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OK, so that scene with Peter Quill and Tony while Peter watches in awe has gotten people calling Star Lord Peter’s ‘uncle’ but hear me out:

Peter Quill as Peter’s cooler older brother who stands up to Dad Tony and has an awesome spaceship and gives Peter well meaning but terrible advice on talking to girls.

Drax as an awkward uncle who calls Peter ‘Small Peter’ and keeps asking him questions about Earth and Peter has to avoid jokes & sarcasm to not confuse him.

Rocket as Peter’s way too excitable and violent uncle who is constantly trying to ‘improve’ Peter’s web shooters and Peter can never take him seriously because come on, he’s a goddamn raccoon.

Groot as Peter’s brother who just let’s Peter vent his feelings and always answers with the same three words over and over but hey, it’s nice to talk to someone, even if they are a tree.

Mantis as Peter’s awkward sister who he tries to teach how to be better at talking to people even though he barely knows how to talk to people himself.

Gamora as Peter’s extremely supportive mother who keeps telling him ‘You’re doing amazing, sweetie’ during fights and who shuts down Peter Quill & Rocket when they tease him and gives him actual, sound advice on talking to girls.

Okay, but consider this:

You’ve heard of Peter Parker and Shuri, but what about Rocket and Shuri? Think about it. Rocket would try to show off his tech, but Shuri would be just deadpan “This is space technology? You should see this.” and Rocket would be a mixture of impressed and insulted, and they end up teaching each other, because Rocket is more of a “I build with what I got in front of me and off the top of my head” and Shuri is like “I’m constantly designing new things and upgrading them because of the resources I have.” When they work together, though, magic happens.

((Okay but like mantis is in so many promo pics and is featured on the poster. I’m really pumped for my baby but also worried. Would marvel…naaah…welll..HUUUU😫 #protectmantisatallcosts2k18 bUT she has a lot of scenes with Peter so I’m excited to see their dynamic some more. They could be a cute somewhat sibling relationship. But yeah I’m scared))

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73 w/ marvel characters?

“I am Groot.” 

“What do you mean Quill should wear the dress?! No!” Rocket argued. 

“Hold up, hold up,” Peter said, holding up an (index) finger to silence them. “I am not wearing a dress.”

“Why not? Scared you wouldn’t be able to dance?” Gamora asked. 

“How about we have Gamora wear the dress? Or you, Groot,” Peter suggested. “Anyone but me.” 

“I am Groot.” 

“Drax?! You think Drax should wear the dress?!” Rocket asked, cackling. “That would be hilarious! Yes!”

“No,” Drax said firmly. 

“I’m not doing it,” Gamora decided. “It’s a ballgown. I wouldn’t be able to fight as easily.” 

“You’d be able to fight better than any of us!” Peter pointed out. 

“Shut up, Quill,” advised Rocket. 

“I am Groot.” 

“You’ll wear the dress? Really?!” Rocket asked. 

“I am Groot,” said Groot, nodding. 

“Well, it’s settled then,” Peter announced. “Groot will wear the dress.” 

Send me a number and some characters, please!

I read a post by someone pointing out how in gotg vol.2 Yondu goes from “Right. I deserve to go back to the Krees.” To killing all of his mutinous crew and blowing up his ship just to protect Peter.
I wanted to catch the resignation prior to the badass escape.

This reminded me why I sort of stopped drawing.
I’m slow, I can’t color (in 5 fucking years of comics/illustration art school I learnt how to become a graphic designer, technically, but nobody sat me down and thaught me how to color with any media. How the fuck do people self teach themselves?!) and when I get stubborn about finishing a picture I ruin it.
Please do not pay attention to the fucked up “background”.