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describe the one direction fashion during their album eras.

Up All Night.

Pastel twinks. Giving off that vibe that makes you think they smell like an Oceanside Yankee Candle and freshly cut springtime grass. Would defo date you, open doors for you and smile at you with some sugary fucking tooth-rotting grin. Defo gonna have you back home 15 minutes before curfew with a wink at Mama as he leaves to drive the car that tells your mama he paid for the meal and could probably pay for her house too.

Take Me Home.

Sassy rich-boy fucks. Got that ‘lost my car keys so daddy brought me a new car’ vibe. Wears bowties to a casual as fuck house party. Other dudes think they’re twats but girls think they got dollar dollar hiding in their fancy fucking breast pockets. Lots of monochrome colours, wears white jeans and would probably wink at you as you notice the grass stains.

Midnight Memories.

Greasy gas station rent-boy chic. Excuse me m’aam, our car seems to have broke down can we borrow your cell so we can call a towing service“ Totally not passed them to throw you on the back seat and have the whole squad hit it in their cheap as fuck dodgy car whilst they wait for the tow truck tho. Smell like sweat, tequila and smoke. Bad-boy assholes that don’t believe in money as a concept which is an excuse for them being broke as fuq. Would get drunk with you and complain about captalism and the bourgeoisie. 


Slayin in all black cos it’s everyone elses funeral. Take me To Church plays in the background of them wherever they go. Has the ‘Daddy-doesn’t-talk-about-his-business-with-you’ vibe and you cool with that. Smells like overpowering Gucci cologne on a soft autumn breeze. Hair constantly in a state of ‘i woke up like this but it took an hour to get right’. Most likely actually has money falling out their pockets. Shoes pointier than cheekbones.

Made In The AM.

We’re not like regular dads we’re cool dads. Relaxed and chill vibe, just guys being dudes. The kind of guys who know how to bleed a radiator but know the best guy to get cocaine from at short notice. Would probably reference memes in conversation but only the relevant ones. If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms, they are wife material.

Monsta x - Exo flirts with you:


He wouldn’t be able to stop himself walking over to you and putting his arm around your shoulders, bringing you closer to him; as he had just witnessed Tao bend his neck extremely close to you in order to get your opinion on his Gucci cologne.

“yah, get your Gucci smellin’ ass away from my girlfriend”

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You’re at the MAMA awards watching Exo perform and Minhyuk couldn’t help but notice that, as Xiumin lifts up his shirt, he focus’ all of his attention on you. Frantically, he looks between you (completely engrossed in the whole performance) and Xiumin, before finally he rests his glare ahead on the Exo member.

*mumbling to himself* “ugh.. can ..he not see.. she’s with me”

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After watching Chanyeol put one of his fluffy, winter hats on your head, upon seeing you shivering, Hyungwon had decided to give both of you the silent treatment. Not only because he thought Chanyeol was flirting,but because he felt guilty because he hadn’t noticed that you were cold.

*thinking to himself* “Why did HE have to notice before I did?!”

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Upon seeing Suho trying to make you laugh by doing his signature awkward dancing, Jooheon would immediately run over to you both and try and upstage Suho. This would eventually end in a competition between the two boys to see who could make you laugh the most.

“See, she’s laughing the most at me, aren’t you y/n?!”

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Lay would purposely make eye contact with you while he, in his sleeveless shirt,  flexes his arm muscles. After seeing this, Shownu would stand directly in front of Lay, making sure you were watching him, and would continue on to then flex every muscle he could.

*no words, just constant smirking”

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After seeing Sehun try numerous amounts of pick up lines on you, he couldn’t help but interrupt him mid pick up,by slinging his arm around your waist, kissing you and then finally smirking at a shocked Sehun.

“Yehet your ass back to the waiting room and leave my girlfriend alone”

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Kihyun’s smile dropped immediately after he saw Luhan “accidentally” push your bottle from the table onto the floor; causing you to bend over to pick it up. Upon seeing Luhan obviously checking out your butt, he casually walked over to you and put a protective hand on your bum. Continuing, he then sat down, pulling you onto his lap paired with a smirk aimed at Luhan.

“The only flute she’s going to be blowin’ is mine”

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Hi, hope you enjoy this, thankyou for requesting ^_^

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Shawn's Tampa Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn said he has a little bit of makeup on
  • Shawn said album 3 is coming next year!
  • A fan asked "if you could have dinner with anybody dead or alive who would it be?" and Shawn answered bob marley
  • Shawn likes pancakes more than waffles
  • Shawn answering the best & worst thing about tour! Best: traveling worst: being away from loved ones
  • Someone was calling a fan who was at the Q&A today and Shawn was like "Hello?" WHY IS HE LIKE THIS
  • "If a genie gave you 3 wishes, what would they be?" "I literally get asked that every Q&A"
  • Shawn's favorite theme park is Canada's Wonderland
  • Shawn's favorite Harry Potter is the 3rd one! ( Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban )
  • Shawn's mom and cousin are in Tampa with him
  • Shawn talking about the biggest impact on his music! (He wants his heartbroken one day) I hate him
  • Shawn was so clueless about the Harry Potter ride at Universal
  • Shawn said he wants to have made 7 albums and wants to do a tour just playing old songs
  • "when are you gonna collab with john mayer?'
  • "i have no idea, hopefully one day"
  • The most important thing to Shawn in his career is the shows!
  • "what cologne are you wearing?"
  • "i'm wearing a Gucci cologne, made to measure"
  • "I just watched the titanic for the first time the other day"
  • “the media always tries to tear celebrities down and how do you feel about that?
  • “I don’t give the media anything to tear me down about”
  • Fan : “what is your weirdest pet peeve”
  • Shawn : “i kind of don’t really know what my pet peeves are until someones doing it”
  • “what pre-show rituals do you have?”
  • “i try to pee like 10x and play an old Jimi Hendrix song through my speakers as we're walking to stage"
  • "When you posted your first vine did you ever imagine this would happen?
  • -I had no idea, I was just bored and it was summertime"
  • "Describe yourself in 1 word?
  • -Creative, I hope"

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I met Tom again in LA and it seemed like he was using a different fragrance. Has he finally changed from the Armani? A new Gucci cologne maybe?

New Year, New Tom!  

