gubernatrix cristata

Yellow Cardinal (Gubernatrix cristata)

Not a true species of cardinal but a species of tanager (Thraupidae) that is occurs in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Yellow cardinals typically inhabit dry savanna, tropical or temperate shrubland, and grasslands. Like other tanagers G. cristata feeds mainly on grains and seeds but is known to feed on small invertebrates and fruit as well. Yellow cardinals are mainly solitary but are known to form pairs and even large flocks. Male yellow cardinals are extremely territorial and will attempt to drive out any other male that enters his territory.

Currently Gubernatrix cristata is listed as endangered and faces threats mainly from trapping for the pet trade and habitat loss.


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Thraupidae-Gubernatrix-G. cristata

Image: Lip Kee Yap