guatemalan immigrants

lol i feel literally 0 sympathy for those stories where it’s like “oh low income guatemalan illegal immigrant with six anchor babies is getting sent babies is getting sent back home” stories

like fucking good? you’re either born here or you wait your turn and immigrate legally. and if you’re going to
be a drain on government resources, don’t come at all. thanks.

Federal Agents Arrest a Former Guatemalan Soldier Charged With Massacring Civilians

Advancing an investigation that has spanned two continents and three decades, U.S. federal agents have arrested a Guatemalan immigrant suspected of involvement in the massacre of about 250 villagers in 1982 during Guatemala’s civil war.

Jose Mardoqueo Ortiz Morales, 54, was arrested at his home in Hyattsville, Maryland, last Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Tuesday. Ortiz is a legal permanent resident of the United States who worked in a mail room at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, authorities said. He faces charges in U.S. immigration court and potential deportation to Guatemala to stand trial for one of the worst massacres in Latin American history, the officials said.

Ortiz becomes the fifth suspect arrested in the United States for the slaughter of men, women and children in the hamlet of Dos Erres in northern Guatemala more than three decades ago. Five veterans of an elite Guatemalan commando force known as the “kaibiles” have been convicted by courts in Guatemala on charges arising from massacre. But six others have eluded capture, some of them aided by Guatemalan security forces whose power has impeded the quest for justice, according to Guatemalan and U.S. investigators.

In 1982, amid Guatemala’s brutal civil war, 20 army commandos invaded the jungle hamlet of Dos Erres disguised as rebels and killed more than 250 people. It took 30 years for Oscar Alfredo Ramírez Castañeda, one of only a handful of survivors, to learn the truth about the massacre. During the Dos Erres massacre in December of 1982, the commandos stormed the remote jungle hamlet and unleashed a two-day rampage of rape, torture and murder. Witnesses identified Ortiz as one of the soldiers who blindfolded the victims, interrogated them, hit them with a sledgehammer and dumped them into a well in the center of the village, according to Guatemalan and U.S. court documents. Ortiz was a corporal in the 20-man unit of battle-hardened instructors in the commando academy, according to the documents.

Because of privacy laws covering U.S. immigration cases, few details were available about the investigation that led to the capture of Ortiz. He is believed to have come to the United States in the late 1990s after the civil war ended and the investigation of the massacre began in Guatemala, according to U.S. officials.

Ortiz has worked at the university for at least a decade, officials said. He has a brother who lives in Maryland and a wife and child in Guatemala, officials said.

Ortiz avoided detection in 2009 when U.S. federal agents and the war-crimes unit of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, acting on information released by a Latin American human-rights court, identified other fugitives living in Florida, California and Texas, officials said. Ortiz apparently shielded himself by using the first name Jose in the United States rather than Mardoqueo, the more distinctive first name by which he was known to witnesses who had identified him in the Guatemalan investigation years ago, officials said.

The U.S. investigation of Ortiz began in early 2015 as the result of a lead provided by Guatemalan prosecutors to the U.S. Justice Department, officials said. The Guatemalans indicated for the first time that Ortiz also used the name Jose, causing U.S. officials to check their databases with that new information.

Agents then undertook the lengthy process of identifying the man they believe is the Dos Erres fugitive, investigating and monitoring him, and developing a prosecution strategy, according to officials. Ortiz now faces charges in immigration court for his alleged role in extrajudicial killings in Guatemala, a procedure intended to remove his legal immigrant status and enable his deportation to Guatemala, officials said.

“How do these guys who are known war criminals get papers and legalize themselves?” Greathead said. “And the victims don’t. Thousands of Guatemalan and Salvadoran victims of those conflicts, of serious human-rights crimes in which the United States had a role, have trouble getting legal status. It mandates a reevaluation of our immigration policies.”

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You've probs been asked this a ton but what do you say to POC when they say we can't call America a white country because we took it from the natives and then brought black people over from Africa

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FAQ “But America has always been multiracial

The Left always tries to distract with “Native Americans were there first“ whenever European-Americans criticise the US’s current immigration policy. They rely on most European-Americans being so inculcated with self-loathing that they’ll drop the issue before daring to ask ”hang on, what’s that actually got to do with what I’m talking about?”.

What does Native Americans being there first have to do with a debate about the pros and cons of Third World immigration into America today? These immigrants aren’t Native Americans; letting them in isn’t going to make up for anything. It’s not going to increase the power of Native Americans or get them their land back. So the next time someone says “Native Americans were there first”, I think “so what?“ is a reasonable reply.

It’s like saying “there was orange juice in that glass before you put apple juice in it, so now you have to put cranberry juice in it”. No you don’t. Have more apple juice, have no juice, have whatever kind of juice you want. If a Native American woman got raped by an Englishman, she doesn’t have a moral obligation to get raped by a Mexican. If England beats America at football, England doesn’t have an obligation to lose to Mexico.

What did the Native Americans do when the European settlers started taking over? Did they welcome them with open arms in the name of diversity and tolerance, or did they resist? They resisted. So why shouldn’t the new indigenous people similarly resist the new newcomers? When a Native American scalped a white man, was that a hate crime?

