gubby & gubby

    The baby seemed to squawk instead of hiccup, wail instead of cry, hunt and slaughter instead of poke and prod, lie in wait instead of sleep. He was a curiously, zealously predatory baby, as if every moment meant a new continent to conquer, even if that continent was just the other corner of his blanket.
    Andromeda wondered first if this was the father’s influence, a furry half-paw stretching from beyond the veil to twist his little boy this way and that for lack of better options, but she knew Ted would have told her that the baby was Dora through and through.
    “The hair’s a dead giveaway.”
    “The spirit, too.”
    She was no longer sure whether she could see anyone’s spirit, certainly not that of a months-old child, now that the only souls she ever dared think were in any part hers were gone. The one she had chosen, and the one they had made.
    Teddy had stopped whimpering for his mother within a few weeks of her death. He was born used to her disappearing – within herself, within her hair and her very skin, then outside of the room and the house. Maybe it meant he had forgotten; maybe he had only resigned himself to the fact of her disappearance.
    “He’s collecting stories, Dromeda, don’t you see? As many as he can, as quickly as he can, as many as his little paws can scrounge up. So he can tell us. Next time.”
    Andromeda hoped to God that Teddy would do more than conquer, for more than the joy of telling his parents of all the continents he had seen, when he too had passed where she could not see him. There was only so far death could push you, and she would not let another of her own be pushed beyond the veil.
     – guest written by elfwritings

Scoops of Goop Update

Hey, everybody!
I just wanted to give you guys a quick announcement regarding my comic “Scoops of Goop”. (  =*3*=)

I’ve been reading through my own comic again and again and noticed that the first chapter has very, very, very, VERY many flaws!
Things like pacing, dialog, character motivation and so on. In short, the comic has way too many flaws! @__@
So I’m gonna redo it! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
So the first and the second chapter will be a part of a “oneshot” from now on.(A lot of mangas do this so I’ll use that as an excuse lol btw be glad I didn’t do an “Araki-sensei” >3>)
So you could say that I’m kinda rebooting the whole comic.

So know you might ask: “But Marion, are you gonna change the whole plot and the characters!? ヾ( •́д•̀ ;)ノ”
Yes, and no.
Let’s just say that you guys will get to know Gubby, Johanna, AND Sofie a bit better in this new chapter~
Also, WTF Johanna!? If I ever saw green lightning I would run the fuck away from it! Not run towards it!! D:<
(See what I mean with bad character motivation lol)

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic day! And wish me luck, because next weekend I’ll be in Lillestrøm(Norway) on Desucon! WOOO!! \(^0^ )/


Buderim - an Aboriginal and South Sea Islander history 

This film documents the movements of Aboriginal and South Sea Islander Buderim residents and also looks at their role in more recent times. It includes personal accounts, stories and memories.

The DVD is narrated by Lyndon Davis, a local Aboriginal artist and descendent of Gubbi Gubbi people. James Muller from Earth Base Productions directed the DVD.

**Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples are warned that this film contains images of deceased persons.**