gucci socks


These are questions that come to my mind when I’m just going about my day…

I’m putting soap in the washer for a load of whites and I think “Does Tom Hiddleston do his own laundry?”

I’m in the loo and I think “Does Tom Hiddleston clean his own toilet?”

Like…does he second guess himself about putting his Gucci socks in the wash?  Should they be dry cleaned?  Does he get engrossed in a book or script and forget to take the clothes from the dryer and they sit there for hours and get wrinkled?  And the toilet, does he put one of those thingies in the tank that makes the water blue that his mum has been telling him to do for years? 

Does this happen to anyone else?  I guess I tend to think that millionaires have “people” for this sort of thing and it’s difficult to imagine the Ludicrous Popinjay doing such mundane tasks that we mere mortals are stuck with. ;)

Also, I probably shouldn’t blog when it’s a Thursday night and I’m tired and should be showering and heading for bed.  

EXO as Dads

Xiumin: Calls all his daughters princesses, his sons are his princes. Is the dad every other mum wishes she found, makes them regret life choices, spoils his kids so much as if they’re actual royalty , makes stupid faces at them 24/7 and would put on a silly voice no matter what age they are, ‘No princess you can’t have candy yet~ Mummy’s making dinner.’

Luhan: Calls them his little deerlings, hates it when they call him cute so he picks them up and throw them around, loves taking them to parks and playing football with them, wants them to be the next soccer star. ‘One day you’ll be even better than me little deerling.’

Suho: Buys his kids a new toy everytime they cry because that’s the only way to shut them up, saw him burn money so any time they get their hands on some they throw it in the fireplace, living the stress life lowkey wants to die, dad jokes, loads of dad jokes.‘Just stop crying and daddy will buy you a new race car.’

Kris: The first word he teaches his kid is swag, lets them feature in his new music video,  his little swags, dresses them up so they look fly, won’t catch them without a small baby chain, teaches them english before speaking a word of chinese to them ‘You’re gonna be swag just like your dad and everything will be your style, even chicken.’

Lay: Would start crying if they cry, would be 100% confused when they speak gibberish, doesn’t know what he’s doing to be quite honest with you, but he gets through it anyway and is very good at playing with the kids, he’s lowkey their favourite. ‘Don’t cry because look now I’m crying, come give daddy a hug.’

Baekhyun: The type of dad to pull pranks on his kids to make them tough, really just turns them into little shits, his whole plan back fires and he went from the prankster to the prankee, one big tease, lives to embarrass the kids, loves them to bits though and hates seeing them cry, is really good at cheering them up ‘No no don’t cry it was only a joke little one~’

Chen: The sweetest dad out there tbfh, sings his kids to sleep if they’re restless or had a nightmare, takes them everywhere with him, they got his loud ass voice that kinda makes him think he needs to shut up or have some volume control, constant smile on his face when he’s with them, on his mind all day, always comes home with sweet treats for them. ‘Another nightmare? It’s okay dad will sing you a lullaby.’

Chanyeol: Is he the dad or is he the child nobody knows, he broke the rocking horse in 0.5 seconds of having built it, multiple tickle fights with the kids, he probably plays on the park more than the actual kids, got himself stuck in the baby swings once but don’t ask, loads of forts and playing with the kids, loves his job as dad ‘Come on we need to save princess mummy from the evil dish washer, let’s go!’

Kyungsoo: Definitely would bake treats for the children everyday, tells them to eat their damn greens, gives them knives to play with and tells them to go chase uncle Chanyeol or Baekhyun with them, turns them into his evil minions, but makes sure they look cute on the outside so nothing looks suspicious, pure satansoo ‘Hey kids remember what I told you, don’t tell mummy that you’re chasing your uncles with knives okay?’

Tao: Turns all his kids into little ninjas and puts them into competitions, they’ve all won ribbons but he takes all the credit, walking the streets with rolex on their wrists and a gucci belt, his children wouldn’t be caught dead without wearing at least one thing gucci, calls them his little pandas and he’s daddy panda, actually makes them call him daddy panda. ‘Here little pandas, this is a present from daddy panda and mummy panda…New gucci socks!’

Kai: Can’t get enough of his kids, demands selfies of them when he’s at work or on tour cuz he misses them, would face time every night so he can say goodnight to them, turns them into little dance machines, they now know every exo choreography there is thanks to him, doesn’t ever let them out of his sight, got them each a new puppy each, that was just an excuse to get more dogs though. ‘Look little ones a dog for each of you, they’re definitely yours and not secretly mine haha.’

Sehun: Those who share the same blood together judge together, he taught them the ways of sarcasm and sass, now they’re all little shits who back chat all the time, he’s so proud of them, his kids share the same resting bitch face so they just look like a bitchy family, don’t mess with them, doesn’t let the kids anywhere near his precious Vivi no matter how many times they ask, just no. ‘For the last time, no you can not touch my dog. Don’t touch what you can’t afford.’