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Up next is chris pratt Aka star lord the biggest child by far in guardians of the galaxy despite baby groot being there

Imagine Yondu walking in on your child trying to be just like him

(Sooo back to some fluff 😊I just had to for this! It’s a little short but I hope you can all enjoy it! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

A slight blowing sound could be heard late in the night, as Yondu walked down the hall nearing his room.

Finally, the whole crew had went to sleep after a long day but someone was still up and bright eyed apparently, he thought. The more steps he took the more the huffing and puffing could be heard clearly.

However, he could also hear some slight cheering along with it, to which ended up making him smile even more as he realized as to who he was hearing.

The instant he turned to his room to see what beheld before him he couldn’t hide his excitement and stood right still by the corner of the door to take it all in.

There you were sitting on the floor with yours and his little boy in your lap, toys and snack wrappers all around you as per usual he thought. He knew you had cleaned up the room over and over but it couldn’t be helped at the end of the day, he was just as messy as his daddy.

The little bugger had turned three a few months ago and was already showing signs of being quite a brave and fearless boy. Nothing much could scare him and anything new he was more than ready to give it a try.

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NOT READY FOR BIRTH {Peter Quill X Reader}

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Fandom: Marvel,Guardians Of The Galaxy

Characters: Peter Quill,Gamora,Rocket Raccoon,Groot

Word Count: 258

Drabble friday: One where the reader is nine months pregnant and her water breaks during and Peter(Starlord/dad to baby) freaks out because they are in the middle of space and only Gamora doesn’t seem phased by it.

“BABY!” Rocket screams in surprise.

“What?” Peter peers round the corner to find what’s all the fuss about.

He sees you lying down on the floor,surrounded by blankets.”What is going on!?” He screams in sheer surprise.

“THE BABY!” You shriek at him whilst trying to maintain a breathing pace.

“WHAT?” Peter jumps in surprise.

Groot leans over to Peter for reassurance. “I am Groot!” Only to get pushed away by Peter.

“We are not ready for this! We are in the middle of frickin space!” Peter begins to panic.

“Well tough, it’s happening” Gamora walks past him,handing him more blankets.

Rocket bolts out of the room.”NO THE LITTLE RATS ON IT’S WAY!” The sound of glass smashing can be heard from the next room.

“I am Groot!” Groot hands Gamora a hot water bottle.

“WE ARE NOT READY!” Peter jumps around in a hurried panic.

“HONEY PLEASE!” You scream in pain as the baby contracts.

He runs over close to you.”What do I need to do?” You grab his hand and begin to squeeze to avert attention from the pain you’re in .

“Stay there.” You and Gamora say in unison, giggling after it being said.

“Just push.” Gamora instructs you,which you follow.

“Peter look away,and focus on the squeezing.” She tilts his head away from you.

“Hey I’ve saw that region you know,how do you think that baby was conceived?” Peter tries to turn back around,just to get a face kick from Gamora.

“Fine,I’ll stick to the squeezing.”

A Father At Last (Peter Quill x Reader)

Originally posted by despairingfever

By popular demand: Peter finding out you’re pregnant. 

Just in time for mother’s day!

Peter shut his eyes and looked away as he held back your hair. He wasn’t doing the best job at it. A few strands had fallen in your face, but he was too busy trying not to throw up himself, to bother tightening his grip. He’d been in disgusting situations before. He’d grown up around dozens of men who didn’t know what it meant to shower. He’d been covered in god knows how many different types of alien muck. He’d been peer pressured—while drunk—to eat all sorts of strange foods…and he was fine with it all. But when it came to vomit, he could hardly hear the word without inwardly gagging a little.

Thankfully, none of his current shipmates tended to get ill; save for one occasion when Drax caught the A’askavarian flu. Peter physically locked him in the bathroom for the duration, and took to sleeping in the cockpit, as far as possible from any noises. It was a rough few days for his stomach—and Drax’s—but they both managed to survive, no thanks to Rocket’s incessant teasing.

But this situation was different. There was a difference between friends and girlfriends, and that meant holding your hair back, rather than flicking a band in your direction and running away, like he so desperately wanted to do.

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Her Collection

Taneleer Tivan (The Collector) x female!Reader 

 Warning: smut 

 A/n: Just wanted to write some smut with the collector, like I just love the idea of him worshipping his lover. 

