guardian of the shrine

Temple of the Goddess Hathor at Nitentóre (Dendera),
west exterior wall, detail from the upper register:
the Goddess Tefnut enthroned, lioness-headed, wearing the Solar disk with the uraeus, holding the ‘Ankh’ and the papyrus-scepter.
To the right, a protective lion protome; below, two guardian lions both crouching upon a shrine

30 Days of Yo-kai Watch: 4/30 Favorite Charming Tribe

Komasan & Komajiro

Medallium Entries:  “Komasan is a guardian lion-dog that got bored with guarding his shrine. Now he’s looking for a new one.”

“Komasan’s younger twin. he looks for his runaway bro. But he can’t find him anywhere, poor guy.”

The most perfect precious children in the universe.  I couldn’t bear to choose just one without including the other.

regional gothic : indonesia, part 2
  • there’s someone screaming ‘sate…. sate….’ outside. it’s midnight. 30 minutes later, the scream comes back. it got stuck on your mind. it’s looping. sate…. sate….
  • the kampung is sleeping. yet, you always hear someone knocking the nearest power line’s tower to note the time hourly. you look out. there’s noone there. it happens everytime.
  • the elder at your kampung said he remembers when your parents were in their twenties. they’re almost 50 years old already. you wonder how old he is.
  • underneath a ficus tree, someone is burning their incense and screaming unintelligible things into the tree. then, they stare at you ; too many eyes and too many teeth to count. the locals just said you met the tree’s guardian.
  • you found a tiny shrine dedicated to someone. every night, there’s new flowers placed there. nobody knows of this shrine except you. they seem to ‘forgot’ the shrine.
  • everytime you hear indonesia raya playing, a distant, dark memory pokes back at you. why is it there in the first place? why does indonesia raya triggered it?
  • the chili pepper price is rising. it’s always rising. chili peppers are sold in small plastic bags now. everyone referred to a time where they’re sold per kilogram. you do not recall such a thing.

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"Heeey, ~daze! I'm Marisa! Check out my awesome broomstick, I can go everywhere with it! See?" Marisa mounts the broomstick and kicks off, soon the broom is hovering in the air. "Cool, right?"

Tae: That is truly amazing! I have never seen anything like it! Oh, how rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tae, and I am the mayor of Golden!

Cam: Whoa! That’s totally awesome! Hiya, I’m Cam! Nice to meet someone so cool! 

Maren: (She gasps, her eyes widening) How… do you do that?! That’s so cool! I can’t believe I g-get to see this! (She runs up to Marisa, shaking her hand) It’s an honor to meet you! 

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"What's pie plus pie? Double pie!" Reimu tried to break the ice with a pun. It appears she is not good at jokes, eh?"

Velma: *she giggles a little* H-hehe…!! U-umm.. h-hello..! Y-you just m-made me f-feel happy i-inside.. blih.. o-oh..!! I-I am V-Velma Knottingham.. and.. a-and pleased t-to meet y-you, blih..!

Mayor Kat: Haha.. well, you aren’t THAT bad at making jokes if you made Velma giggle! But we have different senses of humor so it makes sense! Anyways, I’m Mayor Kat of Camelot, but just call me Kat! Nice seeing you!

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"Hey, has a blonde-haired girl flew through here on her broomstick? If so, please ignore her. She's harmless. No, really. She's harmless."

Kacey: W-what? N-no, she h-hasn’t. Is s-she a w-witch, or s-something!? Are we g-going to be okay!?

Miranda: Are you sure she’s harmless? Is there anything else we should know about her?

Brandy: I think you’re just seeing things. That’s impossible.

Sunny: Okay, cool, I’ll ignore her. Is she, uhh, crazy? Riding around on a flying boom stick and visiting towns sounds pretty crazy to me! 

Name: Otoroshi, Odoroshi, Keippai
Area of Origin: Japan

The Otoroshi is a yokai from Japanese Mythology. With a name possibly derived from the word, Osoroshii, meaning “scary” the Otoroshi are large hunched monsters covered in a thick matted mane of hair, with protruding tusks and large claws. Despite their name and grotesque appearance, they aren’t particularly dangerous unless provoked. The beasts sit upon the tops of Torii, the great gates at every shrine that separate the human world from that of the divine. They are said to be guardians of these shrines, and will crush and/or devour those that bring disrespect to an otherwise holy site and will eat intruders if they pass through. 


[PLACE] Hikawa Shrine.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: 火川神社
Romaji: Hikawa Jinja

Type: Residence, place of worship
Location: Azabu-Juuban, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Occupant: Rei Hino
First appearance: Act Zero
Last appearance: Final Act


  • “Hikawa” (火川) means “fire river.”
  • There are multiple locations under the name “Hikawa Shrine” in Tokyo. The branch used for the series was the Shibuya Hikawa Shrine (渋谷氷川神社).
  • In the opening credits and towards the end of the Final Act, Rei walked through several red torii. This was filmed at the Higashifushimi Inari Shrine (東伏見稲荷神社).
  • Since Rei’s grandfather was not included in the live-action adaptation, it was unclear if anyone else other than Rei lived at the shrine.
  • In the Special Act, Rei resided at an unnamed mountain shrine in Kyoto.

