Bratty princess in need of a mommy/daddy

✨Name: Victoria
✨Little Names: Luna, Indie, Baby Girl, Princess, Love bug, Sweetie, Monkey, Peanut, etc. 
✨Role: Little 
✨ Age: 16
✨Little Range: 0-4
✨Location: California 
✨About Yourself: I is clingy, sometimes very grumpy, I love attention and lots of kisses, I need love and help remembering to eat drink and take my meds and at first I’m very shy but I warm up very fast
✨Big Hobbies/Interest: I draw and love reading
✨Little Hobbies /Interest: Coloring and watching Cartoons and movies being read to and playing wiff toys
✨fav color: Uhmm Purple? Pink? Baby Blue? 
✨activities: i don’t like sports hehe but drawing is my favoritest 
✨fav tv shows/movies: Rolie Polie Olie, Spongebob, Moana and lots more!
✨stuffie names: mookie, carrots, woof woof, piper, so many more stuffies my favorite stuffie is mookie 
✨snacks/candy: cheese its, cherrios, gummies! Lolis (guckies), all da candy actually hehe
✨little gear: pacis, bottles, stuffies, diapees, toys, coloring stuffs
✨Partner Preference: Male, Female, gender fluid, trans, any!
✨Partner Preference Age: 16-17
✨Partner Preference Role: Daddy or Mommy
✨What do you look for in a Partner: Gimme lotsa attention, Skype me, possibly a little sexual wiff me hehe, very sweet but strict, gives me rules and keeps me on a schedule, and helps me with lotsa stuff
✨I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: TBD
✨What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: Mommy, Momma, Daddy, Dadda, Master, Boss, Sir, whatever they want
 ✨I Like When My Caregiver Does: Gives me mucho attentiono hehehe, cuddles. Makes me happy even when I’m grumpy or being naughty and tells me how great my drawing or colorings are. 
✨I Don’t Like: Lots of sexual innuendo, loud noises, yelling, when cg is mad at me, eye contact, messes
✨Anything we should know: I have depression, anxiety, add, ADHD, insomnia, OCD, trypophobia, photophobia, coulrophobia, trypanophobia, agroraphobia, claustrophobia, (I know it’s a lot) more that I probably forgot.
✨Best way to get in touch with you is: Tumblr: baby-safe-blog kik: baby.indie Snapchat: toribear456

romulus-did-nothing-wrong  asked:

Fun fact everytime you bring Rohan over to my house, the moment you leave the room i start calling gucci "gucki". Im just an old lady whose mind is slipping so ppl think i just cant remember but no. Hes so funny when hes mad

you’d best be careful with that, I know he doesn’t listen to me when I’m not around so I can’t really keep him from retaliating 

Here’s what clearing is: 

* Clearing is an opportunity to bring compassionate awareness to the places in your home and life that are out of balance. 
* Clearing is a journey that can be messy, and meandering; a journey that doesn’t always add up, make sense, or go in a straight line. 
* Clearing is a daily practice that starts where you are. 

The real goodies with clearing – that this course will help you discover – is in how you process the gucky stuff that arises when you clear: your attachments, fears, overwhelm, confusions, stucknesses… 

“Processing” – as in tuning in to how you feel. Without attachment. 

Awareness changes everything. 

Going Slow to Go Fast 

What most people do not recognize is that the simple act of clearing one little thing with intention, every day, is more powerful and sustainable than binge-clearing a whole lot of things on the fly. By consistently clearing something small like a purse, a wallet, or even one paper clip off your chronically messy desk, you can bypass your brain’s fight-or-flight wiring system to such a degree as to create a sea change and a ripple effect of global proportions! 

Moving Energy 

As you probably already know, or will soon discover, clearing anything has a sneaky habit of pushing our buttons and bringing up what I affectionately call the “weather." 
You’ll recognize this emotional weather when you feel annoyed, cranky, tired, or spacey. You may have urges to overeat, avoid, or hold on even more. You may feel terrific one minute and completely fall apart the next. 

You’ll recognize this weather when you hear your inner critic find every reason to discredit your efforts, convince you that these clearing practices don’t work for beans, and that this course is probably the worst one you ever experienced. 

If any litany of judgments derails you, remember: This is the "clutter part” of your mind talking, not the real you!