Have you seen this- dog? (Pt. III)

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Warnings:  Angst, Being held captive, escaping, mourning, grief, animal cruelty, letting go, swearing, a bit of violence

Notes: Since some of you might have like, purple hair, I decided to say (y/f/c) which means Your Fur Color for this fic.I also used y/g for your guardians, since not everyone has parents. This is really more of an update on the situations with you and Damian. I have another part to be uploaded after this, so don’t worry.


Character: Damian Wayne

Plot: Reader gets kidnapped, and her boyfriend Damian searches desperately for her. A month after her disappearance, a mysterious dog shows up at the manor.

Damian is around 14, almost 15 in this. Reader is 14.

Part 3/?

y/n= your name

y/f/c= your fur color

y/e/c= your eye color

y/g/s= your guardians

1 month since reader’s disappearance

It had been exactly one month since your disappearance. Damian grew agitated. No matter what he did, he was always thinking of you.

He’d barely sleep or eat, always sitting by the batcomputer or phone in case anything about you had shown up. Dark thoughts were always on his mind. What if you had  been thrown in a river? Shipped off somewhere? Stored away in some creep’s basement? The possibilities were endless. 

He wore the necklace he bought you around his neck everyday. It made him feel close to you. 

Nobody commented on the necklace or tried to make fun of him for it, mainly because he would probably beat them half to death, and because they knew how broken was without you.

But he wasn’t the only one mourning and searching for you, oh no.

Y/G, your guardian, brought your case to the police. Fortunately, you had a boyfriend who’s father was a very well-known and rich man in Gotham, so your case wasn’t lost in a pile somewhere.

The Detectives who were assigned to your case were the best at their Academy and famous for huge things.

Detective Myers took down a huge drug lord who nearly blew up half the city after his crew was taken down.

Detective Morden captured a wannabe magician who claimed the bombs he made were magic, and that he would prove it by blowing up the mayor and then raising him from the dead. 

Damian wouldn’t say they were horrible detectives, but they weren’t Batman. He found Myers was too similar to Dick and Morden a cocky ass who would berate and little him when he was out of costume. Clearly he thought of Damian only as a spoiled rich kid with attitude problems. 

Myers would try to  give him sweets and call him ‘Kiddo’. Damian hopes Dick stays out of Gotham because he couldn’t handle both of them together.

Annoying and cocky or not, they would decent detectives and Damian hoped they could help even a bit.

He’d take any help, if it meant finding you.

He just hoped he could find you in time.

With Reader, 1 month into disappearance.

It had been an entire month you were kept in this hell hole. After that man, who’s name you learned was Malachai, came to visit you, things were different. Like you, for instance. He had rested his hand on your forehead and you blacked out. When you woke up, you weren’t.. you anymore.

 You were transformed into a dog, of all things. It was unclear why you were taken, and why you were a dog.  It wasn’t pleasant, and you hoped it would end soon.  

You poked around and did as much investigating as you could, but it was hard since you weren’t allowed to leave your kennel unless it was for tests. They performed plenty, most of which you were unsure of what they were testing for.

 You were scared, all you wanted was to return home safe to your loved ones. Everyday was a horrible day. The man you met on the first day, Stewart, was the one to take care of you. Care wasn’t the word you would use, though. He would kick your food toward you and spill your water everywhere, leaving barely anything left. He kicked you once, when you hid in the back of the cage and refused to leave for tests. 

Your side was bruised and hurt for a week after that, and you decided if you ever got out of your kennel you were going to bite him so hard everyone in a 5 mile radius would feel it.

You were only 14, yet you’ve gone through so much trauma. You were sure you would need lots of therapy after this. If you survived, that is.

You wondered how Damian was doing, and if he was still searching for you.

Would he still love you? Would you stay a dog forever?

Guardian Ask Meme

Send numbers and the name of one of my Guardians

1. Where were you born?
2. Where were you reborn?
3. What was your previous life like, do you remember it?
4. How old were you when you died?
5. How long have you been a Guardian?
6. How long were you dead?
7. What was your first reaction to your Ghost?
8. What was the first thing your Ghost said to you or you to them?
9. Does your Ghost have a name?
10. What class and subclass are you? Do you feel like you belong in it?
11. Are you a member of a faction or other group (The Hidden, the Redjacks)?
12. What do you think of the other races around you (Exos, Awoken, Humans)?
13. What do you think of your Vanguard and the other Vanguard?
14. What’s your favorite weapons loadout?
15. What are the enemies you most fear?
16. What are your favorite enemies to fight?
17. Where is your favorite place to patrol?
18. What shader do you like, what kind of armor do you wear?
19. What do you like in a sparrow, speed, handling, tricks?
20. What do you like to do, patrols, strikes, recon, civilian guard, crucible?
21. How are you in the Crucible? Partake in any tournaments, SRL, IB, Trials?
22. Do you have a fireteam and good friends outside of your fireteam?
23. Are you fond of or friends with any vendors around the Tower or the Reef?
24. Favorite place for downtime in the Tower? Outside the Tower?
25. What do you think of the Traveler?