deancas!au where:

  • cas takes a gap year after his bachelor’s degree and travels, deciding he’ll blog while doing it instead of keeping a formal travel journal
  • his ends up catching intense wanderlust and decides to make it two gap years
  • his blog takes off and people suddenly pay him to travel and then it becomes three years, then four, then five
  • on the sixth year, while in cambodia, he gets a call from kansas city general hospital
  • jimmy and amelia have been in a car crash. drunk driver. they were dead on arrival
  • they’ve named cas as two year-old claire’s guardian
  • cas is on the next flight out
  • but it turns out that you can’t actually travel while trying to take care of your niece and planning a funeral and looking for a job 
  • and then jimmy’s pos car decides not to start
  • enter dean winchester
  • dean, who takes one look at cas’s rumpled, dirty clothes and the bags under blues eyes and the squirming child in his arms and bends over backwards trying to make things easier for him
  • dean, who didn’t know jimmy personally but who’s sorry for cas’s loss, and offers to drive he and claire wherever they need while their car is in the shop “’cause we don’t have a car for you to use in the meantime, but you must be real busy so.”
  • which turns into dean chauffering cas to the grocery store and dropping him off at the mall with a ton of resumés while claire is at daycare
  • and then into cas and dean going out one night because dean insists cas needs some grown-up time
  • and then into cas inviting dean over so he and claire cook him the best indian food dean’s ever tasted even though cas insists it’s a cheap imitation
  • and then into cas and dean kind of… hanging out a lot. and maybe starting to touch a lot
  • and this, ultimately, culminates in a kiss on dean’s front porch

same cap same Hello everyone!!! I have made my first ever follow forever and it comes in time for the New Year as well as this blog reaching a really nice goal (I reached the 500 follower mark yeahh!). So, as my token to all the great people/blogs I’ve encountered this year, here’s a little shout out to these amazing people!! I hope everyone has a great holiday and see all of ya’ll in 2016!!


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+blogroll for anyone i forgot (and also bc everyone i follow is amazing :D). Finally, I’d like to thank my amazing followers who have gotten me this far, ya’ll are truly amazing!! 

hello yes so we did it it’s the first of march and the runnerups are

rimsha (who has a wonderful multifandom blog and is totally adorable ) and emma (who worships the females of supernatural and destiel and elementary so basically you should love her a lot)

u have won:

  • infinite friendship
  • a follow from us if not already
  • a spot in our updates tabs
  • like three shout outs whenever during march

but yes guardiancas and havefaithdean are wonderful go go go