Watch Peter Capaldi Give A Beautifully Emotional Reading Of An Astonishing World War I Letter

As I watched and listened to Peter deliver this beautiful and thought-provoking letter from 1914, it was reminding me of the one song by The Royal Guardsmen called “Snoopy’s Christmas vs. The Red Baron,” when both sides took a moment to put all weapons down and have a civil moment during the holidays. I always get weepy whenever I play it, but every time the Red Baron says to Snoopy, “Merry Christmas, mein friend!” I fully burst into tears. XD

Snoopy’s Christmas vs. The Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen

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I'm watching TSoT and something is really playing on my mind... When Mary tells to John to take Sherlock on a case and we get the horns shot... Well I'm thinking why was she so desperate to get them out on a case then? So she was left in 221b alone. What do you think she was doing? She didn't just get on with wedding planning clearly... But like I just wonder what exactly she wanted to do... Any ideas?

Hi Nonny!

I actually discuss this a little bit in my All About David meta… I thought Mary was WAY WAY WAY too happy to get Sherlock and John out together… but holy shit, you did make me suddenly realize something… DID she stay at 221B??? Huh, that actually just clicked to me.

Oh God, what if… she had David over… on Sherlock’s bed.  Ew I just grossed myself out. DELETE ERASE.

ANYWAY. I think she was either looking to go cheat on John or spy on Sherlock. She had free reign of the flat all to herself… Hmmm. Putting up spy cameras around the flat? Maybe she found Sherlock’s “file” on John, and that’s why she’s so cruel to Sherlock at the wedding….

Hmm. Any thoughts, anyone?

Speed Up! Speed Up!

                             The road you are taking is far too narrow for me.

The fate of future, it’s nothing now

                             Forget tomorrow, just leaving you know  

                             Now is the time that we RUN!

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While alot of people would say: "Oh im gonna date a sister of battle" "i wana fuck an eldar" "tau women are cute i wana cuddle with one" Me, I think it'd be better or far more interesting to date and make love with an inquisitor woman. Also I suggest you change your waifu to a butch or buff fem! guardsman

Consider this: Ain’t nobody got a good night’s rest by sleeping on chiseled stone, you dig?

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Everyone talkin about SCPtale and all I can think of is sans in a lab coat showing everyone the site and reading a few of the stories while drinking a mix of soda, ketchup and water whole he calls it science. After that when it's nighttime, I can just imagine Papyrus getting scared over SCP-____-j because he doesn't want to "forget his status as a royal guardsman" and "doesn't want to procrastinate like Sans".

- EC

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nonseeingeyedog: "WHO'S THERE?!" Doggo barked, drawing his swords. he could swear he saw something move

      “Hail, guardsman. Just a citizen passing by.” He realized Doggo wasn’t looking at him and he starts shaking his arm. “Right here, man!” For some reason, Del had trudged to the very edge of town. He just felt like walking and hand’t realized up until now. Oops, he thought.


It was the first time that Sea was seeing Pandaria. The gryphon, green as he was, had scarcely been outside of the Eastern Kingdoms. He supposed with Connie gone, having died due to a fire when he was still a guardsman, the secret would now be between he and Sea: Archelaos’s little nook in the Jade Forest, just above an area named the Fox Grove. 

Warm rain of the forest coated the two of them as the flew up to the stone spire’s peak. On top, there was nothing fancy. Two trees, standing modestly as droplets dripped from their branches. Kites that were being ruined in the rain stood boldly in the storm, the product of local children climbing where they shouldn’t be. 

He parked Sea at the base of one such tree, the mount’s talons playing idly with the pink flowers that made their home at the trunk. The aging man dropped down from the beast. While most would be bothered by the rain, Archelaos never had been, rather, he welcomed it. Rain was cleansing, it refreshed and renewed, it gave life and purpose to those who inhabited the world. 

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He took off his wolf helm, raising his head to meet the rain with a smile. A greeting between two old friends, that’s what it felt like. Akin to a handshake, a hug, a firm pat on the shoulder. The sunlight warmed his face as the rain washed away the dirt and grime of the journey: A sunstorm, common in the summer, often the delight of children: It meant splashing in puddles in broad daylight. Archelaos was here for a much different reason, however. 

Turning his attention back to the tree, he stepped forward. It had been years since he had laid eyes on the armor set. The chest stood firm, slightly rotten, but doing well to protect what he had hidden years ago. 

“I used to date a Pandaren named Ruolin,” He spoke to his gryphon. Sea gave him an idle honking-sound, as to let him know that he was listening, yet far more interested in wrapping a flower around his talon, “When I did, I was Grand Inquisitor Archelaos Draco. One of four leaders in a Scarlet group. That I was seeing him was a great taboo. You’ll find that if you speak to most Scarlets, they don’t particularly smile upon non-human races. I’ve always been something of an abnormality.” 

“Even though we had to keep our relationship hidden, I admired him a great deal. He was always so calm. There was nothing that could get a rise out of him without his permission,” he found himself smiling at the chest as he knelt before it, “Though too many mistook that for weakness. He was far from weak. He simply did not need to prove his strength left and right. He didn’t drink, he didn’t fall to his vices because of his strength. He was very serene, but also very strong. He was knowledgeable, curious…” He could feel his cheeks warming, “I could go on…”

He opened the chest. A set of unworn armor: Red and gold, dragons on the spaulders, “I had this commissioned shortly after he left,” he told Sea, who was only half-paying attention to his master, “The idea behind it was to sort of establish an identity with this man who had inspired me so much. Red for the Scarlets, the dragon for my family, the Dracos, and in a Pandaren style of armor in tribute to Ruolin.” He began removing his own armor, the tree above shielding him from the rain.

“Now, it’s been a great many years since I have even seen Ruolin, he might be dead for all I know. But he was, and he always will be, a great inspiration to me. And one that I have had to hide for too long, I feel. My name isn’t Draco anymore, and I’m by no means a Scarlet… But I think the symbolism is still good. Red for my father. The style for what I will become: He left such an impression on me and others… I want to become that. The dragons to remember where I came from, how far I have come since then. I carry the weight of never becoming a dragon again. I don’t know, it might be stupid, but I like it. It even has a prayer book on it.”

The set fit him like a glove: All except for the stomach. When he had been dating the Pandaren, he had been eating a lot of food, and had given himself plenty of room to grow. A warm smile touched his lips, “I kept this here because I was angry that he left. Spiteful. I didn’t want to wear anything with him on it.” He eyed his mount, who was now eating the flower, “I don’t feel that anymore. I feel rather content.” He looked up. The rain had stopped.  

Donning his new armor, he’d turn to Sea. The mount straightened up immediately, with stray pedals on his beak and a nervous look to his eye. To his great relief, his master merely packed his hold armor in the creature’s saddle before hopping onto him, “This is a secret between us, right? Nobody needs to know how much of a sentimental sap your daddy is.”

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I mentioned before that I feel like Aveline didn’t jump on the rumors of the elves whose sister was raped by a guardsman was due to her having moved on Emeric’s word alone on Gaspard DuPuis, rather than having solid proof and catching hell for it. I like to think that Lia, the elven girl we rescue from Keldar in Act I, joining the guard is part of her attempt to make up for it.

It also provides reason for Jeven to make a move against her at this point in time, that she’s opening the guard to elves.