Originally posted by implyingyoucare

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We Are Right Now

Peter Quill x Reader: fluffy smut. 

Peter’s feelings for you are outed out by Mantis. 

“You feel…love.”

Peter stumbled over his words, “Yeah. I guess, yeah. I feel a general unselfish love for-”

“No!” Mantis interrupted. “Sexual love.”

“No. No. I don’t!” Peter shook his head at the woman.

“For her!” she pointed in Gamora’s direction, to which Drax bursted into a loud rough laugh. You stood behind Gamora trying to stifle a laugh, because Peter’s face was fucking priceless. Also laughing to hide the sinking feeling in your heart, because of course Peter wanted Gamora; she was pretty hot. And you? You were just some Terran chick who knew her way around the galaxy; Rocket had been an old pal and asked you to come along with them for a while. And yeah, you weren’t blind. Peter was attractive; he was charismatic, funny, and most importantly, he had the right dance moves. So you weren’t surprised that he wanted Gamora, not one bit.

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don’t touch my stuff

Rocket Raccoon x Reader

Summary: requested by anonymous. the milano crew are stuck paying taxi to yondu, who quickly takes a liking to the reader. only problem is, she’s already involved with a certain raccoon, even if the others don’t know it yet.

Characters/Pairings: rocket x reader, peter quill x gamora, yondu udonta, drax, baby groot

Warnings: minor explicit language, unwanted flirting

Word Count: 2,346


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Baby Stories for Baby Groot: Relax (Baby Groot x Motherly/Fatherly!Reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! This is just a really short imagine/fic on Baby Groot *squeals* and a motherly reader. I don’t have much to say for this except… Enjoy!

Description: Motherly reader hugging Baby Groot?? Idk

Reader Gender: Not mentioned/Female or Male

Characters/Ships: Parently!Reader x Baby Groot

Rating: G

Warnings: None

Turning your attention to Groot, he noticed you staring at him and he immediately started making grabby hands in your direction with his adorable face scrunched up in a pleading look, meaning he wanted you to hold him. Your neutral expression immediately disappeared, a soft motherly one replacing it. With arms slightly stretched out in front of you, you beckoned for Groot to come to you. With a scrunched up face, Groot made his arms grow all the way across the room to where you were. Once his hands were clasped on your shirt, he quickly started to retract his arms, his whole body shooting towards you. In a blink of an eye, Groot landed against your chest and he quickly grabbed a fistful of your shirt, preventing what could have been a terrible fall for the little plant. He scrambled up your shirt until he finally perched himself on your shoulder, resting his tiny head against your neck. Sighing contently, you lifted a hand up and started stroking Groot as you slowly sat down on the edge of a chair, trying not to make any sudden movements. Still stroking him, you began to hum a slow beat under your breath, the little tree slowly dozing off with only you in his mind.

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Can’t Get It Out Of My Head (Peter Quill x Reader)

Originally posted by bukcybarnes

For @ravingmadstark to whom I’ve owed this since January. 

In which you slow dance with the one and only Star-Lord. (insp.)

He so desperately wanted to be called Star-Lord, but everyone called him Quill. Except for you. You preferred to use Peter, and maybe that was why he fell in love so hard. Rarely did anyone address him without a tinge of sarcasm or playful banter in their voice—something he was very guilty of reciprocating—but when you spoke to him, he felt validated in ways he never knew he could. You gave him a sense of responsibility. A feeling of warmth and excitement. A drive in life, fueled not by a desire for the admiration of others, but rather, a need to make you feel the same way he did. Happy.

Your initial glimpse of Peter was the day of Ronan’s defeat. Hair disheveled. Clothes torn. Face scratched up. He was dancing to a song you’d never heard, and your entire body reacted. It tingled and shook from your toes, to your heart strings, up your throat, to your brain where the sensation settled, leaving only one thought. Shit.  You’d gone through life thinking love at first sight was nothing more than a myth. But there you were. In love. Or something like it. You were stubborn when it came to things like that, so you chalked it up to lust—somehow that felt more dignified.

