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Hello. Yes. I am alive. Turns out depression sucks, a lot. Who knew. Anyway, i’ve been on a Guardians of the Galaxy kick recently. I don’t usually love Marvel too much, I like the DC ideology much more, but I’m a sucker for these trainwrecks of a team. But, as this is a DC blog. I’m just gonna consolidate all my ideas/headcanons/etc into this one post. Please note that there will be unmarked spoilers.

Cheers and we will get back to your irregularly scheduled content soon. As always, feel free to message me about ideas, questions, or a couple of suggestions.

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How about a Tangled inspired StarkQuill fic where Peter returns to Earth but gets separated from the Guardians and comes across Tony trapped in a lonely life as a shop repairman and offers to help fix the ship and use his tech to help find the Guardians if Peter lets him come with him when he leaves?

A/N: Since this style of writing went over well with my last post, I’m going to summarize the story idea I have in my head since it would be too long for a drabble. 

All right, so we got our guardians cutting through aliens as they try to escape off planet with “Plot Device” aka Portal McGee. They’ve been forced to split up, and Peter is the first to make it to the Milano and is also in possession of Portal McGee. Peter powers up the Milano and tries to get in range of his friends so he can offer cover as well as get them on the ship faster. However, things quickly go awry when enemy ships arrive and Peter ends up having to out maneuver them. Things are crazy. Lasers are shooting everywhere. Ships crash into each other. Civilians flee and panic. 

And in the middle of it all, Portal McGee is activated (Peter really should have strapped Portal McGee down or locked it in a drawer somewhere). 

Meanwhile, Tony’s drinking and bellowing out 80s rock ballads about lost love, as he repairs cars. One moment he’s pissed and the next he’s sad.He feels like such an idiot and failure. Growing up, he’d worked his ass off  because he’d known no one was going to help him in life (he’d learned that after the third foster family he’d been passed to). He’d gotten himself accepted into MIT when he met fuckin’ Steve Rogers. He’d fallen for Steve so fast and hard that when he realized MIT would separate him from “the love of his life” he decided not to enroll. 

Fuckin’ dumbass. Five years and a proposal later, Steve is gone and Tony is an auto-repairman just barely getting by.

Just thinking about it pisses Tony off, so he throws down his tools and storms out of the garage. The night air is cold and it stops him in his tracks. He shivers as he looks up at the night sky. His anger evaporates as memories of stargazing trickle into his mind. He remembers telling Steve about how he had wanted to be an astronaut when was five. 

“So what changed your mind?” Steve asked. 

“Other then finding the most gorgeous man alive and dating him?” Tony grinned at Steve then looked back at the stars. “Can’t say the dream ever went away, but I love engineering just as much, if not more. Trust me, there’s a lot I want to do. I’m smart. I’ll figure it all out eventually.”

And he would, Tony promises himself. Right now, he needs to make ends meet, but he will get back on track to having a successful life. 

And that’s when the Milano comes crashing down right in front of Tony’s shop.

Tony stands there and stares for a moment. Once the shock wears off, Tony races toward the ship. He scrambles for the door but can’t get it to open. He shouts at the people inside that he’s going get them out before he races back into the garage to get a crowbar. 

It takes quite a bit of strength to pry the door open, but Tony’s adrenaline rush makes it easier. What Tony sees when he opens the ship stuns him. Tech like he has never seen is all over the place. His eyes dart to and fro as he walks through the ship, calling out to the survivors. It isn’t long before Tony wonders if he has entered a sci-fi horror film and he’s about to be killed by an alien. 

Tony reaches the cockpit and there he sees Peter slumped and unconscious in the pilot’s chair.

Any fears or doubts disappear from Tony’s mind. He tries to rouse Peter and only gets a groan and something mumbled. Unsur, how flammable the craft might be, Tony decides to risk it and move Peter. He takes Peter to his trailer (he could either have a house and no shop or a shop and a trailer, Tony had picked the latter).  He lays Peter down on the bed and debates calling for help. 

That ship had been alien in appearance and tech, and just the thought of calling some official out to inspect Peter or the ship sent Tony into traumatic E.T. flashbacks. 

When Peter wakes up it’s to a headache and restraints. Peter sighs and looks around, already knowing his not going to be lucky enough to see a sexy–

Peter’s eyebrows shoot to the top of his forehead upon seeing Tony seated in a chair inches from him and holding a torque wrench in his lap. 

–he was going to think “woman” but a sexy “man” would do just fine. Peter loved all sexes and genders. 