I was able to confirm that Tom Hiddleston is now using Armani Prive Oud Royal 

Oud Royal showcases the precious and unique Oud Wood. This unique wood is more tantalizing than gold. Mystical and precious, and considered to be a second skin in the Middle East, this distinguished and noble material invites us to discover a captivating Elixir of oriental fragrances.  Mystical and sensual, oud oil is made from the dark, resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria trees. In the Middle East, high demand has made it so expensive that it is now used only ritually, on special occasions. It has a characteristic woody note, with leathery, smoky and animal accents. It can also express balsamic tones, with floral inflections.   Giorgio Armani decided to work with oud oil the same way he would approach a rich gold and silver brocade.  With Oud Royal, I wanted to capture the spirit of Eastern alchemy by elevating oud wood — the precious symbol of the Orient itself” explains Mr. Armani. “Treating it as a piece of jewellery is the only way to do justice to its magnificent richness.”

History (G.D)

Summary: This is based off the song History by Olivia Holt. Reader realizes she’s still in love with her ex boyfriend Grayson, so she breaks up with her boyfriend. (I’m shit at summaries so sorry guys!) 

Word Count: 1859

Warnings: None.

A/N: I don’t know if any of you guys listen to Olivia Holt, but this is one of my favorite songs by her. I was jamming to it last night & thought it would be a pretty cute imagine idea. If you haven’t heard this song before I recommend listening to it before you read. Also guys feel free to give me feedback! If it’s complete trash please feel free to tell me! But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!

* Flashbacks are in italics *

( “Y/B/N” is your boyfriend’s name. “Y/EXB/N” is your ex boyfriend’s name. )

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Sorry, I don’t really see this workin’ out
It’s nothin’ you did
I just can’t do this right now
No easy way to say this and I don’t know how
It’s nothin’ ya’ did
But here goes lettin’ you down 

“I don’t think I can do this anymore Y/B/N.” I said to my boyfriend, who I’m about to break up with, and possibly break his heart. 

We’re were standing in the middle of my apartment, having another one of our arguments. Those seem to have been happening a lot lately. I can’t blame him though, because it’s my fault. I’ve been so distant with Y/B/N lately, not answering text, or calls, and I don’t even want to go out most of the time. So I don’t blame him for being upset with me, and after today I don’t blame him for hating me either. 

We’ve been dating for a 6 months now, things between us were going pretty well. Y/B/N was the kind of guy any mother would dream of their daughter dating. He treats me well, my friends like him, my parents like him, so why am I breaking up with him?

“This is about him isn’t it?” “This is about Grayson?” Y/B/N asked searching my face for an answer. I couldn’t look at him. I knew I had hurt him. “Y/N tell me!” Y/B/N yelled, causing a tear to escape down to your cheek. I didn’t know what to say. I cared about Y/B/N I did. I didn’t love him, but I did care about him. But I knew I couldn’t keep dragging him along, while knowing there was no way I could love him the way he wants me to love him when I’m still in love with my ex. I tried the words to speak, but nothing I say could make this sound any better.

“Y/B/N, I’m sorry I-” I began, but he cut me off. “Save it!” was all he said before grabbing his bag and heading out the front door.  

Baby, you’re so perfect
But he’s the perfect one for me
I know that you’re worth it
But somethin’ ‘bout him gets to me
Gets to me, all I need
Plus, we got history

I thought I had moved on when I met Y/EXB/N, I thought I was over him. No matter how hard I tried to force myself to believe that I was over him, deep down I knew I wasn’t. I was still in love with Grayson Dolan. Grayson was perfect for me.

Grayson knew everything about me, he was the only person that really seem to get me. We had so many memories together. Everything reminded me of Grayson.

Every song that came on the radio reminded me of our jam sessions in the car. All the nights I spent tossing and turning in bed, I would think about how Grayson would always take me for a late night drive whenever I was stressed or couldn’t sleep. I thought about all the deep conversations we use to have while we drove around. Talking about everything and anything, and how he would love to keep his hands on my thigh, giving them a gentle squeeze every now and again. 

Every time I ate pancakes it reminded me of how Grayson would always attempt to make his infamous banana pancakes, and how Ethan would always call him out for how disgusting they were.

* Flashback *

“No one wants to eat your shit pancakes!” Ethan shouted rather annoyed at how Grayson always tries to make them every morning.

“My pancakes are not shit Ethan! There good!” shouting back defending his “masterpiece recipe”.

“Y/N, can you please tell your boyfriend how shitty his pancakes are!” Ethan yelled before making gagging sounds being the extra boy that he is.

“You like my pancakes right, babe?” Grayson ask, setting down a stack of banana pancakes in front of me.

“You’re pancakes are pretty shitty babe.” I said, pushing the plate away from me, which made Grayson hang his down and fake cry.

“But I appreciate the effort!” I said kissing his cheek, causing a smile to appear on his face.

* End Of Flashback *

I used to love him, he used to love me
Yeah, we go way, way, way, way back
We love, love, love like that                                                                       Now, I still love him, and he still loves me                                               Yeah, we go way, way, way, way back                                                         We love, love, love like that

I walked into my room, and all the memories came flooding back. This was where he first told me he loved me, and I told him I loved him back. This was where we shared our first few intimate moment.

I remember filming a video with the boys in my room. We did the “My GF Does My Make Up” tag, but in this case it was “My GF Does Mine and My Twin Brother’s Make Up” tag. I let out a laugh remembering how hideous the boys looked. They’re attractive as guys, but they didn’t look so cute as a girl.

I loved Grayson, and Grayson loved me. There was nothing anybody could say to make us think otherwise. I sat on my bed with my legs curled up to my chest. I thought about everything. When we first met, our first date, every argument we had, everything. The timeline of our relationship just kept playing in my head.

I decided to take a shower, and head out to pick up some lunch. I turned on the water, and climbed in letting the warm water hit my body.

I didn’t feel like dressing up, so I put on a pair of leggings, and walked towards my dresser to find a sweater. I opened the top drawer, and a green sweater at the bottom of the pile caught my eye. I pulled out the sweater, immediately recognizing the scent. Gucci cologne with a hint of mint. The scent I’ve always loved. This was Grayson’s favorite sweater, so of course he protested a little when I decided to “burrow” it. He didn’t mind too much, because he always loved when I wore his clothes, especially if he got to take it off of me later. I blushed at the thought of Grayson’s hands on my body. I missed his touch. He knew how to make me feel good. He knew how to love me.

I didn’t know I felt the way I did before
It’s nothin’ I did
Now, I guess I’m sure
It’s like we never really ever closed that door
It’s nothin’ we did
But, now, our hearts want more

I was sitting in the restaurant waiting on my order, so I can go home and finish up some homework. I suddenly remembered that it was Tuesday, which means the boys were posting a video today. Even though me and Grayson broke up, I never stopped watching their videos. I never watched them when Y/EXB/N was around, but I was still subscribed to their channel and I watched and liked every single one.