There was alcohol involved in your first encounter. That was always how these things seemed to go. The big hero, off to celebrate at a local bar; you, the plain civilian, coincidentally at the same place, standing in a corner.  Music was playing, but the melodies were foreign, and you could only assume that they were his. Most of them were upbeat, but occasionally things would slow down a little, and that’s when he shined the brightest. He’d move about the room fluidly, pulling the other patrons close. Dipping them, spinning them, pressing his body against theirs. Leaving a trail of longing eyes in his wake. You couldn’t help but feel jealous, but at the same time, you were grateful. Unless you were alone in the safety of your room, dancing was not your forte. And so you nursed your drink and watched.

He moved closer and you got a better look at his face, confirming that he was the most unrealistically handsome man you’d ever seen in your life. It was the sort of thing that held a hypnotic element, capturing your eyes and refusing to let them free of his spell. The sappiness of it all was enough to make you inwardly wretch, but as the gap in proximity closed, it became harder to deny fact.

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Right On Time

Paring: Kraglin Obfonteri/Reader

Tags: female reader, soulmate au, soulmate marks, modern au, angst, fluff.

Summary: In a world where human beings have soulmates, not all people meet theirs, or even fall in love for one another. Reade’s a perfect example of the fruits of that labour. But one day, Reader wakes to see marks, and drawings appear on her arms, and across town and working two jobs, Kraglin Obfonteri has the same predicament.

Requested by: nonny ♥️

Word Count: 2,399

Posting Date:  2017-06-16

Current Date: 2017-06-16

Originally posted by peterudonta

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before dawn

Rocket Raccoon x Reader

Summary: based on two requests by anonymous readers. you’re tired, trying to sleep and sharing an overly-cramped bunk with rocket and groot. all you want to do is close your eyes an drift off to dreamland, but sweet little groot, who has come to think of you both as his parents despite your platonic relationship, has other plans for you and his other favourite guardian.

Characters/Pairings: rocket raccoon x reader, baby groot

Warnings: fluff

Word Count: 1,744


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Clearly Not Dead (Loki x Reader)

Note: I had so much fun writing this! It’s the first time I’ve written the Guardians but they’re great and I hope that you like it! Please let me know what you think! Based on this anon request:

Hello!!! Could you do a loki x reader where they were married but after Loki ‘died’ she left Asgard and went to earth? And then when infinity war rolls around Thor gets her to come help fight and when she sees Loki again she totally trashes him in front of all the avengers/guardians? Thank you!! I love all your work!!!!

Words: 1383

You can find the rest of my fics here: Masterlist

               "I am Groot.“

You ran a hand through your hair trying to comprehend the utter strangeness of the day. First a portal in the sky. Then out of the blue you received a message from Thor, the prince now King of Asgard, saying he’d be arriving soon to pick you up. Now you were on a spaceship which, despite the protests of the man that owned it, Star Munch or something, definitely hadn’t been cleaned recently. And you were talking to a tree.

Turning to the racoon, momentarily feeling bad for the poor creature, at least until you remembered how rude it had been on your arrival, you waited for the translation. Rocket - you were pretty sure that’s what one of the others had called him - was busy improvising some kind of weapon and didn’t look up when he explained, "He says he hates your hat. She’s not wearing a hat though, you idiot. Hey. Don’t get angry at me because her head’s shaped weirdly. Maybe if you looked up from that stupid game of yours more often you’d notice these things! I told Quill it was a bad idea to let you have it.”

               "Thor!“ you exclaimed, running over to him and throwing your arms around his huge frame, grateful for the distraction from that frankly bizarre conversation. As thrilled as you were to see him, you certainly wished your meeting had been under better circumstances. Pulling away, you ran your eyes over him with a smirk. The eye patch. The short hair. It actually kind of suited him, but you certainly weren’t going to let him know that. "My prince, I’ve missed you.”

               "King.“ It was well hidden - you certainly wouldn’t have been able to recognise it if you didn’t know him so well - but there was slightly sad note to his voice. Whilst you didn’t know it yet, he had lost everything but seeing you alive and well gave him a tiny flicker of hope. Brushing the sadness aside, he said, "While you’ve been here on Midgard, you missed an awful lot.”

               "You know better than any why I had to leave Asgard.“

Rubbing the back of his neck, Thor scrunched up his face and said, "Yeah… About that…”

               "Brother, I do believe…“ That oh-so-familiar voice slowed to a halt as its owner stepped up onto the main deck and laid eyes on you. "Y/N? Is that you?”

