“My gratitude to Johan is infinite. His legacy is also infinite. When I first started, he protected me. I did not know anything about football, and he gave me everything. Johan opened a fascinating world for me, like a new movie. With Johan, you felt that it was possible to dominate football. He gave us everything when we had nothing, we were even given grammar. He was such a great teacher that made you love your stuff. He was our Merlí. As a coach, he would always encourage you to follow your instinct, not logic. I still always wonder what he would do. He is so great that he completely changed four teams: FC Barcelona, Ajax, and the Netherlands and Spanish National Teams. The memory of Johan is indestructible. What he has done is unstoppable - I’m sorry for those who do not like it.”

- Pep Guardiola, to RAC1 after the passing of Johan Cruyff