Broken Hopes

Taikuri sat on a bench in the park. The distressed black top hat lay in his lap. He pulled out the dollars and various coins he received. “One, two, three,” he continued to count the remaining coins and sighed. “I always barely have enough for a meal, let alone the apartment…” He stuffed the money in his pockets and laid his head against the back of the bench. While closing his eyes he put the hat on the top of his head. Who knows what other things could happen today?

//This took awhile…but this is a chibi collage of everyone that I’ve rp’d with since I made an rp blog on tumblr.

So I guess this is kind of a thank you for giving my free time some meaning, and my drawings some love. I get a lot of confidence from seeing how much you guys like my art, so thank you. I wish I could draw something for all my followers, but I am far too lazy for that, so, for those of you that have rp’d with Aeden, you have a special place in my heart.

God speed.

//Looks like a normal, happy, family picture right?

Well it is. But how it happened, is not. Not at all.

This is a universe where when Akane fell to the darkness, Masha and Wisp tried to bring her back, but she had fallen too deep, and Wisp…had to kill her. He wiped his memories of Akane after it, during the process his hair turned darker. He also cut his hair because it started to bother him. But after it happened, he started a family with Masha, Mark and Yana being his step kids, along with Masha and Wisp’s newborn, half spirit, half human baby? Yeah. That.

//My god look at her face, I just wanna squeeze her cheeks. 

But yeah, Jack Frost would play with Azaleah a lot while she was growing up, and when she discovered what boys were, she discovered her super mega crush on ol’ Jack. And Wisp already dislikes Jack for his child like antics, and feels like he doesn’t take his job as a guardian seriously enough.

So papa is not to keen on that idea. 

I love Wisp’s nickname for his daughter.

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Well damn now you have to Drabble on their wedding night now Cory. You brought it upon yourself

The wind blew through Akane’s long, scarlett hair, as she stood atop the highest point of her home, the Eiffel Tower. She let out a long sigh, and looked down at a ring with a small diamond in it, rung around her left ring finger. Her fingers continuously twiddled with it, a smile permanently stretched across her lips. She wore a beautiful white wedding gown, and she hadn’t intended to take it off, even though the wedding ceremony and the partying was over.

Every guardian she could think of was there…one of the first wedding between guardians that had taken place in many years. Not even once did it cross her mind, for hundreds of years that being the guardian of fated love, that it would be her wedding.

She couldn’t stop herself from giggling, thinking about the silly eating competitions between North and…Will-O-Wisp…her new husband.

Husband. That word only made her giggle more. It seemed like yesterday that Wisp had asked her to marry him. A spirit that had lived without love for 3000 years, had found her of all people.

“There ya’ are, darlin’.” The voice made her jump, and she turned to see Wisp, a bright smile instantly stretching from ear to ear. She got up from the edge of the tower, and waddled over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He laughed happily, hearing her in a giggling fit.

“Took me awhile to get away from North and his stories.” Wisp chuckled, rearing his head back to look at his wife, lightly placing a kiss on her forehead. Akane blushed, and gently kissed him on the lips, deepening it as it went by. She touched her forehead to his as she parted, not saying a word. Not being able to do anything except let out giddy laughter.

The two stood at the top of the tower for what seemed like hours, locked in each other’s warm, welcoming arms.

“…We’ve come a long way, I’ll tell ya’ what.” Will whispered, letting out a happy sigh. Akane nodded, and kissed him again, pulling away from him to look at the ring on her finger, leaning her head into his chest.

“I’m…so ‘appy…” she quietly said. “…we are finally toge’zer…”

((That was refreshing…that felt soooo goood.))