You stared blankly at Loki wondering what sort of elaborate illusion this was. You looked between the crew of the Milano, searching for any sign that they too could see your husband - your husband that was supposed to be dead.

They didn’t seem surprised that he was there, at all; in fact, the only thing about this entire situation that convinced you it could actually be happening was Gamora’s complete and utter distaste when she looked upon Loki.

Crossing the deck, you stopped just in front of Loki and poked him in the chest. He certainly felt solid enough. Convinced he wasn’t an illusion, you slapped him as hard as you possibly could. “How dare you do this to me, Loki.”

The heavy silence was broken by a surprisingly excited, “I am Groot?”

               "What?“ you hissed, whipping your head around to where the adolescent tree and his furry friend sat. Realising that you were practically growling at the pair, you took a deep breath to calm yourself and repeated, "I’m sorry. What did he say?”

               "He wants to know what the trickster did to deserve that. And if he can hit him too.“

               "Now, darling, let me explain…” Loki began.

You pulled a dagger from your belt and threw it at him, a warning for him to stop talking immediately or face the consequences. The blade caught his cheek as it flew past, drawing a neat line across his skin. Catching his smirk, you whipped another knife from your side, your fury returning with full force. “If you call me that again, I swear you won’t like where this ends up.”

Almost proud of your threats, and believing entirely that you would follow through every word, Loki grinned, “My beautiful wife.”

               "You don’t get to call me that anymore, Loki. Not after everything that I’ve been through since you died saving your idiotic brother on Svartalfheim. No offence, Thor.“

               "But he is clearly not dead,” Drax pointed out, earning him a piercing glare from not only you but practically everyone else on the ship too. Looking up from the enormous knife he was sharpening - such a nice blade, in fact, that you were actually considering stealing it, if only to stab your husband with - the oblivious man asked, “What? It’s true, is it not?”

               "Maybe for now,“ you said, your face darkening. "Do you have any idea how I grieved you, Loki? Everywhere I turned I was reminded of you and every wonderful place we’d ever been together seemed tainted because you were no longer there to share the joy. Asgard, for all its beauty, was dead to me. I had Heimdall send me to Midgard - Midgard of all the miserable places in the universe! - just to get away from the daily reminders that you were gone.

               "And now I find that you were alive for all that time, no doubt enjoying your life while I grieved the loss of my beloved husband! How could you do this to me? I accepted you for all your faults, of which there are many, and I forgave your trespasses when others could not. I thought we were in this together, Loki, but I see that I simply overestimated your affection for me.”

               "Dick move, dude,“ Quill yelled, having heard your shouting all the way from the cockpit.

At the same time, Gamora stepped forward and handed you back the knife you’d thrown earlier. With an almost gleeful smile, she suggested, "Look on the bright side, Y/N; since he’s not dead, now you get the chance to kill him yourself.”

It suddenly seemed to dawn on Loki that you may actually be furious with him, rather than the mild exasperation you used to reserve for him. He took a tentative step forward and said, “Now, darling, let’s be sensible about this…”

               "When have you ever been sensible, Loki? No, Thor, let’s see if he can do this on his own.“ You were actually quite enjoying watching Loki squirm under the scrutiny of the entire Milano crew, each wondering whether the trickster - who they knew to have worked with Thanos, the very man you were off to fight - had any redeeming qualities.

               "Y/N, I’m sorry,” Loki breathed, the words so quiet that you only knew he’d spoken because his lips had moved.

You turned around, no longer able to face him or find a morsel of humour in the situation. “I don’t believe you.”

               "He means it,“ a soft, almost childlike voice said. The woman immediately jumped away from Loki, lifting her hand from his shoulder and leaping across the room like nothing you’d ever seen. Cowering behind Drax, she apologised, "I didn’t mean to make you angry.”

               "Don’t ever do that again!“ Loki shouted. "I will not have my mind muddled by an insect!”

               "How dare you speak to the poor girl like that!“ you screamed, closing the space and shoving him against the wall with ease. "You are above no one, Loki. If you remembered that there are people that care about you so deeply that it tears them apart… That you don’t need to be above us and actually treated people with the decency they deserve then I’d…”

Loki pushed you backwards, the challenge in his eyes clear. “You’d do what, Y/N?”

               "Uh, guys,“ Quill called down from the cockpit. "Sorry to interrupt wherever this was going but I think we’ve got company.”

