discard old papers, text messages, phone numbers. Create a space for new to arrive. Burn sage. Pray. Cry. Talk to God. This is your time.

My spirit tells me someone needs to read this, tag your friends/loved ones.

Btw: may this sage I’m burning cleanse your timeline & space.

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