Check out what I found, even in the midst of the Saint John the Baptist festival in San Juan, Guatemala… A McDonald’s Furby! He was sitting on the corner of a street vendor’s tent. I was so pleasantly shocked to see him, I immediately bought him for 25 Q (about $3.50).

I generally dislike focusing on the negative comments but literally wdym @dauntlesschanel “Guat no cal isn’t asian” ??? Idk if you were trolling me or anything but well… Cal is literally a fictional character, people can picture him as any ethnicity they want to, and as far as I know it’s never mentioned in the books that that he isn’t. There’s PLENTY non-asian fancasts out there if that’s what you want. Thank you for missing the entire point of why I made the edit. Have a nice day.


De repente, en medio de un parpadeo y un suspiro, entre la calidez de un amanecer y un despertar llegaste tú cual musa a encontrarte con mis miedos y mi caos, a darle luz a mi vieja y oscura alma, y ha darme un poco de humanidad.
Y yo, al verte, siempre quedo inerte, completamente invadido de ti, admirando como cada instante colisiona con tu piel y suspirando tras cada dulce mirada que me das; y siempre, siempre quedo absorto al observarte, al ver como el viento y la luz bailan contigo al compás del pasar del tiempo, viendo como todo cobra vida y deja de existir cuando estas ahí, frente a mi.
Es por eso que me he convertido en un cazador de instantes, en un coleccionista de momentos, en un recolector de imágenes; pues es así como puedo llenar mi mundo e inundar mi alma contigo, es la forma en que le grito a cada ser en este planeta lo feliz y agradecido que estoy por tenerte. Pues cuando tú llegaste, en medio de un parpadeo y suspiro, abriste mis ojos a un mundo nuevo y completamente desconocido, un mundo que lleva tu nombre y existe gracias ti.

Fotografias: @monodelespacio / Versos: @jorgema

Update for the void

So I spent a week in France and I’m currently in Mexico and then I’ll be in Guatemala with my grandma for 5 months and like I miss drinking with my friends and surprisingly smoking too and I kinda feel trapped…. like I’m going to be relying on my family a lot in Guate bc idk how to drive stickshift and that’s all my fam has and I don’t have space to be loud or do what I want like I got used to with my apt this past year…. Also it’s hot as hell and they don’t have A.C. and I miss my binder too…. I brought it with me but Guate is still hella behind on queer rights……. my cousin’s (or aunt idk) gay friend was beat to death by 5 dudes my gma told me today so that’s cool….. I also miss my guitar idk it’s gonna be A Process™ to adjust….. I just want One (1) person that I can trust enough to come out to but idk Hispanics tend to be blabber mouths haha anyways if anyone wants to buy me a guitar for Guate let me know!


Vans Girls at Camp Gritty | Style

Our fashionable friends weren’t afraid of a little huge Tennessee rainstorm ruining their outfits. Despite the raindrops, these campers had us feeling warm and sunny with their summer style. Love some of the shoes you see? Shop their kicks below…

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