gucci tuxedo

I was just researching Seth’s 2013 Oscar’s dress ware, because I’m a menswear enthusiast, and WOW let me just say his Oscars Ensemble was not cheap. He is pictured above wearing a Gucci Made to Order black grosgain notch lapel two button marsielle tuxedo. Gucci marseille tuxedos cost around $4,000, but that doesn’t include the shoes, socks, cummerbund, bowtie, Etc. He must have spent a pretty penny on that ensemble!

Ultimate #TuxedoTuesday. Tom Hiddleston in every tux he’s worn on the red carpet so far…

  • 2011, War Horse NYC Premiere. Armani*
  • 2012, War Horse London Premiere, Armani*
  • 2012, BAFTA Awards. Armani*
  • 2012, Avengers London Premiere, Armani
  • 2012, BFI London Film Festival. Armani*
  • 2013, Olivier Awards. Armani*
  • 2013, Cannes Film Festival. McQueen
  • 2013, GQ Man of the Year Awards. Armani
  • 2013, Thor the Dark World London Premiere. Armani
  • 2013, Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Armani*
  • 2014, Olivier Awards. McQueen*
  • 2014, Evening Standard Theatre Awards. McQueen
  • 2015, BAFTA Awards. McQueen*
  • 2015, BFI Luminous Gala. Ralph Lauren
  • 2016, White House Correspondents Dinner. Brunello Cucinelli 
  • 2016, Met Gala. Ralph Lauren 
  • 2016, BAFTA TV Awards. Burberry 
  • 2016, Emmy Awards. Gucci 

*indicates this tuxedo was worn more than once