Destiny Thought for the Day

We all know that Hunters sometime take up the cloaks of their fallen comrades as a vow, (as seen with Cayde-6 wearing Andal Brask’s cloak and the description of the Hardcase Cloak).

But I wonder if a Titan has ever taken the shreds of a cloak belonging to a lost Hunter they were close too? Imagine the tattered rags of a once exquisite cloak strapped to a Titan’s waist, curiously bearing a part of, or the whole emblem of the Hunter subclass of Guardians.

Would a Hunter do something similar in part, takung the remnants of their Titan’s Mark and incorporating it into their own cloak. An odd patch of different material, the colour and pattern standing out against the main body of the cloak.

I might use this in developing the character of a Titan in the future…

I like to imagine that many guardians, as children, dream of having a big, flashy charge when they grow up, a great king or a hero or a revolutionary, someone so big and loud that their names will go down in song and history just for being near to them.

But most charges aren’t so big. There are many worthy things in the world, many worthy people, but not all of them are going to shake the world hard enough to register, and it’s said the greatest of guardians are never remembered for their efforts, their protection so stalwart and effective that their charges never even dreamt of real strife. A quiet life, with a safe and happy charge, is the ideal. But it’s not romantic. There are no lasting stories about the quiet guardian and their boring charge.

And I imagine that really, really chafes some guardians. It’s hard to swallow your own dreams and ambitions for someone else, and as I see it, you don’t really choose your charge. A guardian who spent their whole life dreaming and training and eagerly working for the day they would become warden to someone who’d put a notch in history, finding themselves bound to someone who is stiflingly dull, or something that, very clearly, will not make history, is bound to be more than a little crushed.

These are a guardian’s growing pains, real adulthood is understanding that duty is duty even when it’s not in line with your own desires. Most guardians grow out of it, they do their job, they learn to take pride in their work, even if it’s less glamorous than the stories promised. Some though, start to go sour, start to curdle inside, until their own dreams and ambitions engulf their duty. Some simply run off, assign themselves to a charge they feel is more fitting than the one assigned by fate. These rarely end well- you cannot be servant to two masters, and the call towards their true charge never stops. But once in a while, the guardian starts to turn against their charge, sabotaging them in small ways, manipulating them, trying to force them into being the charge they dreamed of, maybe even convincing themselves that the trials and hardships they put their charge through are the same as protecting them- they’re making them stronger, better, more than they were before, making them Truly Worthy. Such dynamics tend to escalate until one or both of them is destroyed.

Humility is the most cherished trait in guardian society- it has to be, for a race that obsessively puts other things and creatures ahead of themselves, pride is the most dangerous of all poisons.

Its funny how 5 years ago Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes...

Introduced these, what I thought, Lame at the time heroes, and now they’ve blown up.

Avengers EMH was a show that used to play on Disney XD from 2010-2012

Sadly It got cancelled and replaced with some New BS but its still a good show that I highly recommend and its all on Netflix. It introduced tons of characters who have now become Mainstream thanks to the movies. 

When they first introduced Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier

All I thought was, who the Hell is this Robin/Redhood Rip off. Pan to 3 years later. He’s become a Badass and something fangirls drool over

When they first introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Space Avengers as they put it

All I kept thinking is why does their leader have Master Chief’s voice (fun fact Steve Downes played Peter quill) and who the hell does this Tree think he is trying to fight the Hulk. 3 years later. Its being called the New Star Wars and people can’t stop quoting “I am groot" 

and When they first showed Ultron 

All I thought was, How the hell is Machine going to fight Thor and the Hulk, then they explained it and showed his abilities and now I’m hyped for his appearance in Avengers 2 

Rewatching the series again right now to see if any minor character might have their own movie again. and hopefully Ant Man will have a scene like this haha