Peering out the window, you saw the Sanctuary come into view. You tensed at the sight of the looming vessel, sure that if this was going to be your last battle that at least it would be glorious. You felt Loki slide his hand in yours and knew that, even after everything he’d put you through, you would always be able to rely on your husband in the end.

Sexual Tension (Star-Lord x Reader)

As requested by anon:  Can you do a smut fanfic in which Peter gets trapped? And no, not 50 Shades of Grey style, but your style!

I was a tiny bit confused as to what you meant, so I tried my best and I hope you like it! Sorry it took forever. 

Warning: NSFW

“Peter, your ship is a piece of junk,” you groaned as you paced around impatiently. There was a grunt in response, followed by the clank of some metal and you glanced toward the floor where he lay flat on his stomach. In his hand was a tool of some sort, and he was elbows deep in an opening in the wall made by his removal of a panel, exposing  a tangle of wires.

“She’s not a piece of junk,” he replied defensively. “She just gets a little sick now and then, is all.”

“I’d hardly call getting us stuck in the cockpit for an hour, ‘sick’,” you air quoted the last word and rolled your eyes. A fuse or something had blown earlier that day, activating the auto-lock on all the doors, thereby causing you to get hopelessly trapped.

Peter stopped what he was doing, put his tools down, and then rose to his feet. He folded his arms and cocked his head to the side, the corners of his mouth turning up ever so slightly. “Maybe we should embrace the situation.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean maybe we’re alone for the first time and there’s clearly been some sexual tension that needs to be addressed.”

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One Too Many Drinks

Request: Hey! Thanks for replying and being awesome in general! Ok, the only idea I have would be in which Rocket and the Reader are dating, they’re at a bar drinking, and the Reader is already feeling pretty tipsy but doesn’t want to say no when Rocket offers them another drink, so this continues on to the point where the Reader is drunk AF and Rocket becomes concerned about the Reader and suggests they head back to the Milano, then the Reader starts to drunk cry because they want to continue because they don’t wanna disappoint Rocket comforts them?? It’s not the best idea but all I got, again thank you!!

Note: Another Rocket fic, yay! I had a lot of fun writing this, thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy! <3 Oh and guys? Excessive drinking isn’t cool; know your limits, please :)

Warnings: alcohol?

Pairing: rocket x reader

Words: 1.322


“Y/N!” you heard the voice of Rocket shout. You punched the guy in front of you in the gut sending him to the ground and turned around to see Rocket shoot someone. “I thought we should go get some drinks tonight,” he suggested over the coms.

You rolled your eyes and here you thought there was a serious problem. “You want to talk about our date plans now?” You had to bite your lip to keep yourself from laughing.

“Why not? I mean, I usually get my best ideas by blowing stuff up,” he smirked.

“Going out to get drinks is one of your best ideas?”

“Going out to get drinks with you definitely is.” 

You were thankful no one could see how flustered you were as you made your way through the hostile ship to retrieve the object of your interest. Soon enough you found the weapons in question, they definitely weren’t something you should let these guys play with, but for a second you admired the new, experimental technology. Well… the Nova Corp was certainly a better place to keep them but that didn’t mean you couldn’t use them to blast your way out of this hellhole…

“Rocket? I’ve got them, meet me at the left wing of the ship.”

“On my way.”

“Quill, we’re ready for extraction,” you contacted the Milano.

“Alright, be at the meeting point in 45 seconds. Oh, and stay outside the hold until you hear it crash.” Peter answered your call.

“What the fuck?!” you inquired while you kept running. Soon you caught up with Rocket who was shooting into a mass of angry crew members. You grabbed his arm and pulled him along, a mob of people behind you.

You reached the door to the cargo compartment, sadly there was nowhere to seek shelter from the crew so you turned around. Not following an advice like that from Peter had already caused you to be severely injured once, you wouldn’t risk it again. You raised the blaster you had stolen fumbled with the buttons until a blue light signaled it was loaded and fired sending every single one of the crew members flying in any possible direction as well as some walls to be blown to bits, luckily none of the exterior ones…

“Wow…” you gawked at the weapon as well as Rocket.

“You don’t think we could just keep this for ourselves?”

You raised an eyebrow. “Because the last time we didn’t deliver something went so well…”

Rocket shrugged. “Hey, everything turned out all right in the end, didn’t it?”

