Beyond Fabric x Simone Righi by Guaizine #2

Getting back to an amazing afternoon spent at Simone Righi’s store Frasi, here’s the second look styled by the Maestro. Taking my original attire comprised by grey trousers and white shirt as a blank canvas, Simone quickly put together a playful, polished outfit. The unlined plaid 3-button roll blazer is his own creation: a superb piece that embodied craftsmanship and good taste as the fit, comfort and details immediately portrayed.

The visual appealing yet subtle pattern, exudes a trademark elegance that is elevated by the unexpected mix of colors of the accessories. This was one of the times I got to experience the much praised sprezzatura first-hand: while for most men (myself included), pairing a printed red/pink/green scarf with a light blue/orange pocket square would be a challenge to say the least, to Simone the combination seemed natural. Add to that the seamless technique with which he ties the scarf and puffs the square, and the result is a mindblowing proof that one should definitely experiment more.

Ph: Guaizine

Styling: Simone Righi

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