Here’s a HUGE shout out to 0laura0 at gublernews and toyboxboy. I’ve never seen such hard working and dedicated Gubler fans. They carry the weight of being taken advantage of continuously (getting reposted innumerous times) and still manage to be so sweet, considerate and awesome.

I hope Matthew knows you exist. You share such new and wonderful things about him with us and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you guys and am proud to call you my friends. I have a limitless appreciation for all that you do.       

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Thank you

Okay, I have a list here of people that I want to thank. All of these beautiful human beings are so wonderful. Everyone on this list is a brilliant writer, and deserves to have someone recognize them for everything they do. They write for free, they don’t get paid. This is my way of repaying you for all you do and just as a way of showing my appreciation. This is going to be a long list so.


You really need to check these beautiful human beings out. There are so many more that I haven’t found yet. Follow them, they’re great. I encourage you to reblog this and tag your favorite writers.