You were about to reply when a shock wave sent you flying to the ground. You groaned realizing this was the signal Quill had spoken about. You exchanged a knowing glance with Rocket before activating your oxygen mask, this ship certainly wasn’t in one piece anymore…

You typed in the code for the door and accessed the scene in front of you. The Milano had burst through one side of the ship; obviously they hadn’t been able to hack into the ship’s system to open the loading ramp. Typical…

You didn’t hesitate to get on board of the ship and before you had taken your seats you were already speeding away from the hostile ship. You surely had added another bunch of enemies to your list…

An hour or two later the Milano reached Xander, it was already dawning and Peter and Gamora went to deliver the weapons to the Nova Corp for them to secure them safely. You and Rocket were playing cards while Groot typed away on his Gameboy, Drax on the other hand wasn’t in sight.

“You know, N/N, I was serious earlier, we had no chance to go out in a while, we should go to a bar and get a couple drinks,” Rocket suggested, a lopsided grin on his face.

“You think we can leave Groot and Drax alone?”

“I am Groot!” the teen perked up offended.

“You sure?” You quirked an eyebrow at him, causing him to roll his eyes and concentrate on his video game again.

“Come on, please,” Rocket insisted, “Gamora and Quill will be back in a short while, surely these two won’t cause that much harm in the meantime… Please?”

You couldn’t help a small smile making its way onto your lips. “Alright,” the raccoon fist bumped the air, “Just this once…”

After you had found Drax, told him about your plans and asked him to keep an eye on Groot the two of you made your way off the ship and into a small, rather shabby tavern. You took a seat at the counter and Rocket ordered the first round of shots for you.

“To our day off and my beautiful companion,” he said raising his glass for you to clink. You looked down a bit flustered before raising your eyes to meet his gaze.

“To us,” you replied before you downed the shot. You had just sat the glass down on the table when Rocket started to fill it again with the liquor the bartender had left you there beside you.  Needless to say that had just been the first of many…

Many drunk confessions, countless drinks and an empty bottle later you started to feel slightly tipsy. You rested your head on your arms and watched Rocket as he ordered two cocktails and something to eat for you and him.

When your next drinks reached you and you wanted to clink glasses with Rocket the thought crossed your mind that maybe you had enough, you then looked at your boyfriend though and seeing the grin plastered across his face you decided to take the drink anyway. You had no intentions of ruining the fun you were having…

“I’ll be back real quick,” you mumbled attempting to get off your stool and to the toilet.

Rocket wanted to reply but soon yanked forward catching you just in time from preventing you to fall on the ground.

“Easy there,” he looked at you worriedly as he helped you back on your seat, “Are you alright?”

“’M fine,” you slurred and waved him off.

Rocket pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and quirked his head as he looked at you. “I think we’ll better head back… Come on, N/N, it’s already late.”

He got up and held his hand out to you, but you vehemently shook your head. “B-But we-“ was all you managed before tears started to pool in your eyes, you hid your face in your hands and started to cry. The raccoon was quick to climb into your lap and pry the hands from your face.

“Hey, shhh, what’s wrong, N/N?” He soothingly ran a thumb over your cheek to wipe some tears away.

“I- I don’t- don’t wanna disappoint you,” you sobbed, “I’m ruining all the fun now, be-because we have to go home because of- of me.”

Rocket’s expression grew serious and after a few moments he spoke again. “Look at me, Y/N,” he hooked a finger under your chin to coax you into meeting his gaze, “That is completely and utterly ridiculous, okay? Do you really think I would like you any less because of you saying no to a drink?”

Embarrassedly you shook your head knowing that of course he was right.

“Good, because I wouldn’t. I love you and silly things like these won’t change a thing about it.” He reassured you.

“I love you too,” you sniffled and wiped your eyes. You gave him a smile that he returned.

“Come on now, then. Let’s go home, there we can just cuddle on the couch or something before dealing with the hangover we’ll face tomorrow…” he hopped down onto the floor and once again offered you his hand smiling at you. This time you accepted his offer and placed your hand in his. Cautiously you scrambled down your chair and followed Rocket outside.

Okay, but can we please speak about what happened when Peter first got caught on a „job“ (thieving) and taken into custody.

