guardians of the beam

Speaking of things that games do right

I don’t think Breath of the Wild gets enough credit for the small but important touches that make the Guardian lasers the beefiest laser beams I’ve seen in a while

The lengthy charge up time, the spark just before they fire, the speed at which they launch (requiring incredibly precise timing to dodge, let alone block), and the huge, screen-shaking explosion that results from them hitting anything. Especially if they MISS, because then you get to see the beam travel past you before dramatically exploding like a missed attack in DBZ, letting you KNOW just how hard it could have creamed you if you didn’t dodge. It’s an attack you can feel the power of in real life, just watching it whiff and obliterating part of the scenery.

It’s a very well-designed animation that doesn’t get enough credit despite instilling pants-shitting fear into so many people

Yugi: Oh no! Another ancient evil spirit is after us!

Isis: Whatever shall we do? Our cards are useless against it!

Jonouchi: Don’t worry gang! I’m sure Atem will send one of his guardians to save us!!!

[a beam of light appears, and in it a single obscured figure]

Ryou: Could it be… Obelisk?

Anzu: No! It’s Mahaad!!!

Honda: No, it’s—

Kaiba, materializing from 84 billion glittery specks with a flourish of the cape draped over the back of his blinding Blue-Eyes White Dragon motif armor: SURPRISE, DWEEB PATROL, I BET YOU THOUGHT YOU’D SEEN THE LAST OF ME! And yet- here I am! The pharaoh’s strongest aide! Returning to you for a few moments as a beacon of strength and justice, arriving just in the knick of time to save you all!!! You’re welcome!!!!

Yugi: ……… *cupping his hands around his mouth as he shouts at the sky* NEVERMIND, ATEM! WE CAN HANDLE IT! PLEASE TAKE HIM BACK!

So it’s been very very hot this past couple of days ( Jack Frost I miss you (; u ;)) so I decided to draw a Nightlight and his moonbeam while couped up inside in the air conditioning, stay cool everyone and enjoy!

this disgusting thing spotted on the white board in yhe choir room just made me have the most awkward cringiest interaction in my whole life i very loudly said an exasperated “oh no” and the normie girls asked me why it was bad and kinda circling around me and i just said “uh y-you woulldnt get it” and they told me to just tell them anyway and i said “um…,,,,jjust google loss” and in the MOST robotic and fake voice every they say “oh. I know loss!” and go to their riser. and let me tell you. in this moment i felt exactly like that one greentext where that anon references jet fuel cant melt steel beams irl. and it was hell. my guardian angel witnessed this and is uploading this moment to HeavenTube as i type this. i feel even worse for the unironic use of “normie”

thelittlemonster99  asked:

Hey, what's your favourite part about Zelda Breath of the wild? Mine is cutting off the legs of the mobile guardians to get more parts for stuff.

Oh, hmm, tricky… I think my favourite part in general was (after putting a lot of points into stamina) being able to get up somewhere really high, and then just glide away into the distance! But the most satisfying thing is easily pulling off a perfect deflect on the guardians beam and bouncing it back at them in slow motion :D

Breath of the Wild Master Works, Pages 70 and 71

Calamity Ganon

This is the true body of Calamity Ganon, whose power has been sealed within Hyrule Castle. Because the awakening of the hero and the weakening of Princess Zelda’s powers have acted as triggers, it has been imperfectly resurrected. It is shaped like a giant spider and attacks with the various weapons it wields. It has adopted the relics of the ancient Sheikah that it appropriated one hundred years ago, and it employs a beam like that of the Guardians.

Ganon’s Cocoon

This is the form of Calamity Ganon immediately before it is resurrected and appears on the physical plane. Because Zelda sealed it in the instant before it was revived, it has been frozen in this condition for the past hundred years. It lurks like a parasite within the audience chamber of the inner citadel of Hyrule Castle, where it awaits its resurrection.

Seeing as both of my Dark Tower-inspired slouch beanies have sold I was thinking of making some Beam Guardian scarves. They’d all be ready to go by the time scarf weather rolls back around. I think they’d be great in some nice neutral colors and with each Beam’s respective Guardian at either end.

I’m also going to tweak the Unfound hat design to make it a bit smaller and do it in a deep brown or maybe even tweed. I also want to make a version of the Crimson King hat with a smaller design.