“Grayson are you single?” Ethan asked, reading off one of the questions. The boys did another Q&A video this week, and it’s probably one of my favorites.

“Yes, I’m single.” Grayson answered, and I let out a breathe I didn’t even know I was holding. I mean of course I would be happy for him if he was in a relationship, but I’m kind of glad he’s not, because maybe that means we can have another chance.

“He’s still in love with Y/N? Aren’t you Gray?” Ethan teased. My eyes went wide, and replayed that part back about 5 times, making sure I heard it correctly. Grayson was still in love with me? After all this time he still loved me?I couldn’t help but smile at the thought.

When we broke up, it was more of a mutual thing. We both know it wouldn’t work out. With me in college, and him being away on tour, there was no way it would work. We would never see each other, and with the time zone difference it was hard for us to keep in touch with each other. When it was morning for him, it was night time for me. Whenever I had free time, he would be busy with rehearsals, a show, or meet and greets. There was no way for us to make it work, so we just decided to end things. Sitting here I realized that I regret agreeing to that, we could’ve found a way. We could’ve made it work. But it’s not to late. He still loves me, and I still love him, we can make it work again. We can be together again, and be happy like before. There wasn’t anything standing between us this time. I needed to get Grayson back.

“Y/N!” I heard the server called my name. I walked over to the counter paid for my order. I grabbed my food, and started heading towards the door. I pulled out my phone, scrolling until I found Grayson’s number. I went to his name and clicked on the message icon, and started typing a message to Grayson.

I was too focused on my phone, that I didn’t watch where I was going, causing me to bump into someone. 

“I’m sor…” I paused when my eyes met a familiar pair of hazel ones. My heart was in my throat, and I wanted to say something, but for some reason nothing was coming out. 

“Y/N? How are you? How ha-” I didn’t let Grayson finish his sentence. I dropped everything that was in my hand, grabbing the sides of his face and crashed my lips onto his. Our lips connected, moving in sync. His lips had the familiar taste of coffee, and mint. A combination I never knew I could miss so much. He pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead on mine. 

“I missed you so much Y/N!” Grayson said, before placing a kiss on my forehead. He pulled me closer, and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I missed his hugs so much.

“I’m never letting you go again!” “I love you Y/N” Grayson said, not letting me go from his embrace.

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Now, I still love him, and he still loves me
Yeah, we go way, way, way, way back
We love, love, love like that

Issue with Tissue | Jared Leto + Reader

Note: Not even gonna apologize for the amount of fluff that’s in this. Marshmallows ain’t got nothing on this. Also, apparently the anon went for me and @penelopewhisp so go read her beautiful take on it that made me giggle! Keep the requests coming, babies! Working on them as much as I can, and I love them all so much. 
Request:  Can I request a Jared/Reader having to deal with his back pain lately, and the reader tries to help?
Warnings: So much fluff. 
(GIF isn’t mine)

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Oops I sent the massage by mistake lol. Btw can you do GD with 60 and 62, please? :D

“If you can’t sleep… we could have sex” & “Are you going to talk to me”

I feel like GD requests are a trap…You guys know he is my weakness. 

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Waiting for the Dawn to Come - PART TWO

I couldn’t resist. I needed to know what Nikki did with that hotel key!

I sat in that conference room calming myself from the panic attack that followed that encounter. Eventually I gathered my thoughts and my belongings and headed directly to my car. I mentally argued with myself about my actions and the thought of using that hotel key card in hopes of doing them again, trying to find any reason why I shouldn’t allow myself this night. I knew it would be nothing more than this night and although there were a million reason why I shouldn’t I wanted to go so badly. I argued with myself while I showered and dressed, opting for a fun and flirty miniskirt, silk top and booties. I argued with myself while I curled my hair and applied my makeup and on the entire drive to the hotel.

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Then and Now - Part 1 -

Part (1)

Pairing: Namjoon x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff and just a hint of angst.

Summary: Namjoon had the big chance of going home and seeing the family he stayed with in New Zealand while he was studying there, somehow though he went from smelling cologne to in a home having dinner with a date a grandma set up.

(gif credit to original owner)

(Dedicated to @tanitakhira for staying up till 3 am conjuring this up with me)

The airports in New Zealand were all pretty quiet compared to other bigger airports. However to you, it was bustling with life, people going places or coming back from their travels. You always got a new story every day since you worked in a little Pharmacy in the airport. You worked with your grandma, most days. You would get there very early and leave very late. You loved working with your grandma though she made everything fun and interesting. “Sweetheart stop daydreaming and go help that young boy over there.” Her sweet voice cuts into your daydreaming.

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Playlist - Dave East Short

“You know how I much I hate house parties,” she stressed, looking out the window of her friend’s BMW. Ryan DuPont was as social and antisocial as can be. She was a social butterfly among her friends but to complete strangers, she was classified as that mean bitch. Either way, it didn’t faze Ryan because no one checked her on it and even if they did, what could they say? I don’t like that you’re not talking to me? If it wasn’t for her best friend Rumi, she would’ve been under her A.C., in a pair of basketball shorts and sports bra, catching up on her favorite shows. Instead, she’s wearing a black one -piece bodysuit with gold gladiator heels.

“You live in Harlem, this is all we know how to do out here,” Rumi laughed.

“I hate it,” Ryan huffed.

“With an outfit like that, I’m sure as hell you’re ready to walk in there and meet some damn body,” she teased.

The girls slowly pulled up to a brownstone, noticing the large group of guys out front on the stoop and both immediately rolled their eyes simultaneously. It was like walking through a pack of hungry lions; it was unlikely that they wouldn’t at the very least try. Rumi found the nearest parking space a few feet away from the house and parked fixedly before the two of them made sure they each looked great, exited the car and made their way up towards the brownstone. “How are you doing, beautiful?” Ryan looked to the side as soon as she heard those words, checking to see who those words were being directed to before faintly smiling and mumbling a great, thanks for asking before she kept it pushing.

“Stay by my side and don’t you dare think about hooking up with any of these lames,” Ryan stated, pointing her white nails in her friend’s face.

“Listen, it’s a party, I’m going to have fun. Let’s go get something to drink and then we can find Dre,” she insisted. Ryan cut her eyes at her best friend, knowing that her friend was about to let that thot out tonight. Rumi and Ryan held hands as they navigated their way through the crowded area, making sure not to get split this soon. Magnolia blasted throughout the speakers just as the chorus of the song was being played and naturally, everyone screamed back the lyrics towards the DJ that was centered towards the back of the room. As soon as Ryan and Rumi got towards the kitchen, they both sighed out with relief as they noticed Dre around the drinks, the man of the hour.

