Time for my semi-traditional Marvel Movie Thoughts Post

GOTG Vol.2 time boiiiiis!!!
Vol.2 is pretty different from the 1st one in its focus & scale but still feels like a James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It’s much more character driven in every way & the plot’s a little more intricate. There’s more characters AND more character stuff but manages to work pretty well. It’s a movie that could have easily burst at the seams but it all just…works. All the characters continue to be great, although Gamora is still the weaker link imo. She’s still good, but she kind of falls behind when but next to all the other stronger & louder personalities. All the newcomers/characters who get beefier roles are fantastic, especially Yondu who is a new favorite of mine. I ALSO LOVE KRAGLIN HES SO PURE. The villain is really good too and is one of my new favorite MCU villains. Every actor gives their A game and the writing and directing are strong, with some beautiful shots and a e s t h e t i c colors. This is a Big Bonerfest for me as a HUGE fan of cosmic Marvel, with some fucking sick cameos and extremely high concept shit. Example: Ego. Just Ego. If you don’t know him from the comics don’t look him up because that’s a neat surprise for the audience. The only disappointment for me personally was the music, although the use of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain in the 3rd act is strong. Overall I don’t know if I like this as much or more than the first one because they kind of balance out in terms of good shit. I love this movie a lot.