A Monster for a Mate -  Chapter 1


Table of Contents (in progress)

A/N:  Let’s find out a little about our OC, shall we?  



May, 2016

So, where does this story begin?

Some would say in September of 1989, when a wounded It went deep into the earth to heal, sleep… and to plot.  Some would say it begins when It awoke once more, in the summer of 2015 to feed upon Its game.  There are those who say it begins upon my own awakening, nine years prior in the fall of 2008.  Others would argue that it begins on the day I met Pennywise the Clown.  And then there are those who go off the deep end, who begin to rant about how Pennywise was doomed the moment Its opposing force, some great big Turtle floating in space, choked on a couple of galaxies.  But all I know, all I remember, are the ramblings of some madman dressed in a crisp black suit.  He spoke as if from far away, spinning a tall tale of how the balance of some cosmic, mythological structure in the blackness behind the universe hung by the guardians of the beams.  He talked of how they all needed to come down. It all seemed ludicrous then, but now I know that he spoke as though I would somehow come to play a part in it all. Perhaps his words held no real meaning, perhaps they were simply the disjointed, incoherent, and angry mumbo jumbo of some space lunatic.  

But now I know he spoke of It, and the one certainty which came to pass years later.  And now, in these short, few months in which I fell under the spell of Pennywise’s guises and floated in the deadlights that danced in his eyes, I grew to understand him.  To like him, need him.  Love him?  Maybe.  Yes, maybe that too.

“Shh, there there,” I whisper as I place the small, warm bundle in the nest.  A sound that is both a sigh and a chuckle escapes my lips as the bundle stirs and begins to whine, then quiets and goes still.  Part of me wants her to wake just so I can look into her eyes and fall in love all over again with those two, shining yellow embers.  Instead, my hand reaches out and I smooth back the red wisps of hair that stubbornly stick out around her head.

Just then, the fear strikes me.  It is a primeval cold that seeps into my bones and makes me stiff with dread.  The fear is not my own, and I cannot truly rationalize it, but it still leaves me paralyzed, and against my nature, I fear my own mortality.

“They’re coming” the voice behind me says.  I turn to find Pennywise entering the nest.  He collapses in my arms, and I try my best to soothe that fear, that white silver pain that leaves him blind and terrified.  

“They can’t kill you” I say, wrapping my entire body around him.  “You can be hurt, threatened, cornered.  But never killed.  You’re the Eternal, the Eater of Worlds”

He shudders, and my embrace tightens.  

“Do you hear me?” I say forcefully, pulling back to look him in the face.  He nods frantically, trying his best to smile and look composed, but I see the desperation in his eyes.  They’re bloodshot, and the black kohl around his eyes is glistening with tears.

“I called for them.  I sent them my calling card in blood.  And when they get here I will kill them all!  I will cast them, shrieking and insane into the deadlights.  And then…”

“…we will feast” we say together “and doze for a while”

He presses his lips to mine, and as I taste the sweetness of his mouth, I feel his lips tremble.  The words of that man in black come to mind once more, and I can’t help but think that the ka-tet of six who were once seven are agents of that man.  Or perhaps… I was.

The portal must remain open” were the last words he had said before he disappeared into the bustle of Main Street, leaving me stranded in a town I did not know.

So, where does this story begin?

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BatFam Week Day 5: Legacy

Na na na na na na na na na…BATFAM!

BatFam Week Day 5: Legacy


Day 5: Legacy

“Damian, what are you doing?” Bruce asked, wading through the pool of cloth that was surrounding his youngest.

“Tt. I am sewing, Father.”

“Don’t you *tt* at me,” Bruce seethed. “What are you sewing?”

“A costume for myself.” Damian stood up and guided his father to a chair, sat him down, and then climbed onto his lap and took Bruce’s face in his hands. “I want you to listen to me, Father. I am making my costume for when I shall pass on the mantle of Robin and adopt another identity.”


“It is tradition to adopt another persona before finally stepping into the shoes of Batman. Grayson did it, and practically everyone else has their own superhero identities. I am getting on in age, Father - I am ten years old now. It is high time that I started planning for my future.”