“I’m guessing these restraints aren’t for foreplay?” Peter teases while also testing his restraints.

Tony quirks a brow. “How convenient. You speak English.” 

“That I do. Am I actually on Earth, or am I dealing with skrulls again? Or is this one of those planets that projects what you want to see?”

“You want to see yourself tied up and inches away from a guy who is contemplating if he should knock you out with his wrench?”

“Don’t kink shame, man.” 

Tony seizes Peter’s arm just as Peter about to free it. 

Tony presses his torque wrench down on Peter’s chest. Hard. “You don’t get your hand back until you answer some questions, buddy, understood?” 

Peter probably should not be so turned on right now, but he can’t help digging this new guy. He’s not only attractive, but he’s got spunk. “Gotcha,” Peter answers. 

What follows is a long night of questions (interrogation, really). By the end of it, Tony is cooking eggs in a skillet while Peter drinks coffee and confesses that he thought the beverage would taste better than it actually does. “Adults made such a big deal about this stuff when I was a kid.” 

“The only reason I’m not insulting your lack of taste is because it means more coffee for me,” Tony responds. 

Shortly after, Tony and Peter go outside to check on the Milano. Peter instantly groans and hangs his head low. “This is going to take forever to fix! I don’t even know if can get the necessary parts on Earth.” 

Tony listens as Peter bemoans his fate. All the while the cogs in his head are moving. He was just restarting his life and living for himself. The wise and cautious thing for him to do would be to focus on the plan he’d already made and follow it. However, before him was the opportunity of a lifetime. 

He didn’t want to give up another opportunity like that again. 

“If I help you, take me with you,” Tony said. 

Peter stops mid-grumble. “What? Are you nuts? Why would you want to go to space? There are aliens who eat people. I told you about my adoptive dad, right?”

“Sounds like he was just joking, honestly.”

“How is threatening to eat your child a joke?” Peter shouts in exasperation. He’s had this argument often. Peter takes a deep breath. “It still doesn’t change the fact that space would be dangerous for you.”

“You went to space when you were eight and you survived.”

Peter sputters. “That’s… that’s not a fair point at all. I had an alien adoptive dad.”

“Cool.” Tony claps his hand on Peter’s shoulder and grins. “I have a human raised by aliens as my new friend and guide to space. Sounds like I’m golden.” Tony squeezes Peter’s shoulders. “Just let me tag along until you find your friends. After that, feel free to drop me off here.” Tony crosses his arms and meets Peter’s gaze in challenge. “Two people means twice the work done in half the time.” 

Peter covers his face in his palm. “I’m going to regret this.” 

Tony beams. 

I think everyone should atleast consider seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, whether you’re a Marvel fan or not.

Yes, it’s got everything that you’d expect from it. Good comedy, bright colours, incredible landscapes and action sequences that many people loved about the first film.

But it’s also a film heavily based on familial relationships and righting wrongs and the film does both narratives justice. We get to see excellent portrayals of non-romantic relationships, bonds between siblings, mentors, best friends, fathers and their sons. It’s about how our family aren’t necessarily our relatives. How mistakes and human nature, both big and small, can make a huge difference, but how they can also be amended in genuine ways. It’s touching, especially the end. That’s so rare in films nowadays, more so sci-fi/action films like Guardians.

Get out there and see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. I can honestly say it’s one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

The signs as anime of spring 2017

Aries: Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul

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Taurus: Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

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Gemini: My Hero Academia Season 2

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Cancer: Renai Boukun 

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Leo: Re:Creators

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Virgo: Gin no Guardian

Libra: Seikaisuru Kado

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Scorpio: Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

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Sagittarius: Eromanga-sensei

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Capricorn: Attack on Titan Season 2

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Aquarius: Granblue Fantasy The Animation

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Pisces: Clockwork Planet

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Inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It nearly killed me to reduce the size of the second gif to keep it under the limit, but I’m really happy how this turned out

Anyway I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 last week (it was AMAZING) and I couldn’t help but think of Jim and Silver…

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It’s a really strange feeling watching Daredevil with all of its serious grittiness knowing that in the same universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy are battling a sentient planet, there’s a talking duck, the agents of SHIELD fought a robot who was in love with one of its creators, a doctor became a master sorcerer who can manipulate time, and there’s a dude who walks around with a burning skull. 

Then again, Daredevil also has an ancient Japanese ninja cult that participates in blood rituals. So maybe Punisher might end up taking Daredevil’s place as the most “normal” of the MCU projects.