gucci socks


These are questions that come to my mind when I’m just going about my day…

I’m putting soap in the washer for a load of whites and I think “Does Tom Hiddleston do his own laundry?”

I’m in the loo and I think “Does Tom Hiddleston clean his own toilet?”

Like…does he second guess himself about putting his Gucci socks in the wash?  Should they be dry cleaned?  Does he get engrossed in a book or script and forget to take the clothes from the dryer and they sit there for hours and get wrinkled?  And the toilet, does he put one of those thingies in the tank that makes the water blue that his mum has been telling him to do for years? 

Does this happen to anyone else?  I guess I tend to think that millionaires have “people” for this sort of thing and it’s difficult to imagine the Ludicrous Popinjay doing such mundane tasks that we mere mortals are stuck with. ;)

Also, I probably shouldn’t blog when it’s a Thursday night and I’m tired and should be showering and heading for bed.  

I hope you guys realise Tom has zero saying on what he wears on these fashion photoshoots. He signed a contract he has to wear what they want either he likes (or you or me for that matter) or not.