“Happy birthday, Dre,” Ryan sang, engulfing him in a big bear hug.

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Hiyaaa👋🏾👋🏾So,i was wondering when the dragon suit sequence will be completed and i was not disappointed!That suit is absolutely beautiful!Tailored right, comfortable,allows movement,very good for prancing! Although he wasn't feeling very mich today,his performance was absolutely incredible!He owns the dragon suits like no other!He didn't even shed the jacket but he owned it so much it was like second skin!I can't help but give it another 10!The dragon suits are all clear 10s for me👌🏾👌🏾

I WAS WAITING FOR YOU!!! This is the first time we disagree on a Suit Review, because although I 100% adore the dragon suits and would most definitely appreciate Mr Harry Styles in dragon suited attire at a cocktail party or some sort of evening soirée (yeah just imagine I’m the kind of person who associates with the kind of people who wear Gucci suits at soirées, go with me here…imagine those flares swishing at a soirée!), I just don’t think it’s ideal stagewear for a concert. For a short televised performance, where the stage lights pick up all the luxurious details on camera - yes, most definitely. But its magnificence is diluted by the stage lights and its subtle colour was dimmed and…. I just don’t think a concert venue in Koln was the place for it.

So I’m CONTROVERSIALLY going to go for a 5/10 Suit Review….!

Nonetheless, thank you for my Evening Suit Review!!!

(only one more Suit Review before I can give my own review IN PERSON AT THE VENUE!!!!!!!)

Whether he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now or prefers wetsuits to three-piece suits, he should always smell amazing. This Valentine’s Day, gift him the most coveted cologne sets. First, decode his scent style with this handy chart, then read on for more information on the featured fragrances. RENEE TRILIVAS

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme
For the gentleman who goes after what he wants, this lemon, lavender, and sandalwood scent is worthy of the magnetic alpha male.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Pour Homme
Inspired by seaside Mediterranean holidays, this sweet and salty blend of mandarin, amber, and marine notes captures the spirit of the ocean, earth, and breeze on sun-warmed skin.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme
Zesty bergamot and ginger are spiked with a dash of white pepper, cedarwood, and creamy tonka bean in this intoxicating mix of modern masculinity.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million
Strong meets sensual in this gilded take on universal power and luxury with refined rose, cinnamon, and leather.

External image

Giorgio Armani / Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme

External image

Yves Saint Laurent / L'Homme

External image

Gucci / Guilty Pour Homme

External image

Paco Rabanne / 1 Million


You and Chris dated for 5 years, but recently broken up due to his crazy schedule and distance. Today you were getting ready to go out to one of your best friends wedding. As you were getting ready you found one of Chris’s old tux in your closet, you felt sudden sadness feel you up but you brushed it off. You got to the church. It was simply beautiful. White flowers were by the side of each bench, pink rose petals were already on the aisle. The church was packed. The ceremony started and you couldn’t help but shed a few tears during the vows. As you went to your car to go to the party you heard someone calling your name. You felt the air in your lungs disappearing. Chris still looked good, you didn’t realize how much you missed him until now. As he got closer, you caught a draft of his Gucci cologne; he smelled good. Your head goes straight to memory lane but you’re snapped out of it when you realized Chris was talking to you. “ hi y/n” “Hi” you wanted to jump in his arm and kiss him but you kept a poker face. “ how are you ?” Chris asked “ good” you replied your voice completely flat. There was silence. You turned to get in your car but Chris grabs your wrist. His voice is soft. “ I miss you. I still love you. Can we please talk ?” “ I don’t know Chris, I - ” Chris leans forwards and kisses your forehead. You close your eyes enjoying the moment. “ okay.” You say barely a whisper. You turn to get inside your car when Chris grabs your hand. Your faces only a few inches away from each other. Chris brushed his thumb on your right cheek. Slowly and gently left a small kiss on your lips.

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1D Pref #5 - Little Things

“All the small things” - Blink 182

Harry: Swiping the guest pass that Harry had provided you in the early stages of your relationship, you were granted access into the building. The clattering of your heels colliding against the marble floor with every step you took provided your background music and alerted the receptionist of your presence, as you sent her a quick smile and opened the doors to the studio that the boys were rehearsing in. Shifting the bags of takeout in your hands, you paused to access the sight displayed before you; all four boys were currently absentmindedly scrolling through their phones and the boy that happened to be your boyfriend was nowhere to be found. “I’m glad to see you guys are hard at work,” you said in a joking manner, alerting them of your presence. Simultaneously (following victim to the “boyband in sync” stereotype), all heads turned to look at you with a questioning gaze before transitioning to one of genuine pleasure as shouts of “Y/N” were emitted in greeting. “I come bearing food” you state, which you emphasized by lifting the bags into their line of vision (all the while maintaining eye contact with Niall, because you read once that was what you were meant to do when encountered with a desperate, wild animal. And you knew that Niall could morph from his usual bunny-like personality into a ravenous wolf if food was brought into the equation). Propelled by the heel of your foot, you swiveled out of the way as both Louis and Niall rushed to take the food into their own hands, muttering garbled words of thanks as they began to help themselves. Liam took it upon himself to greet you properly, pulling you into his chest for a warm embrace and surrounding you with the scent of his cologne. “Hey Y/N,” he said as you pulled away, “It’s good to see you. You look great! You don’t look as if you’ve been poorly at all.” Furrowing your brows in confusion, you questioned “Why would I look poorly?” Liam stepped aside as Zayn graced you with an equally warm hug, leaving behind a cloud of his signature Gucci cologne. “It’s ‘cuz you were sick last night,” he answered. His brown eyes paused to scrutinize your puzzled expression, he continued, “Weren’t you?” Your eyes crinkled in confusion as you scoffed, “Of course I wasn’t sick. Whatever gave you that idea? And where’s Harry?” Niall ceased eating long enough to spew out an answer, “Speaking of Harry, he’s the one that gave us that idea. He didn’t go clubbing with us last night because he said he had to take care of you.” He munched thoughtfully before continuing, “Not that I really minded. More pints for me, y’know.” “I definitely was not sick,” you claimed, squelching the random rumor, “and Harry told me that you all had no plans last night. We spent the night playing scrabble and watching The Notebook.” As the atmosphere began to become poisoned with an aura of confusion and bewilderment over Harry’s past words, the man himself then walked through the doors,  his face abandoning its’ neutral stance for a brighter expression as his eyes met yours. “Babe!” he exclaimed, capturing you into your third hug of the day (this time, your nose was greeted with a familiar aroma, of peppermint and fresh detergent), “I’ve missed you! What are you doing here?” Suddenly, he stopped, as if he recalled all of his lies from the night before. Nervously adjusting the scarf hung around your neck, his taut fiddled with the tassels as he stuttered, reiterating his last words in a more faux tone, “What are you doing here? It’s cold outside. You should be in bed.” He grabbed your hand and pulled, attempting to make a quick escape, “C’mon I’ll make sure you get home safely.” “Oh come off of it,” Louis interjected, his tone oozing with amusement, “We already know she wasn’t sick last night.” Following his lead, you nodded in agreement, “And I also know that they had plans to go clubbing.” His eyes scanned everyone in the room, all impatiently waiting for an answer. Finally admitting silent defeat, he released you from his grips in order to throw his hands upwards in a sense of exasperation, “Okay, okay. So I lied. I didn’t want you boys calling me whipped for wanting to spend time with my girlfriend so I made up an excuse.” He turned to you and continued, “And I didn’t want you to know about the club because you would’ve made me go.” Harry’s fear came to life as four boys (once again, simultaneously) exclaimed one word. “Whipped!” “You didn’t miss much,” Zayn informed, “just a drunken Louis making an absolute fool of himself. What’s new?” Zayn smirked as Louis reacted, “Oi mate. You were worse than me. Blubbering about how much you missed Perrie.” As the boys dissolved into an amicable argument of last night’s adventure, you turned your full attention to Harry, his eyes shying away from yours in slight embarassment. “I cannot believe you gave up a night out to play a board game and watch a chick flick with me. I seriously love you.” Sighing in both content and exasperation, he pulled you closer to him, “Well as long as the boys know I’m whipped anyway, I think it’s fair for you to know that I am very much in love with you.” Lowering his face to yours, he hovered as his stray curls began to spiral downwards to caress you forehead and tickle your face. You held him steady by intertwining your arms around his neck and pulling yourself higher on your tippy-toes, “I guess it’s a good thing I love you too,” you managed to confess before he captured your lips with his.

