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Yondu didn’t have a talking car but he did have a flying arrow. He didn’t have the beautiful voice of an angel but he did have the whistle of one. Both Yondu and David Hasselhoff went on kick-ass adventures and hooked up with hot women and fought robots. I guess David Hasselhoff did kind of end up being my dad after all, and it was you, Yondu. I had a pretty cool dad.
—  Peter Quill [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2]

Imagine Rocket’s reaction to finding out that Ronan’s taken you.

“Why the hell aren’t we going after them?” Rocket shouted, his fur bristling with rage. “Oh, ‘boo-hoo-hoo,’ my wife and children are dead!’ Suck it the hell up!”

Groot gasped at the harshness of Rocket’s words, still helping Drax up and Rocket scoffed.

“I don’t care if it’s mean! Those bastards have got [f/n] and we are sitting around like idiots!” Rocket felt like his chest was going to buckle under the pressure of his frustration. He simultaneously wanted to cry and to tear the world apart because you weren’t damn safe and he needed to know that you were damn safe. He could feel tears burning his eyes but he wiped them away quickly, hefting his gun. “We have to do something, dammit! They could kill [f/n] and-” He hated how his voice got choked up and he was forced to stop to gather himself, his anger quickly melting into despair as he continued weakly. “We can’t let them hurt [f/n]-”

Groot’s hand rested heavily on the raccoon’s shoulder, his voice reassuring. “I am Groot.”

Rocket clenched his teeth and swiped at his eyes again. “We’ve gotta do something.”

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Rocket pulled out a gun and pointed at Nova who had just threatened you. “What did you say?” Rocket said raising his voice. “Say it again, I want to here it this time with a bullet in your mouth!”

Ravagers will steal just about anything, and the Guardians aren’t much different

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‘Guardians’ sequel has big laughs and heart

Marvel Studio’s popular ever-expanding franchise of interconnected superhero adventures is full of outlandish characters with extraordinary abilities, but “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” still represents the Marvel Cinematic Universe at its most quirky and uninhibited.

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Imagine: Voice box

Raccoons don’t naturally have voice box’s, so imagine if during Rockets creation the scientists that made him had to obtain a voice box from somewhere.

Working in a shady place like Halfworld, where illega genetic experiments were the norm, security and secracy was high. If there were rumors of a weak link, they would be killed to protect the organization.

Imagine one man was working as an assistant on the experiment 89P13. The creature was getting smarter, and the longer the man worked with it the more guilt he felt. He broke down one day during an experiment which caused the creature tremendous amounts of pain.

The man was never seen again, but 89P13 heard him everytime he speaks, as organs were not wasted.

Rocket somtimes dissasosiates from his voice, not recognizing it as his own but as the voice of a man who spent many long years with him during his creation

Okay so I have this co-worker, a woman in her mid-fifties, that really, really likes talking about how hot she finds male actors to be.  And hey, that’s fine, but she also has to know if the other female workers find them attractive too.

So, whenever she gets on the topic, she’ll start grilling everyone on how dreamy they find Ryan Gosling or Hugh Grant to be.  Most of them nod and comment that, they too, find this particular man to be hot.  And then there’s me, who has never willingly sat through a romance movie ever and therefore has not been exposed to these allegedly hot, hot men.  When I claim honest ignorance on the subject, she expresses shock and disbelief and orders me to immediately google his name to find out what studliness I have been missing out on.

So google his name I do and generally find myself looking at a generic, well-groomed, white male actor who is of little or no interest to my completely ace ass.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK?” She asks, already knowing the answer because we’ve gone through this routine many times before.
“Huh,” I say.
“You just don’t get, Mel,” She responds sadly, shaking her head.  And truthfully, I don’t.

Now, this is important, her favorite actor of this type is Bradley Cooper.  She absolutely cannot get enough of this guy.  So when Guardians of the Galaxy came out, I was sorely tempted to tell her to go see it since Cooper is, technically, playing a main character in it.  This, however would be mean since he’s the voice of Rocket Raccoon and never actually appears on screen.  So I was nice and kept quiet about it..

