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Sailor moon wallpapers requested by anon

Michael Rooker On Set According to Everyone

Michael: Yondu doesn’t have pockets!

Costume Dept.: Here’s a couple.

Michael: Thanks! *puts chicken wing into one* For snack time.

Costume Dept.: ….no….

Michael: Can you guys get a few more shots of me in the movie?

Editors/Writers: We’ll work on it. Gotta consult with James on that.

Michael: I made you some munchies.

Editors/Writers: Uh, th-those are cookies in the shape of Yondu’s head.

Michael: Eat Them.

Dave & Pom: We are doing a serious scene. This is good. Let there be tears.

Michael: Yes, but have you seen my ass?

Everyone on set: Why are you like this?

The Rat Guardian

Context: We had set up a small homebrew while we were out camping for the night. Our task was to capture a dragon priest for interrogating. Along the way, we ran into a couple rat nests.

DM: You manage to break down the door.

Me: I’m going to grab a handful of rats off our female hill dwarf as we leave.

DM: Okay, you grab some rats in each hand and you guys head through. However, since you all made that noise with the rats and fire, two dragon priests and six kobolds have now prepared an ambush.

Male hill dwarf fighter: I roll for intimidation. *rolls a total of 22*

DM: All right, so these guys see an angry dwarf come barreling in with bits of his beard on fire and swinging around a great axe. These guys look about ready to shit theirselves, and one kobold up and runs. They were supposed to have advantage against you guys, but the tables have been flipped. You guys get advantage.

Male hill dwarf fighter: I go for the first kobold I see with my axe. *goes on to cleave it in half*

Me: I throw the rats in my hand at another kobold.

DM: Okay, so you throw these little buggers at the closest kobold to you, some of them a bit on fire, and they just start tearing into him, ripping chunks out of him. So, yeah, he’s dead.

Elf cleric (ooc): You’re the rat god!


Human cleric (ooc): Kobolds quiver before them!

Me (ooc): FUCK OFF!