So, the Famlia looks like this:

We have the Power of Kindness, the daughter of a selkie and a sea sorcerer. She has a wand she inherited from her father and runs a bakery. She’s a friend to all living things.

Then there’s the Power of Chivalry, Xena Warrior Princess who once was a battle-scarred conqueror who crushed the skulls of her enemies beneath her boots, but was nearly killed by some rival, only to be spared. She has since devoted her life to a strict code of conduct. Has a pet griffin.

And, of course, the Power of Change, who was once a guardian spirit for some ancient shrine (culture and location under debate). She was inspired by a passing wind spirit to adventure out into the world, consumed by the joy of watching the world change around her. She’s almost impossible to find.

Then, finally, the Power of Kaiju. His friends were killed and he himself nearly died, at yet his tormentor was exalted as a hero, while he was cast in the role of a villain. Consumed by elemental rage. Has a pet corgi.

Their Imperator is a fallen angel, with the following established properties:

  • Likes Chocolate
  • Beautiful Singing Voice
  • Scruffy
  • Chaotic hair
  • Serial Alcoholic, “World’s Okayest Dad” mug
  • Seriously depressing stamp collection

The players have decided he’s a Disappointed Dad who plays obvious favorites and is constantly drunk sobbing. His tears are bad whiskey.

Their chancel is somewhere between a ren faire and a theme park with a tacky Arthurian theme. It’s in a constant state of decay and regrowth, forming new rides that eventually fade away or evolve into new attractions.

Their Dad Angel sleeps in the tallest tower of the big castle, which is made of wood but painted poorly to resemble stone. The moat is made of vodka.

His hair cascades out of the window because he’s basically a Disney princess.

The properties of their chancel:

  • Everything must have a tacky Arthurian theme.
  • The rides, food and mascots change constantly.
  • Change is not random, but is derived from hidden patterns.
  • The ultimate form of anything is a giant monster.
  • The food is always good, and the drinks are always bad.
  • Everything is free, but nothing is worth it..
  • ..except for the food.

Mask from dream is a sensate - must not deny myself experiences.
I wonder what pain and fear feel like.
Used people to experience extreme emotions.
Archgeneral with lobster claws.
Enslave a demon, corrupt a shrine guardian for funsies.
Refer to self as the Outsider/Aberrant. Knew innately that I was outside the rules/system.

Minnis McDougan - rich Scotsman, speaks Kessen. Rich artist? Those Lion statues aren’t going to build themselves
mask with brain tattoo-

halo of light, makes strange eldritch machines that should not be. Must obtain as much power as super humanly possibly. Batshit technosorcery going one wing angel.

Multiarmed creature making masks, putting them onto dolls, halo of virtue, glorious beard. Planet has predatory eyes, IT SEES ME.

Fork shows me a minor drama that happened in someones life involving a fork.

—  Addition Excerpts from our campaign notes

[PLACE] Rei’s Bedroom.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: レイの寝室
Romaji: Rei no Shinshitsu

Type: Bedroom
Location: Hikawa Shrine, Azabu-Juuban, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Occupant: Rei Hino
First appearance: Act 22
Last appearance: Act 40



本殿へは抱っこが必須な為、神門前の狛犬のところで記念撮影。流石に21kg超を抱えて本殿まで往復するのは無理(笑)ちなみに注連縄と門松に袋が被せてあるのは、2枚目の写真だけ年末に撮ったから(えっ)。三箇日の本殿付近は、人で混雑すると思って。そして後日、鳥居付近でどらみには待ってて貰い、あらためて初詣に行ってきましたよ(´▽`)Hatsumode is the first shrine or temple visit of the new year. This is typically done between January 1st-3rd.People pray for health, peace, and happiness.(CAUTION:Some shrines have a strict “no pets allowed” policy)

Daily Monster 154: Khyah

Region of origin: Nepal

A class of household luck spirits, the ape-like khyah will live in homes hiding in attics or storerooms away from electric lighting. White-haired khyah provide good luck and wealth to the household while black-haired ones bring misfortune. They are also depicted as attendants to Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, and their likenesses decorate temples as shrine guardians.
Build A Temple In Me

here it is!! the ghibli/mushishi-esque iwaoi au no one asked for but are receiving anyway!! featuring growing up together and forest spirit tropes, god!oikawa and mortal!hajime, and more nature imagery than you’ll know what to do with.

Relationship: Iwaizumi/Oikawa

Rating: T

Words: 39,780

Summary: Up the mossy mountain steps, past the komainu guardians and the faded red gate, and beyond the boundaries of the green shrine—that’s where the forest and the spirit world within it lies. That’s were Hajime met him, and where their story began.

But intertwining of destinies can be ugly business, Hajime finds, when their first meeting begins with blood and the too-human eyes of a beast.

Shortly after becoming friends, Tails - with the help of Sonic, Knuckles himself and a few others - built the Guardian a little house by the Emerald Shrine on Angel Island. This meant that Knuckles could now guard the Master Emerald in relative comfort, even in bad or unpleasant weather and for that, he is eternally grateful.

Even with the house fully furnished and outfitted with all of the modern necessities (bed, bath and beyond) however, he still prefers to bathe under one of the Island’s many waterfalls and pick his own food from the Island’s flora. Though, he does enjoy playing video games and browsing the internet, as it keeps his boredom at bay.