Fast forward to today.  She just saw Jurassic World.  Today, she started railing on about how hot “that Jurassic World guy” is. And I’m like, “Chris Pratt. She’s talking about Chris Pratt. I like Chris Pratt.  I need to tell her about Actual Ball of Human Sunshine™ Chris Pratt.”

But then I’m like, “Wait,”


I start slow by asking her if she’s ever seen Parks & Rec.  She hasn’t.  I recommend it to her on the basis that Chris Pratt is in it, it’s hilarious, and I personally think everyone should see Parks & Rec.

Then I go in for the long-awaited kill.

“Have you ever seen Guardians of the Galaxy?”
“Chris Pratt is in that too.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Bradley Cooper’s also in it”
“REALLY?!” Her eyes widen in excitement.  You can see literal, unbridled joy in them, “What was it called, Guardians of the…”
“Galaxy,” I answer, a little too cheerfully.

So anyway I technically tricked her into seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, but I don’t feel bad because it’s a good movie, she’ll have her eye candy, and she will definitely like the soundtrack.  She won’t, however, be expecting her favorite hot guy to be playing a CGI raccoon with a rocket launcher.


Imagine… Dancing with Gamora

“What are you doing out here?”

You whipped around, turning to see the assassin, standing there with a hand on her hip and a questioning look on her face. With a small chuckle, you looked from her to the stars, shrugging your shoulders as you pulled an earbud out.

“It’s nice out here, I’ve never been on this planet before. According to Star-dork it’s the best planet for looking at the stars. I don’t really know how that works since all planets are in space, but who’s to question Star-prince’s rule.”

She quirked her head.

“It’s not very populated and there are really clear skies. I do understand why you are out here, but I was wondering why you were swaying.”

You pulled out your other earbud, the conversation now holding your interest completely.

“You’ve never danced?”

“Peter tried to teach me once, but it was really just to woo me.”

You pulled your headphones from your phone and swayed gently to the music that started playing, extending your hand towards her.

“Care to dance?”

She walked towards you hesitantly and you pulled her closer to you, your cheeks flushing red at the close proximity to you she was in. You moved her hands so they were on your shoulders, and she grasped onto them tightly, nails poking at your shirt. As you placed your hands on her waist, you noted that her beautiful eyes followed your every move, causing your heart rate to quicken. No matter how long you’d be dating, you don’t think that you would ever get over the fact that this beautiful girl was your girlfriend.

“Alright, now you’re just going to sway gently to the music.”

She started to move back and forth quickly, but you squeezed her gently to slow her down.

“You have to feel the music.”
She laughed a little, looking into your eyes with love.

“Are all Terrans like you and Peter or did I just happen to stumble across two identical Terrans.”

You giggled softly, shaking your head and looking down sheepishly.

“I guess you’re just lucky.”

Smiles of adoration were exchanged between both of you and you rested your head gently on her shoulder, starting to turn slowly in a circle. Everything was perfect in that moment, from the dancing to the stars to the fact that your favorite song was playing to the fact that you were teaching your favorite person one of your favorite past times.

“This is nice, thank you for teaching me.”

She kissed you on your cheek and you grinned into her shoulder.

“You’re welcome.”

“Aww, look at them, they’re adorable.”

Peter was leaning against the Milano, a little way away from where you and Gamora were dancing.

“I’ll admit, Terran customs are sometimes strange, but this one seems pleasant,” came the harsh voice of Drax.

“I wish that they weren’t so lovey-dovey all the time, they’re even more unbearable than you and your one-night chicks,” grumbled Rocket, standing a little behind Peter.

“I am Groot!”

The not-raccoon scowled.

“I never said they weren’t sweet, I’m just saying they’re annoying.”

“I am Groot.”

By drharlxxnquinzxl

Lmfao damn it…

Every time I see a raccoon whether it’s a picture or video or for real, I utter the phrase “I am Groot!”

Sometimes I yell it because I forget to modulate my voice to a proper volume for the hour of the night that it is.

I just yelled “I AM GROOT” at the top of my lungs. It’s 11:30pm.