Bruce held back the biggest grin throughout Damian’s speech, and adopted a faux serious expression to address him. “I see. Which persona will you choose?”

Damian held up a black, skin tight outfit with blue highlights that was clearly inspired by Wayne Manor’s resident sentimental blob. “I shall be the second Nightwing, and I will strike fear into the shriveled hearts of evildoers in my city!”

Bruce sat, shaking with silent mirth at Damian’s new identity. He pursed his lips and forced himself looked suitably sad. “Oh, I see. Very well, Damian,” he sighed theatrically, “I will let you go. I’ll have to just fly solo from now on. No Robin, no son, no…” Bruce trailed off sadly and stared into space. “I’ll be fine. It’s just…I thought that I would have a son who wanted to be with me for longer. But I guess I’m just going to have to get used to the fact that I’ll have to patrol alone now. All alone in Gotham, with no partner, no one to watch my back…oh well.”

Damian’s eyes widened until they looked more like coins and shook his head violently. “No father! I didn’t think of that! I can’t simply leave you all alone; after all, you are getting older-”

“Hey, now-”

“-and I cannot trust your deteriorating senses. No, I will stay with you until you inevitably get another child. What with Drake and Todd being virile males, and your compulsion to pick children up off the streets, it shouldn’t be that long, another three to four years at most-”

“It’s not a compulsion, that just makes it sound wrong-”

“-yes, yes, I see now what must be done. Don’t worry, Father, I won’t go anywhere,” Damian said, patting Bruce’s cheek tenderly. “I will find Todd or Drake and tell them to find potential children, either for you or for themselves to adopt. Don’t hassle yourself,” Damian said decisively, jogging out of the cave.

“What about Dick?”

Damian looked at Bruce like he had lost his mind. “Grayson will not be having any more children, not until I’m through with him. That will be for another eight years, and after that, he will be so fulfilled, he won’t want another.”

Bruce sat in his chair, slightly disturbed, as Damian ran out of the cave, yelling for Jason and Tim to gather quickly, as he had life changing plans for them.


“Bruce, why as Damian being leaving these pamphlets on my desk?” Tim asked tensely, smacking a stack of papers on Bruce’s desk.

Bruce picked one up and read, “Your Life with Children - Find Fulfillment in Adopting a Child and Embracing Motherhood,” Bruce muffled a laugh and laid down the pamphlet. “I guess Damian really wants to be an uncle.”

“Bruce!” Jason stormed into Bruce’s office, dragging a small, squeaking, redhead behind him. “What is this!?” He cried, pointing at little Colin Wilkes, who was looking adoringly at Jason.

“Damian said that you were gonna to adopt me, Mr. Hood,” Colin said in awe of the gun toting anti hero.

Bruce groaned and slapped a hand down his face. “Damian!” He roared. “Get in here now!”

Damian slunk in and stood next to Colin and nodded approvingly. “Ah, good, Colin’s adoption has been competed. Colin, from this day forward, I am your uncle. We will, of course, remain best friends forever.”

“Damian, you can’t decide who Jason decides to adopt, and even if he wants to adopt. He’s legally dead, for Gotham’s sake! Who let this happen?”

“Jason Todd may not be able to adopt, but my older brother Mason Podd, accountant at Wayne Enterprises certainly can. The press will easily accept that you’ve gone and adopted another child, Father, this will easily pass scrutiny. Now, Colin can begin training as Robin, and I will slowly transition into the role of Nightwing II.”

Jason and Tim gaped at the declaration while Bruce sat stunned. Colin looked as pleased as punch, and hugged Jason’s leg. “I’m going to get a family! This is so cool!”

Jason cleared his threat and looked pointedly at Damian. “Ok, let’s get something very clear. No kid of mine is going to be fucking Robin,” he said, glaring. “I don’t want Bruce giving them any ideas, like righteousness and shit. Any kids I have are going to be trained by me.”

“I’m not an adult yet, so I can’t adopt,” Tim chimed in.

“You can procreate and produce a child, can’t you?” Damian asked vehemently.

Tim shook his head. “Naw. I’m sterile.”

Bruce looked shocked at this information. “What?”

