Warlocks Headcanons

  • A Warlock is either a Tea or Coffee lover.
  • They give the most proper bitch slaps. Their robe also gives the most proper bitch slaps.
  • A Warlock’s emotions connects to their power. Calm to Void, Passion to Solar and Peace to Arc
  • A Warlock combined with a Titan is a good combination, especially since a Warlock can summon rifts and Titian put up barriers.
  • There are Warlocks who stick with books while other use modern tech and some do both.
  • Dawnblade Warlocks are called ‘Angels’
  • Wearing long coats and long boots when in causals
  • Has really nice legs behind their robe
  • Are stonger than you think, just because they have magic doesn’t mean they can’t pack a punch.
  • Warlock or a group of them seen mediating. Do not disturb them.
  • Fashion war with the Hunters.
  • Reading stories to children.
  • Having a contest with Hunters go see who has the best burns/comebacks
  • How People Think Awoken Are: I have seen the endless shadows of the universe, and know there is only sorrow awaiting us. At the raven's call, we all must give ourselves to death's grasp. We are born to die, and wallow in the agony of mortality....
  • How Zavala Is: Dammit. Dammit you guys, get it together. I'm sorry for shouting but dammit. Does everyone have their lunch boxes? Okay, good. Cayde get that out of your mouth. Everyone be careful today and make sure to drink your water. If anything happens, call me and I can pick you up. Cayde get that out of your mouth. Do all the guardians have their phones charged? Make sure they do before they leave. Dinner will be ready when you get back. CAYDE GET THAT OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH.

                                                “Are you ready?”

                                                “Choose well…”

It’s like having a friend with very specific allergies. There are certain places you can’t go together. Certain things you can’t do. There are these different sets of considerations within the friendship. It’s like having a friend with an autoimmune disease.
—  Lorde on the difficulty of maintaining a friendship with someone as famous as Taylor Swift - The Guardian Interview


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