Niall: The sun began to extend its warm embrace in order to engulf your skin as you awoke to the warm sensation of sunlight on your face and the warmer presence of Niall’s limp arm thrown across your torso. Fluttering your lashes in an attempt to gain consciousness, you began to shift uncomfortably. Combined with the sun on your face, the blanket on your body, and Niall’s heavy arm and face that was currently burrowed into the side of your neck as he exhaled hot breaths against your collar bone, you were overwhelmed with heat. Careful not to awoken the sleeping, blonde-haired beauty next to you, you were able to extract yourself from his slumbering grip and journey to the bathroom for your morning routine. You internally rejoiced at the sight of the toilet seat being up (because you and Niall had a silly agreement; if he forgot to close the toilet seat, then he was assigned the task of making breakfast and if you neglected to return the cap back on the toothpaste from the night before, then you were suffered with the task to make food.) After freshening up, you began to face your most grueling task of the day; getting Niall to actually wake up. You began gently, keeping your voice at a whisper as you stroked his cheek and cooed, “Baby, it’s time to get up,” before progressing to a more assertive approach as you shook his shoulders and adopted your speech into a normal decibel, “Niall. Seriously, it’s time to get up. You have a band meeting today and I got to get back to my apartment,” until you finally ditched all hopes of being fragile and resorted to your most aggressive form as you began to threaten him, “I’m never gonna spend another night with you, no matter how much you beg me, if this is what I have to look forward to in the morning,” which would eventually get him to open his eyes reluctantly, his baby blues glaring at you with resentment before grumbling in his morning voice, “Alright, alright, I’m up. Don’t have to threaten me.” You replied with a sweet smile and a sadistic reminder, “It’s your turn to make breakfast! I’ll be in the kitchen,” as your departure from the room was met with an Irish groan. Stepping into the kitchen, you decided to make yourself coffee to tide your hunger until Niall’s culinary skills made an appearance. Maneuvering your way through the kitchen, as you often spent nights in his apartment, you rummaged through the cupboard for your mug, which you territorially marked with lipstick stains that were adorned around the rim. One hand clutching your mug and the other blearily wiping your eyes for any last remnants of sleep, you began to walk towards the coffee machine that you had brought from your own apartment to Niall’s seeing as how most of your nights were spent here anyway. You placed your mug on the counter to rub your eyes, this time in confusion as you stared at a coffee machine that was definitely not yours. While yours was a kitchen equipment that could‘ve probably been deemed a safety hazard with it’s nonfunctioning parts and old age, the object before you gleamed before you with a pristine exterior and an appearance of high quality functioning parts. With awe glazing your vision, you took a tentative step closer to the beautiful contraption, your hands hovering over the several buttons that allowed you to decide the temperature of your morning beverage and nearly wept when you spotted the dial that allowed you to control the amount of sugar, cream, and milk. And that’s how Niall found you, your cheek pressed against the coffee machine, the cool metal against your skin as your arms encircled the entire kitchenware in an awkward embrace. “Um, babe?” he questioned hesitantly. Swiveling on your heels, you turned to face Niall with the most exuberant expression, “What is this?” you emphasized by jabbing your thumb in the direction of the machine, “You don’t even like coffee!” He smiled at your words, “No, I don’t. But you’re addicted to it. I thought it might serve as an incentive for you to spend the night more often.” The tail of his sentence came out a bit incoherently as you suddenly leaped across the kitchen, arms eagle-spread as you launched your body to land against Niall’s chest (because gravity was apparently something you were unfamiliar with). “Ommph,” he managed to choke out, “I assume you like it.” “I love it so much and I love you so much and I may never leave here again.” As a smile began overtaking his already-sunshine like face, he pressed his lips against yours as you thanked him and he murmured, “That was my plan all along.”