Oops. XD

I cannot get over this one little idea my fever addled brain had last night as I was drifting off:

I really, really, REALLY, want like a PG-13, high quality animated film tie-in mini series for Guardians Of The Galaxy like they’re doing with Deadpool’s animated series. I mean, how great would that be? Like, each episode could focus on a different Guardian, show more of their back stories in depth and whatnot.

Ideally I’d like it to be voiced by the film cast, but if not, I can live with that.

I mean, granted, we have the Disney XD series, which is absolutely phenomenal and is also apparently a tie-in (to a degree), but like- Idk, I just thought that would be a pretty cool idea.

I need more baby Groot in my life. I would really want the mini series to be set in the timeline of baby Groot existing. That is all.
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“This cannot be love,” she says, voice cracking. “Love is not supposed to hurt.”

“If it does not hurt,” Mantis murmurs, “it is not real.”



Bradley Cooper explaining how he got into character for Rocket Raccoon in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


My Autism isn’t a Tragedy! series.
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy

An autistic headcanon written by me, an autistic fanfic author.
You’re welcome to say hi to autistic!Groot on Tumblr. He’s nonverbaltree.

TITLE: Being ~*~* and AO3 *~*~
SUMMARY: “…different is not less.” What most species call autism is normal neurology for Flora Colossi. Therefore, Groot does not see himself as disabled and thinks the way everyone else experiences the world is weird!
RATING: T due to some violence and Rocket’s potty mouth.
GENRE: Friendship, hurt/comfort, introspective
* * * TRIGGER WARNING: There is mention of abusive ABA-like therapy.

TITLE: Always, Really and Forever ~*~* and AO3 *~*~
SUMMARY: “Friendship is the most understated form of love.” Groot’s quest to understand love goes awry when Rocket ends up in the hospital because of his out-of-control drinking. Without his social crutch around, Groot suddenly finds himself having to prove his competence again and again.
RATING: M due to descriptions of nudity and Rocket’s potty mouth.
GENRE: Friendship, hurt/comfort, introspective.
* * * TRIGGER WARNING: Emetophobes might be bothered by this. There is mention of abusive ABA-like therapy. Also, Groot has an encounter that might be triggery to sexual assault survivors.

TITLE: Inner Gardens ~*~* and AO3 *~*~
SUMMARY: “We become what we plant within ourselves.” Something triggers Groot’s memories of Halfworld, which in turn results in uncontrollable self-injurious meltdowns. The side of himself he never wanted anyone other than Rocket to see is about to be laid bare.
RATING: M due to graphic violence and sexual content.
GENRE: Friendship, hurt/comfort, introspective
* * * TRIGGER WARNING: Emetophobes might be bothered by this. Also, there are graphic flashbacks involving ABA-like therapy given by behavior therapists who are physically, emotionally and sexually abusive.

TITLE: Disclosure ~*~* and AO3 *~*~
SUMMARY: “Limits are not shameful.” Groot sees Quill experience frightening symptoms related to an undisclosed medical condition. Quill asks Groot not to tell anyone about what he saw. Groot, being the selfless sweetheart that he is, goes on a solo journey into the city to retrieve Quill’s medicine because he doesn’t want to spill the secret. In doing so, he comes face to face with his mental and physical limits.
RATING: T due to some swearing.
GENRE: Friendship, hurt/comfort, introspective
* * * TRIGGER WARNING: Vague mention of past ABA-like therapy.

My hope is reading these helps people realize four things:

  • Functioning labels(high functioning/low functioning/mild/severe) are useless
  • It’s important to presume competence
  • Autistic people aren’t tragic burdens
  • Autistic voices matter

I’ll be periodically reposting/reblogging this. Autism acceptance is a thing that needs to happen every day, not just in April. #WalkInRed

after emmet overcame his initial confusion and stage fright, he and peter went on to win the hearts of the galaxy with their incredible karaoke duets.


Last year Telltale Games announced that they were working on a Marvel project, but never revealed what the game would be. Now it looks like it has leaked. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) are currently striking against major video games companies aiming to get better contracts for voice actors. They released a list of upcoming video games that they will NOT be striking against and on that list was ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and it was right next to ‘The Walking Dead’, another Telltale game!