“My gratitude to Johan is infinite. His legacy is also infinite. When I first started, he protected me. I did not know anything about football, and he gave me everything. Johan opened a fascinating world for me, like a new movie. With Johan, you felt that it was possible to dominate football. He gave us everything when we had nothing, we were even given grammar. He was such a great teacher that made you love your stuff. He was our Merlí. As a coach, he would always encourage you to follow your instinct, not logic. I still always wonder what he would do. He is so great that he completely changed four teams: FC Barcelona, Ajax, and the Netherlands and Spanish National Teams. The memory of Johan is indestructible. What he has done is unstoppable - I’m sorry for those who do not like it.”

- Pep Guardiola, to RAC1 after the passing of Johan Cruyff


“This coach is unique, especially because of how he’s conveyed his football philosophy and how he’s put it into practice” - Victor Valdes

“When he was a player, it was clear he would be a great coach. He already leaded the team on the pitch. Once, in a game against Atletico Madrid, he changed our positions on the pitch after each tactical variation of the opponent without talking to the coach” - Carles Puyol

“Sometimes he talked with great self-considence, "We’ll score four goals”. I thought “Jeez, they are Bayern Munich!” And finally we scored four goals" - Xavi

Thanks for the victories, happy emotions and you in Barcelona
Happy birthday!


My favorite player and coach: Xavi and Pep Guardiola

Xavi: “Guardiola - fantastic tactician, able to motivate team. With his help, I learned a lot <…>

I remember a personal talk after Euro 2008. There were rumors about my departure and I asked him if he would count me in. He told me that couldn’t imagine the team without me and that got me very excited <…>

Pep - is a leader who everybody follows. He’s also respectful, and has values. He’s an example to follow and that thing reaches people.”