Louis: Rushing around your small dorm room, you began to quickly collect any last minute things; a bobby pin to hold your bangs, your favorite tube of chapstick that you quickly rubbed over your lips, and the charger to your laptop so that it wouldn’t die midway. When your laptop began to ring in an obnoxious melody indicating a request for a skype call, you quickly finished your makeup with a quick flick of your wrist as you swiped on your eyeliner, winging the dark cosmetic at the end of your lids with ease (a feat that you did not easily conquer as it took four youtube tutorials, three bottles of liquid eyeliner, and one deranged and false confession claiming that you would forever opt for the natural look). Taking one last glance at the mirror and nodding your own approval at your reflection, you flounced across the room (because if it involved Louis, you did mundane, everyday things with a slight, heightened sense of flourish and exuberance). Tilting your screen for a better angle, you perched on your twin-sized bed (a size you loathed on the days you awoke with an ache in your back for a lack of space but loved when Louis came to visit, as the small span meant there was no choice but to cuddle even impossible closer to him) and accepted the call. Within seconds, you were greeted with the image of his sharp, beautiful features and painfully familiar voice that tinged with his accent, “Hi love!” The sight and sound hit you with a crashing wave of nostalgia and immediately your chest panged with the pain of missing him. “Hi babe,” you replied, your smile slightly downcast with sorrow, “I miss you so much.” “I miss you more sweetheart,” he promised. Studying you through his own screen, his face contorted to portray concern, “You look great babe, you always do, but it also looks like you haven’t been getting much sleep. You look dead tired love.” Smiling at the way that Louis was interjecting endearing pet names to all of  his sentences, you answered with a low tone, “It’s not a big deal. I just haven’t been able to sleep well. You know I have trouble sleeping when you’re not here.” “You know I would be there with you if I could love,” he confessed mournfully, “but the tours almost over. I’ll be back before you know it.” You tilted the laptop in order to get the view of your One Direction calendar hung up on the wall (a gag gift from your roommate), the 15th of the month adorned with a red circle and bold, block letters indicating that it was the day that Louis would return. “I’m literally counting the days,” you admitted as you shifted the laptop to capture your image. Shifting in his seat, Louis confessed, “ I actually have something for you. I left you a little gift on your ipod. You should look at it.” Furrowing your eyebrows in confusion, you responded, “I don’t even have an ipod. I have all my music stored in my phone, you know that.” Playfully smacking his hand against his forehead, he giggled, “Oh right. Well I also forgot to tell you that I bought you an ipod. Look under your bed Baby.” Disappearing from his view, you blindly stuck your hand under your bed in search for his gift. You returned with a smile on your face and an ipod in your hand. “You didn’t have to get this for me. But thank you babe. I love it.” Scoffing at your statement, he asserted, “that’s not your gift! It’s what’s inside that’s your gift.” Once again, your face portrayed confusion as you turned the device on. Once you gained access to the music library, you saw that there were several of your favorite songs uploaded. “You shouldn’t have!” you exclaimed, looking into your screen and essentially Louis’ sea-green eyes. “That’s not the gift either! Listen to a song babe.” Rolling your eyes at how difficult your boyfriend could be, you clicked on the first song that you saw, “Look After You” by The Fray. The audio that was emitted from the speakers did not belong to a semi-incoherent voice belonging to a middle-aged man but rather, a familiar voice resembling the delicate qualities of a hummingbirds fluttering wings and the sharpness of a british accent spilled out of the device. Looking up to your boyfriend in question, he asked insecurely, “You like it, right? It’s just that you’re usually able to sleep well when I’m there to sing you to sleep so, I just decided to cover all of your favorite songs. So I can be your lullaby even when I’m not there, no matter how much I want to be.” “You are so fortunate that you’re halfway across the world right now,” you answered, “because I would literally smother you with kisses and probably suffocate you in a hug.” “That seems like a good way to go,” he joked. “But seriously,” you continued, “this is the most thoughtful thing I’ve ever been given. I love it so much. I love you so much.” Sighing, he leaned forward towards his laptop, “I love you Babygirl, and I miss you so much more.”

Liam: “Liam, hurry up!” you exclaimed, as the clouds continued to shower rain all over you as you drew closer to your boyfriend struggling to open the lock to his own house, “I’m all wet!” With a final twist of his key, he was able to open the door and quickly pulled you inside as the pair of you rested inside his warm dwelling, relishing over the fact that it was dry. “That storm came out of nowhere,” he remarked, attempting to wring out the water imprisoned in your long locks of hair. Swatting his hand away, you explained, “We’re getting water everywhere! I need to dry off.” The pair of you gazed downwards to gaze at the puddles adorning the hardwood floor, the wetness increasingly growing as droplets fell from both bodies. “Why don’t you jump in the shower babe and I’ll go find some of my clothes that will fit you.” Smiling in appreciation, you granted him a swift wet kiss (water from you lips and his cheek, providing little substance) “That would be great, thanks Li.” Walking through the house with familiarity (as there were countless days that Liam refused to share you with the public and the two of you would hole up inside, enjoying nothing but the company of each other) you entered the bathroom. The cold rain had seeped into your skin and settled into your bones, causing chills to root over your skin. The thought of a warm shower sounded wonderful. You gazed in the mirror at your reflection and you smiles at the imperfections; your hair fell in a tangled mess (partly from the rain and partly from Liam’s fingers constantly running through them) and your lips were swollen from unexpected kissed that Liam would surprise you with as you two enjoyed a day out and your neck was embellished with a soft forming bruise in the form of a hickey, indicating a time where Liam just wasn’t content with kisses and decided to bare his teeth to nip against your pulse and graze them along the contours of your collarbone. Your physical appearance was the epitome of a girl in love with a boy who loved her back. Undressing and stepping into the shower, you were able to appreciate the warm skin that began to melt the icy layer formed from the rain. Attempting to relieve your hair of its many tangles, you reached for Liam’s shampoo and was greeted with a familiar bottle. Upon closer inspection, you realized that Liam had the exact shampoo that you used, and you doused your hair with the lavender formula as you pondered why on Earth he would possess such a thing. After your showered, you dressed yourself in a pair of Liam’s sweatpants, rolling up the ends and the waistband in order to ensure they would stay on and a worn hoodie that held the distinct smell of your boyfriend. Wandering into the living room, you found Liam crouched in front of his huge television set,  his hands holding two different movies. Turning his head at the sound of your padded footsteps, he greeted you with a smile, “I figured we could watch a movie.” Plopping down onto the couch, you grabbed a pillow and replied, “That sounds great. You can pick. I’ll probably fall asleep anyway.” Murmuring in agreement, he put in a movie and settled down next to you, his hair also wet and his skin radiating a soapy scent. You were propped against Liam’s sturdy chest, his hairs recreating the tangles that you’ve just gotten rid of in the shower as the opening scene displayed on the television. His rhythmic motions creating chaos in your hair reminded you of your earlier question, “Babe,” you interjected into the peaceful silence, “Why is it that you’ve got a brand new shampoo bottle. The shampoo that I use myself actually.” Finding it odd that he began to blush, you gazed at him with curiosity. “Um. To be honest, I bought it for you. In case you ever needed it. Turned out to be convenient today, didn’t it?” Smiling at his sweet demeanor, you voiced another question “How’d you know that I used that shampoo?” Liam sighed, “You’re making me give away all my secrets.” He leaned forward to tighten his embrace and settles his nose into your hair. “It’s because I’d recognize your scent anywhere. Geeze, you make me sound so creepy.” Pulling back so you could see his face, you admonished, “Not creepy. Lovely. You’re so lovely.” Smiling at your comment, he replied, “If that’s how you feel I might as well tell you now that I also know what brand of perfume you use.”