“When I rescued you from that time warp thing, the radiation basically killed my nads,” Tim shrugged. “I’m testing whether I got any meta powers from the radiation of time and space. So far, tests look promising.” Bruce looked apoplectic, and Tim continued. “That means that Damian can’t have anymore paternal siblings, because I’m pretty sure that you’re sterile too, Bruce. You didn’t even test positive for a meta gene, so you suck double now.”

Bruce glared at Tim and then at his own feeble testes. He was Batman, he should have been able to withstand a little radiation from the fabric of time and space, damnit! “You’re not a meta.”

“But I might get cool powers!”


“Bruce, you’re so-”

“Silence!” Damian cried. “Cease your useless banter! It matters not that father cannot have another child of his loins! I told you that Colin will train to replace me, and I shall become the second Nightwing!”

Bruce looked at his tiny, seething, son, and picked him up. “What if I don’t want you to?” He asked.

Damian stopped flailing and looked up at Bruce in shock. “W-what?”

“I want you to be my Robin,” Bruce said softly. “Me and my little boy soaking across Gotham, watching each other’s backs and fighting crime together - that’s what I always thought we would do.”

Damian frowned. “But if I do not become Nightwing, how can I become Batman? The day is not far off when you will be too decrepit and old to carry the mantle-”


“-which means that Grayson will take over. That means that I have to become Nightwing, and after Grayson retires, I have to be Batman.”

Bruce looked down at Damian and burst out laughing. “Being Nightwing isn’t a prerequisite to being Batman,” he laughed. “Dick was the ideal candidate at the time, but he hates the cowl. He just indulges his old father too much, bless him,” Bruce said with a smile. “Any one of my chidlren can take on the mantle if they so choose. Jason-“

“Hell no,” Jason scoffed. “I ain’t touching that suit. It’s probably got Bruce cooties on it.”

“Bruties,” Tims supplied helpfully, high fiving Jason.

Bruce silenced his sons with a glare. “Or Tim…”

“No thanks, I’m good,” Tim mumbled. “Angst isn’t a good look for me. I like a bit of colour in my outfits. You look like a smudge every night, B. It’s not a good look,” he informed his father.

“Fine, then, Cassandra!” Bruce decided. At that moment, his phone pinged. He opened up a new message from his daughter to a text that simply said, “No.” Bruce flung his phone down and looked at Damian. “What I mean is, you can be Batman if you can handle the weight of the cowl.”

Damian sat up straighter on Bruce’s lap, and looked him in the eye. “I will. I will follow in your footsteps and take over the cowl when my time comes, Father. I will make you proud!”

Bruce smiled down his son and ruffled his hair. “That’s my boy.”


“Am I still being adopted?”

Jason looked incredulously at the small red headed child that had followed him home and sighed. “Kid, I’m nineteen, I ain’t adopting no one. Tim can fudge some paperwork and you can be my ward, if you really want to.”

Colin beamed at his new guardian. This was going to be the start of a wonderful new era.


Zelink Week II, Day Five: Pain

Back to the wild kids. The context is kinda NSFW. This piece is kinda short, but I liked the result. Sometimes minimalism just works best.


Bare skin.

Caresses and touches in the dark of the night.

Kisses, mixed with moans and sighs.

Then, a body wincing with an unknown ache.

A male voice hissing.

‘What is it, Link?’, Zelda asked as she sat on their bed, disheveled and aroused. ‘Are you alright?’

‘Yes, it’s just a stinging on my ribs’, he rubbed his side. ‘it happens whenever the weather is going to change. I’m already used to it’.

The scar of a stalker guardian laser beam, that goes right through him, from the large, almost star-shaped scar on his back to the small, round one on the lower part of his ribcage.

‘That shot was meant for me’, she remembered, caressing the lightly pigmented skin of the healed wound on her beloved’s torso. ‘You shielded me’.

‘It was worth it’. Link stroked her hair, stamping a kiss along her jawline. ‘You are here now’ - another kiss, down her neck - ‘with me’ - he laid her back on the mattress - ‘and I hope I haven’t killed the mood’.

‘You haven’t, dear’. She smiled warmly, welcoming him once again into her arms, and into her body. ‘Can I kiss your pain away, Link?’, she whispered, placing her lips softly on his skin.

Link gave her an earnest smile.

‘You already did’.