And let’s not get into a semantic debate about immigrants from Latin America being “Native Americans”. They’re not Native Americans in the sense of being Native to the territory of the US, where they’re moving to. In 1491 do you think a tribe in North America would have been happy to see a tribe from South America turn up in its territory?

America is a white country because most people are white and white people created it. It’s 70% white and before the recent change in immigration policy it was 90% white, and that’s what I mean by “a white country”. These people never say that Turkey isn’t Turkish because the Greeks were in the Anatolian peninsula first.

There is a theory called the Solutrean Hypothesis which says that the first settlers of the Americas were from what’s now France. If we assume that the Solutrean Hypothesis is not true, then what we have is people migrating from Asia in the Stone Age and establishing various tribes which fought with each other and stole each other’s territory all the time. I suppose you could say that each tribe’s territory constituted a country, so there were several hundred tiny countries there; but there was no United States.

The country America was not created by the Native American tribes. The British created the Thirteen Colonies and the British-American colonials created the USA. Native Americans did nothing to create America other than get out of the way. Sucks to be them, but they lost. That doesn’t mean European-Americans now have some obligation to lose just because the Native-Americans lost then; allowing a mass influx of Third Worlders isn’t going to change what happened.

Allowing a mass influx of Africans, Asians and everyone else doesn’t ameliorate the dispossession of the Native Americans, it exacerbates it. Oh, someone from England stole your land? Well, here’s someone from Pakistan to steal your land twice, feel better? It doesn’t make sense. PoC and self-loathing whites only pretend to care about Native Americans insofar as they can use them to gag and flagellate white people. How do Native Americans benefit from Hart-Celler immigration, and if they don’t benefit, then why crow-bar them into the debate? Is it not possible that Native Americans might oppose contemporary mass immigration too?

As for whites bringing blacks as slaves, what exactly does that prove in relation to contemporary immigration? Okay, it wasn’t 100% white, it was 90% white. What’s that got to do with becoming 70% white? Black slaves were generally 10-15% of the population and their free descendents who were allowed to stay in the US still are. Blacks weren’t brought there to be citizens, they were brought there to be slaves. The first Naturalisation Act of the US says that citizenship is for free whites. America was explicitly founded as a country for white people. It has been majority white since the first colonies in the 17th century. Go and look at the Founding Fathers and tell me how many were PoC. There is no logical connection between “we brought a minority of blacks to this country to be slaves” and “we should permit neverending immigration from every corner of the Third World”. It’s a non sequitur.

To quote Jared Taylor, all countries begin as nations of immigrants. After a few generations, they decide they like it the way it is, and they become nations of natives. Who is or isn’t “indigenous” is all relative. An English-American family who came on the Mayflower is indigenous compared to José Gonzales who just jumped the border or Muhammed Iqbal who just got off a plane.

And ultimately, we don’t actually need to justify acting for our own interests. We support what’s good for us and oppose what’s bad for us, because that’s what it is to exist. We oppose what’s going on because it’s in our interest to, like every other group which acts in its own interests. Mexicans who swarm into America do so because they want a better life. Americans who oppose Mexicans swarming into America do so for the same reason.

In 2006, Joseph Contreras profiled the issue of Guatemalan immigrants illegally entering Mexico for Newsweek magazine. He pointed out that while Mexican president Vicente Fox demanded the US grant legal residency to millions of illegal Mexican immigrants, Mexico had only granted legal residency to 15,000 illegal Guatemalan immigrants. [x]

My name is Julia and I am a sophomore Biology and Society Major at Cornell University, with minors in Spanish and Education.

My goal is to empower young women through science education and public speaking!  

Recently, I won the Pan American University Debating Championships in the Spanish Language division at the University of Miami. I wanted to share this accomplishment because debate is something that has been instrumental in helping me grow as a Latina woman, and as a Guatemalan immigrant. It has been an incredibly important activity in helping me learn to speak up and voice my opinions. I hope one day all Latina girls can have something like this in their lives to help them grow and find their strength.

I love this blog because it reminds me that there are other women out there fighting for our Latina community! Thank you for helping make the Latina tag about our accomplishments and our growth, rather than a conglomerate of hypersexualized images.

The Commissary (@eatatpot) will host many of you for tonight’s Transparent LA celebration. During our stay here at @theLINEhotel we’ve enjoyed learning the rich story behind all the elements that make this a special place in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood.

In Roy’s (@ridingshotgunLA) words: 

So this is a restaurant where I explore that cross section between America’s fascination with farm to table and the absence of acknowledgement of the back breaking labor by Mexican, El Salvadorian, Guatemalan, and Honduran immigrants here in California. But it’s also a place of tranquility as seen in the greenhouse and pool. It’s a private club for the public. I imagined a tennis club for the people. A place where you could have a house account but you ain’t got no money. It’s also my pound to the veggie peeps here in LA who had my back when I wrote a blog about eating vegetables about a year and half ago. A lot of people thought I lost my marbles and tabloids pondered the falling of me like I was some game, but the vegetarian and vegan community came at me like we love you and we got you, welcome.

I never thanked them for that. So this is my thanks: Commissary