Zayn: Gathering the baskets of dirty clothes, you made your way to the washing machine as the doing of laundry was both overdue (to which Zayn would cheekily claim that there wasn’t an urgent need to wash the clothes anyway, as he often preferred you without any). Separating articles of clothing by color, you began to dump them into the machine. As you reached for a pair of Zayn’s jeans, you patted his pockets in search of anything valuable that could get destroyed with water (because the one time you didn’t, you were left with a guilty expression and Zayn was left with a device that used to resemble a cell phone and used to be able to make calls). As your hand felt something wedged between the front pocket, you reached in and unearthed a small object. Upon further inspection, you realized it was a nicotine patch. Unable to fathom an idea on why Zayn would possess such a thing (because you knew Zayn was addicted to cigarettes almost as much as he was addicted to the tantalizing way your lips would hover over his skin and make a canvas of his body as you created art with hickies and lipstick stains). Putting it aside to ask him of it later, you finished the load of laundry and soon the thought left your mind. You were perched on the sofa, lazily slumped against the cushions as your eyes skimmed a novel that your friend had recommended when your endeavor was interrupted by the warmth of two calloused hands softly cupping your eyes and a familiar, husky voice playfully calling out “Guess who?” Smiling to yourself, you joked, “I don’t know. Could it possibly be my handsome boyfriend who I love so much?” Turning around, you feigned disappointment, “Oh. It’s just you.” “Funny,” Zayn quipped, playfully attacking your nose by baring his teeth before settling onto the couch next to you, his nose burrowing into the warmth of your neck and his arm wrapped around your torso to pull you closer. Stroking his tufts of dark hair, you murmured, “I didn’t even hear you come in. How was your day?” “Better now that I’m with you,” he replied with sincerity, his eyes closing in contentment, “yours?” “My day was pretty boring,” you confessed, “Just got some work done around the house. Vacuumed, washed the dishes, did the laundry and –“ you stopped suddenly and jolted up into a sitting position, startling Zayn as he’d nearly began to fall asleep within the crook of your elbow. “What? What is it?” “I’ve been meaning to ask you,” you explained, “I found a nicotine patch in the pocket of your jeans. What’s with that?” Growing sheepish, Zayn reached his arm back to scratch at the base of his neck. “I’ve been meaning to tell you about that. I’ve actually, well I’ve actually been trying to quit smoking.” Your eyes widened in disbelief. “Really? I never thought I’d see that day.” Zayn nodded in agreement and continued, “I haven’t smoked in over a month. I just didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be disappointed if I couldn’t do it.” Softly smiling, you reached out a hand to caress his cheek and Zayn nuzzled against your palm. “I could never be disappointed in you. But why are you quitting – not that I’m not happy that you are.” His brown eyes locked with yours as his voice was raw with sincerity, “I know you don’t like it so I’m getting rid of that habit. Besides, I plan to live a long and healthy life with you, I can’t have my smoking habit messing that up.” “You quit smoking for me?” you replied incredulously, “Silly boy, I love you so much.” Placing a soft kiss on your nose, he replied, “Silly girl, don’t you know I’d do anything for you?” 

More Better (LT OneShot)

More Better

His smell was my drug..


I no longer needed the Hennessy in my glass and the liquid courage it supplied me.. All I needed was him, in this moment.

From the minute he’d slid his long frame into the limo, I knew… I knew I wanted to spice things up tonight.

“Why you look at me like that?” He slurred, and I knew he was faded.

Drunk and high, just like I liked him.

“Come here” he motioned for me with a slight lift of his head.

I slowly removed my heels, and adjusted my gown.. Moving from one side of the limo to the other, closer to him.

“You look so beautiful in there, belle” he slurred again… Smiling that gorgeous smile of his.

His eyes held a tinge of vulnerability… And he was almost where I needed him to be…

I nibbled at his neck, and inhaled the faint smell of weed and the sweet Gucci cologne he wore.

“We wait, belle” he spoke softly, leaning his head to the side, allowing me an easier access to his long neck…

His breath was sweet and I could smell the Alcohol on his tongue..

I licked him from his collarbone, to his chin.. Giggling a bit, feeling the little hairs that grew from his chin at the tip of my tongue.

“I shave” he smiled down at me and I frowned almost immediately..

“No, Laurent” I managed to utter, finding my voice.

I slid to the floor of the limo, and situated myself between his long legs comfortably. Silently, hoping it’d be a long ride back to the hotel suite.

I rubbed his thighs anxiously.. The smooth fabric of his crimson colored slacks gave my hands the best sensation..

Everything about him, was slowly sending me over the edge. I needed him this night…. like, so many other nights.

Laurent leaned down and kissed my forehead.

“Behave” he whispered against my temple and I shuddered.

He sat back in his seat and I remained on the floor, I wanted to take him in this limo.. But, he wasn’t granting me access.

I reached for my purse and pulled out a pre-rolled Kush stuffed blunt. He laughed lightly, and shook his head.

“You smoke now” he eyed me.

I placed the blunt between my red stained lips and winked at him.. Laurent pulled a lighter from his pocket and lit the end of the blunt. Smoke immediately filled the surrounding air.

Laurent chewed at his bottom and watched me closely.

My eyes watered, my hand began to quiver and the smoke was beginning to get the best of me, my face scrunched up and I caught a glimpse of Laurent untucking his navy blue button up from his slacks, before a sea of coughs escaped my chest.. I felt his hand over mine, guiding the blunt away from my face. The smoke began to clear and my eyes adjusted and my lungs relaxed.

Laurent grabbed the blunt from my fingers and took a long drag from it… He closed his eyes and smoke began to seep from his nostrils. I watched in awe.

He took another long drag from the blunt and held it in his lungs.

He leaned down a kissed my lips allowing majority of the smoke he’d been holding in his chest to pour into my mouth..

“Inhale” he whispered against my lips, and I did as he said.. Allowing the weed smoke access to my virgin lungs.

I closed my eyes and relished in the sensation.

“Is good, no?” Laurent chuckled, taking a long drag from the blunt and placed it in an ashtray, he then sat back in his seat.

My eyes were fixated on his lips, while he blew the smoke into my face.

“Stay out my shit, baby. Is no for women. Understand?” He spoke stern, and my face flushed.

I nodded my head and reached for his belt buckle, I hesitated, thinking he’d slap my hands away… But, he didn’t..

The weed relaxed him..

I tugged at his slacks, while he watched closely. Grabbing the blunt from the ashtray, and re lighting it.

