It’s a real luxury to watch Messi. He’s very good. Very good. All the Barça players are very good, and they are having a great season. They have played well and created a lot of chances. It’s a great game we are watching tonight. I hadn’t been back here for a while, and it feels really good to be here, watching the game in the stands. It’s very special.

- Pep Guardiola, on his first time returning to Camp Nou in three years to enjoy the Barcelona vs. Manchester City match in his season ticket seat with his father, Valentí Guardiola, and Manel Estiarte.


“My gratitude to Johan is infinite. His legacy is also infinite. When I first started, he protected me. I did not know anything about football, and he gave me everything. Johan opened a fascinating world for me, like a new movie. With Johan, you felt that it was possible to dominate football. He gave us everything when we had nothing, we were even given grammar. He was such a great teacher that made you love your stuff. He was our Merlí. As a coach, he would always encourage you to follow your instinct, not logic. I still always wonder what he would do. He is so great that he completely changed four teams: FC Barcelona, Ajax, and the Netherlands and Spanish National Teams. The memory of Johan is indestructible. What he has done is unstoppable - I’m sorry for those who do not like it.”

- Pep Guardiola, to RAC1 after the passing of Johan Cruyff