Poe Dameron // Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) was the son of Lieutenant Shara Bey and Sergeant Kes Dameron of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and he grew up hearing some of the tales of their battles during the Galactic Civil War, particularly his father’s. 

Dameron followed in his late mother’s footsteps and became a pilot, serving the New Republic and became the commander of Rapier Squadron.

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While a Mexican is Hispanic
A Hispanic is not Mexican

•Cubans are not Mexican
•Colombians are not Mexican
•Puerto Ricans are not Mexican
•Guatemalans are not Mexican
•Dominicans are not Mexican
•Salvadorians are not Mexican
•Ecuadorians are not Mexican
•Peruvians are not Mexican
•Hondurans are not Mexican


Photograph by Ben Hoffmann

By Design | Guatemalan Modern

For most adults, moving back in with one’s mother would signal a serious reversal of fortune. But for Rudy Weissenberg and Rodman Primack, two peripatetic design entrepreneurs, it was a way to ground their life in family and put down roots in a place they love. Over the last 17 years, as their careers took them to London, Los Angeles, New York and Miami, where Primack now runs Design Miami, they never managed to settle down in any one place. That started to change a couple of years ago, when Weissenberg began returning regularly to his hometown of Guatemala City to run his family’s businesses and was inspired to stay more permanently. After failing to find a house up to their standards, the couple realized that their best option was simply to fix up a little-used wing of Weissenberg’s childhood home. His mother is delighted with this modern arrangement, which has transformed her multilevel home and brought the family closer together. It has, however, required ground rules. “I told my mother she would have to knock or this would never work,” her son says.

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Oscar Isaac doing a Chivas ad in Spanish


What happened? I haven’t seen a single “MIRAME” post in my dash. Well Hey Everyone My Name Is Peter and I’m a gay and proud Latino and the guy next to me is my boyfriend nahno-g (Daniel)… I’m posting my selfies today to participate in a movement called “MIRAME” for Cinco De Mayo! I am very proud of my culture and proud to be a Latino PLUS I’m proud to be Gay ☺❤👬


I like the color yellow.

Back in California, I ponder the meaning of Guatemala, in my only-child existence amid jade plants and brick incinerators, with my single mother in a Hollywood apartment decorated with a crumbling mosaic of Venice. Guatemala is there in the extended silences of my severed existence. I walk and play in the dry California air, squint in the desert light, and I think of the empire of metal, plastic and electronics around me. I know I belong here, in this modern, self-confident and brazenly ambitious place; but that I also belong in that less-modern other country that’s on the other end of a plane ride, a country that’s hopeful in a much different way and filled with most of the people whose bloodlines are tied to mine.
—  Héctor Tobar, “This is what I remember about Guatemala,” Latino Studies 11, 2013