His erection was protruding from his briefs and my mouth began to water. I couldn’t wait to feel him at the back of my throat.

Laurent hit the speaker button and spoke into the receiver:

“ driver, roll up the partition”

Moments later, I heard the partition being rolled up.. I freed his dick from his pants and eagerly wrapped my lips around it..

I stared up at Laurent as he smoked his blunt… The sight alone encouraged me to suck him harder.

I worked my hands up and down his shaft in a circular motion and I kissed the head of his dick passionately.

“Mon dieu” Laurent moaned out grabbing a fist full of my curls..

His moans and grunts filled the air, along with the smell of California Kush.. I was starting to catch a contact, second hand smoke was alive and well… The weed smoke that surrounded me invaded my chest and taunted me..

I wanted to give him all I had to offer in the back of this limo.

I hiked my gown up, and sat up on my knees..

I needed more space, my movement was limited in the beginning…. But, not anymore.

I sucked him harder, and deeper.. I could feel the head of his dick teasing my tonsils..

I controlled my gag reflex and hummed against his dick..

I could feel drool pouring from the sides of my mouth, but I didn’t let that stop me.

I inhaled his dick like I’d done the weed smoke, and fondled his balls..

“Ohhhhh, fuck belle” Laurent cursed, catching my attention and I looked up at him.

He held the blunt, and took a long puff of it.. He stared down at me and released his load into my mouth and the weed into the air.

His eyes slammed shut and his head leaned back into the head rest.

I quickly swallowed his nut, careful not to let anything go to waste…

I wiped the corners of my mouth and sat next to him.

“I tell you behave, and you disobey me” he murmured softly and I smiled..

“I’m sorry” I spoke.

“Not yet.. But, when I done with you.. You be sorry for real.”

I stared out the window, and noticed we were approaching the hotel.

“What time will he be here?” I asked, reluctantly.

Laurent chuckled softly.

“Larry party all night.. You know my twin.”

I shook my head and sighed…

“He tell me make sure you get in safely, I do that and more.” Laurent breathed, grabbing my arm and pulling me into him..

I could feel his erection against my thigh.

He kissed my lips.

“I know you love my brother Brittney, but I fuck you more better.. No?” Laurent spoke against my mouth and my body quivered..

I stared down at his lips, then up into his big brown eyes..

The same eyes as my husband, and nodded.

“Tell me I fuck you more better, B” Laurent demanded grabbing my face between his large hand.

I pulled from his grasp and pulled his small fro..

He bit his lip.. And I eyed him heavily.

“You fuck me more better than your brother”


OneShot Short… I needed a lil trifling twin in my life! 😂😂😝


this is going to sound ridiculous but i just want fic where zayn spoils the fuck out of liam

like straitlaced babyfaced liam all of them so brand new to the band just getting serious money for the first time just beginning to figure stuff out and liam is still like washing his hair with drugstore-brand shampoo and scrubbing his body with irish spring soap and thinks that other people really do think axe smells good, saving even more money than he needs to even if he wants to give back to his family because he just can’t figure out what to spend it on

and then one night when they are shirtlessly cuddling like bb 1d boys do liam is stroking up and down zayn’s arm with the flat of his palm just enjoying touching him (nobody but his family has ever allowed liam to just be sweet to them before and he loves it he loves it SO MUCH he just wants to be sweet to zayn forever) and he just marvels out loud like zayn your skin is so soft and zayn chuckles sleepily and nuzzles his nose up against liam’s neck and is like yeah mate i exfoliate and liam is like ex – fuh – what

and after that zayn is on a not-so-stealth mission to spoil liam rotten like whoops that’s the last of your irish spring, why don’t you use my extra bar of fancy soap for sensitive skin (there’s oatmeal in it, just trust me) that doesn’t leave a sticky smell behind. conspiring with lou to convince liam that he doesn’t have to keep straightening his hair if he doesn’t want to. letting liam try his gucci cologne for a day just to see how he likes it. putting a loofah in liam’s shower and waiting to see how long it takes him to ask what the hell it’s for

liam does not even care about most of this stuff, like i don’t think it would make a huge difference to him at all, probably he notices he likes how things smell more now but like. the soap he uses doesn’t matter to him, he’ll use whatever zayn wants him to use, he just likes learning all these things about zayn all these little ways zayn finds to take extra pleasure in things that are routine, and like zayn’s not dumb about his money he’s saving for himself and to buy his mum a house OBVIOUSLY but it’s so much fun to spend what he’s budgeted for himself, it’s so fun not to have to worry about money anymore, it’s so fun to buy liam little gifts and hide them in the pockets of his neatly-folded khakis in his toothbrush-scrubbed shoes in his duffel bags

zayn loves to figure out what liam likes it’s even fun when something doesn’t work like liam trying to gently explain that actually he doesn’t care for herbal teas without insulting the fancy organic brand zayn bought for him is the loveliest, zayn will get liam all the boring pg tips in the world, zayn is so happy

one day liam goes out shopping with ruth and nicola and they drag him into sephora and he works up his courage and ventures into the scents section alone and the next time he sees zayn he’s SO PROUD OF HIMSELF and zayn hugs him hello and then says mm babe you smell amazing what did you do??? and liam beams smugly all it’s dolce and gabbana, i picked it out myself and zayn cups the back of liam’s head and kisses his cheek and tells him well done

idk man zayn and liam getting mani-pedis zayn and liam shopping for breath-stoppingly expensive sneakers zayn and liam going to pick out their first real watches because liam’s dad says a man has to have a good watch zayn and liam shopping to decorate their apartments which are next door to each other zayn scowling at the sheets liam picks out like 400 thread count liam WHY and switching them for something better and then later zayn goes a little out of control in the throw pillows section and liam has to talk him down zayn and liam going grocery shopping and picking out the most expensive olive oil just because they can buying overpriced berries out of season buying saffron buying truffle oil buying all the fancy chocolate bars on display and taking them home to sit on zayn’s couch after they’ve kicked off all the godforsaken throw pillows and trying ALL THE CHOCOLATE while they watch both iron man films

zayn and liam staycationing in a royal suite in a fancy hotel trying to figure out what they’re allowed to ask for from room service and giggling like idiots in their comfy hotel bathrobes when they realize they can ask for anything

later they curl up in the gigantic bed in their boxer-briefs, fresh-smelling from the shower, hair a little damp, and liam says zayn can i and zayn says of course you can so liam steals a kiss just a little one and zayn blinks up at him from the pillow you can have more than that babe c'mere and then long sweet indulgent kisses, another way for zayn to spoil liam, the absolute best way