By that time, he is very likely still a boy, and since he had not been part of the Ravagers’ bigger jobs, he is fairly unknown to whatever kind of police caught him. They just hold him in custody because they can’t find out where he comes from, and he stole something rather expensive, and he also bit an officer. They don’t take him very seriously, but they also can’t just let him go, so they put him into a cell, bring him something to drink, and tell him to stay put.

And Peter is just like, this sassy little brat and comments, “Uh, you really should let me out, I’m gonna be late, and they don’t like it when I’m late.”

“Who? Are you in trouble, kid? Did you get kidnapped?”

“Nah, so, they kind of call it “picking me up”, but eh, not that important. Can you let me out please? They don’t like it when I run late.”

“Boy, if you don’t tell us where you are from and who you are talking about, then we really can’t let you out. You stole something. Do you even realize the amount of trouble you are in?”

And Peter smiles, actually smiles at the officer, and says, “No, but I know the amount of trouble you’re going to be in.”

And then it starts – there are shots being fired in front of the door, rough laughter and yells resounding, and over everything else, the sound of whistling?! And the officer reacts fast, he really does, but in the time he takes to dive for his weapon (because why should he keep his weapon on him when he’s only dealing with a child), the door already flies out of its hinges, and a bunch of Ravagers makes their way into the room, weapons raised and with very, very unhappy expressions.

A blazing red arrow cuts through the air, stopping with its quivering tip only inches from the frozen officer’s throat, and a rough voice bellows “QUILL!”

“I’m here!” Peter yells back.

“We found the kid, Capt’n!” someone calls helpfully in the same moment.

“Tullk, I just said I’m here, dude.”

Yondu stomps into the room, coat singed from blaster shots aimed at him, expression murderous until he spots the little Terran in the cell. “Darn it, Quill, what did I tell ya ‘bout getting caught?!”

“I don’t know – not to do it?!“

"Excactly. And yet I see ya over there, nice and caught.”

I almost got away, Yondu, come on!”

“Almost ain’t good enough, ya brat. Ya go back to ya duties on ship until I say ya can try again!”

“What?! No, that’s unfair! I’m never going to get better if you just…”

“Ya try and argue with me, I leave ya ‘ere.”

“…Okayyyy, back to ship duties.”

The shivering officer just watches, frozen and disbelieving, as the arrow zips away from his throat – he apparently has been forgotten in his corner – and vanishes in its master’s holster again. In the meantime, a scrawny Xandarian with a Mohawk opens the door for Peter, letting the kid out (“Kraglin, come on, tell Yondu I get to try again, yeah?” – “Naw, don’chu drag me into that, Pete”) and a Krylorian picks the boy up and carries him on his shoulders. The leader of the whole group is still bickering with the child (“Ya were late, Quill” – “I was caught, Yondu! You can’t blame me!”) as they make their way out of the busted door and down the hallway.

The last thing the lucky man hears, waving down the hallway, is -

“But Capt’n, a’ least we got our Terran back.”


“We probably shoulda get ‘im a coat, so they ain’t gonna mess with ‘im again, aye, Capt’n?”


“I get a coat?! AWESOME!”

“Quill, shut it.”

“Sorry. But I still get a coat, yeah?”

“Oh by the stars, kid, ya givin’ me a headache again.”

It becomes a very important rule all over the galaxy to be careful when dealing with a certain Terran child, because it is a known fact that there will be a whole Ravager troop not too far away, ready to bail the child out again.

(Thanks to @forgedobsidian for being such a source of inspiration, the ideas keep coming when talking to you. =D)

Fearsome Trash Panda

In A Galaxy Not Quite Far Away: Part One | Part Two

Paring: Rocket Racoon & Reader

Tags: gender neutral reader, neutral pronouns, angst, fluff.

Summary:  Three times you and Rocket Racoon get on each other’s nerves.

Word Count: 1,867

Posting Date:  2017-05-09

Current Date: 2017-06-18

Originally posted by tinylamp

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fraying at the edges

Rocket Raccoon x Reader

Summary: requested by anonymous. when rocket is hurt during a deal gone wrong, the others leave you in charge of patching him up.

Characters/Pairings: rocket x reader, baby groot, drax, gamora, peter quill

Warnings: swearing, minor descriptions of blood/gore, possibly innaccurate minor medical treatment

Word Count: 2,414


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