guardians of childhood cosplay


Nightlight armor!

These aren’t nearly all the pieces but I do officially have Nightlight completed! I’m so happy I got his lights to work! I wanted to wear him for SDCC this year, but the morning of I found out that attaching the armor to the torso piece underneath made it too hard to breathe. Lesson learned! At least now I know the issues to fix for our next convention! [And maybe now that I have the time, I can add lights to the wig as well >u>]  


A few I edited from the ROTG shoot (will edit more eventually, just did some of me and my friends)

Bunnymund: Lord of Dinosaurs Cosplay/Cosplay for Dinosaurs (me)
North: Idahojones
Toothiana (guardian): Uzumaki cosplay
Toothiana (pre-guardian?): —-

All taken at Sakura Con


Aaand here we go! Super derpy Femme!Pitch Black pics!
I wanted to go with a sort “younger” version of the characters, trying to combine both the book and movie styles with some added ideas of my own.

No make up; I’ve got to do more messing around until I find a look I like. Also missing is the cool gold necklace I’ve got; left it at home. Whoops! Got a gif or two coming.

Will be getting a hair cut and it black, but not until next month.

It’s funny how you don’t really know how awesome something you’re working on looks until you see pics/video of it.

SO READY FOR DRAGON CON! Let me know if you’re going and want to try to see me in person, especially if you’ll also be in a RotG/GoC costume! I’ll be running around with a femme!North, and we’d love to have more people to hang out with!


Another post that’s massively late! We don’t have any photoshoot pics of these costumes yet and we don’t know if we will be fixing these costume up and wearing them again to get some, but here are some shots of our ROTG Yule Ball costumes worn to Holiday Matsuri 2013! All the photos are by tigershotproductions from the Costume Contest.

The Jack and Tooth designs were based off of the-guardian-of-fun’s designs and then we tried to mimic the style by designing our own costumes for North and Nightlight! We had a lot more detail work that we wanted to add to all of these costumes and simply ran out of time, hopefully we can fix these up one day and get some proper pictures of them.

This was our first time cosplaying as a full, cohesive group and tackling such extensive designs. The ball gown, feather bustle (full of about 200 hand dyed turkey feathers), feather headdress, wings and jewelry were a definite challenge for us. The rest of the costumes were also entirely handmade by each respective cosplayer. We won Best Group in the contest which was so amazing, we were so happy to receive that and to see fans excited about our costumes! 

Tooth: mgannin

Jack Frost: bettiefett

North: scuttlebuttoftheancienttimes

Nightlight: flamingonipples

Phoenix Comic Con 2014 Cosplay List

Thursday: Probably going to reprise my Jack Frost cosplay from last year.

Friday: Genderbend!Pitch (book design). Space pirate!Pitch. Aw yiss.

Saturday: MYSTERY COSPLAY OH MY GOD WHO COULD IT BE???? Here’s a hint. One of the Daedric Princes from the Elder Scrolls series.

Sunday: And to wrap it up, Red Robe from Journey. :D