guate love

Jeaneth Ixcoy’s youngest son helped her sell backpacks and colored pencils before his first day at school. Manuel, 12 years old, is about to begin 5th grade. He works with his mother in the morning and studies in the afternoon; his mother waits for him and they walk home together. She is a single mother and sustains her family by selling different products. She asks her children forgiveness “because they have had to leave their innocence behind so quickly.” She wants Manuel to go to school “because with studies he can have a job.” For this, she has bought him new shirts.

(Loosely translated from Plaza Pública)

I love my new light-switch cover so much that I have to share – this is just the thing for my “why yes I am a geography nerd” office decor I’m working on.

I saw these amazing plates at a Sunday market in Seattle and immediately started flipping through them obsessively. The owner, Ramsey, asked me what I was looking for and offered to do a special order for the same price that gave me both Guatemala and “British Honduras” (because coloniality is hilarious when I’m in a good mood). He even asked me if I had cities that he should be sure to keep in when he made the light switch cut-outs. Sooo, two weeks later, I found him on etsy and asked if I could pay to have the plate mailed because I broke my ankle and can’t get around much. Instead, he sent it to me for free, which literally made my entire day!

Much love for Ramsey El-Moslimany (MapMotifs), check him out:

View of the Justo Rufino Barrios Monument in Plaza Barrios in the historic center of Guatemala City. Guatemala City was elected unanimously as “Latin American Capital of Culture 2015” by the Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities.

(Photo: Saul Martinez / EFE)