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because I am a sucker for identity reveals and I just had to read a post in which @skygemspeaks mentions identity reveal and Tsuna in the same sentence and I am completely gone. why do most of the identity reveal fics in the KHR fandom have to be via school field trip or school reunion anyway?

so I just need to vent the little AU idea for an identity reveal of Tsuna I had, shamelessly borrowing elements form Sky’s YOI Retirement/Identity Reveal AU

Warning: so cracky, so ridiculous

background setting: a couple of years after Tsuna becomes Decimo, he opens up a camp/school of sorts where mafia-born children get to learn new things in a safe environment away from the pressure of the mafia. all the subjects are ordinary subjects that are removed from the criminal underground, and aren’t core classes like the ones taught at the mafia school that already exists. like arts, music, dancing, cooking, etc.. (subjects the traditional mafia families never considered to teach their children).

- the small group consisting of around 15 or so mafia-born students who take the baking course are happy with their cute, sweet instructor, Tsuna-sensei, and his nice (if sometimes creepy) assistant, Chrome-san.

- even if the two look too young to be actually teaching, they have the skill needed. 

- some of their class’ highlights are when Tsuna-sensei’s mother, Rebo-sama, who has cute curly sideburns, looks too young to have a son Tsuna-sensei’s age, and is a harsh taskmaster, comes to visit.

- the students expected some disapproval from their parents for their choice in classes (bakery over, say, knife-wielding) but the parents are actually urging them to do their best. surprising, true, but they put it out of their minds.

- the students are out on a cafe touring field trip with their teachers when The Reveal happens.

- it’s not even an attack from a rival famiglia or anything, no.

- the Varia pop up, cursing Tsuna as they call him by the name ‘baby boss’

- a.k.a the name everyone knows the Varia use to refer to the Vongola Decimo.

- while the students are freaking out over the revelation that Tsuna is Vongola Decimo and Chrome is one of his mist guardians, Tsuna is exasperated as he extracts what’s happening from the Varia. 

- apparently, Tsuna’s guardians didn’t know that he was going out with his class and going to be gone longer than usual and freaked out which prompted Reborn to send the Varia out to keep an eye on Tsuna.

- “Goddammit, Reborn! You were the one who was supposed to tell my guardians that I’ll be out longer today!”

- “but wait, if Tsuna-sensei is Vongola Decimo and Chrome-san is one of his mist guardians, then who is Rebo-sama?”

- “why does NO ONE recognize Reborn?!” “it’s because I’m a master of disguise, Dame-Tsuna.”

- why is Tsuna teaching baking? “I want to be a productive member of society.” “You just want to run away from the paperwork.”

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Tsuna, Xanxus as Fathers and Chrome as a mother pls? about how they will act around their kids and stuff? Thanks, you guys rock!


~Whew! That was HARD! I hope this is okay, Anon!~

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It’s been rumored― but never before proven― that Vongola knew their blood on sight. And as far as Tsuna was concerned he had no interests in confirming the theory. Secretly he had always viewed the Vongola blood in his veins as nothing but a curse and the thought of producing progeny to make sure that blood will live on was something he had viewed with contempt. A necessary evil that was expected of him and a part of the mantle he had taken on as Don.

He slept with whoever he wanted whenever he wanted and no one called him out on it. Not his Guardians, not his parents and certainly not the people he bedded. Every single one of them knew the score and every single one was expected to deal with it or walk out.

So when he busted that disgusting pedophile ring that dared operate on his territory and found your four year old self on sale he was shocked at the violent, uncontrollable desire to protect, shelter, blood, mine, mine, mine! playing on constant replay in his very soul. Some of his men gave him curious looks when he swooped down and held you in his arms, his burning golden eyes glaring death at anyone who came near, treating everyone as a potential danger to your safety.

He would not let go of you even after he returned to the mansion and wouldn’t even allow the servants to touch you. Tsuna personally bathed you, and clothed you and fed you, his attention blind to the world around you both. He was acting like a man obsessed and he didn’t even care. Even Natsu was curled up around you, a carpet of devastating menace to anyone who might seek to take you away from its master. It had worried his Guardians so much that they called Reborn. Seeing the situation, the hitman immediately called for a paternity test. The test confirmed the hitman’s suspicion.

You are Sawada Tsunayoshi’s heir.

His Guardians had tried to find the woman who had neglected their Decimo’s heir only to find out it was not necessary. She indeed was literally dead. Apparently she had went through the pregnancy hoping to use you and force her new lover to marry her by saying you were that man’s child but she ended up getting killed by that lover. He was not very keen on fathering a child outside his own marriage. The man then banished the child to an orphanage barely even fit to raise pigs. It was probably a good thing that your mother was dead. Had she still been alive Tsuna would have probably crushed her neck himself.

He wrapped you up in his arms making silent promises that you will only have the best this life had to offer. He will love you with all his heart. He will make you strong enough to make your own choices.

Shockingly enough he raised you outside the Mafia while teaching you how to defend yourself and how to master your Flame. He wanted you to keep an open mind because Tsuna had seen how closed minded people who grew up and have been spoiled within the confines of Family could be.

He wanted you away from the lies, away from the betrayal and he had wanted you all to himself for a little while. He made sure to switch with his Guardians when he absolutely had to leave on Famiglia business.

He made you understand that he sought to be the best he could for you and that he will always be by your side. Even when you entered Mafia Academy during your high school that promise ― that resolution ―  did not change.

And you will always love that about him.


Xanxus walked around the corner of one of the Varia’s favorite training areas and watched you try to cheat your way out of Squalo’s training drill. It wasn’t like he can really fault you, though; you were trying your best. Add that to the fact that you were barely six and the mistake was totally excusable.

He watched as you lifted your weapon one more time and make another attempt at destroying your target and Xanxus could immediately see that you were doing it purely out of frustration now. Clearly you inherited his temper.

Before you could get yourself killed he made his presence known and walked up to you. Seeing him there you went still and winced right up until Xanxus smacked you on the back of the head with the palm of his hand. Normally an ordinary kid would have been thrown right across the courtyard but it was a testament to your genes― the fact that you were his― that you stayed firm on your feet. It made Xanxus nod, pleased; before demanding what the fuck it was did you think you were doing. He then learns the anger was coming from the fact that you haven’t been able to light your Dying Will Flames yet.

Xanxus scowled at the frustration and underlying fear in your admission. Squalo had been saying something about the kid wanting to be Varia Quality as soon as possible. You didn’t want Belphegor to beat him. The Varia Boss made a mental roll of his eyes at Bel and his love of baiting his brat.

He then asks you if you really were serious about lighting up your Dying Will Flames so soon and you reply you did with a stubborn pout on your face that reminded Xanxus of your mother. He then gives you another cuff to the head before dragging you off up a waterfall by the scruff of your jacket’s collar. Before you could ask what he thought he was doing, you were thrown over the falling body of water. You shouted for him but he merely stared right back down at you, watching your descent to death.

Realizing you were about to die you felt despair and regretted violently that you have failed to make your father proud.

It was then that your vision was enveloped in dense, orange Sky Flames and you felt as though there was nothing else that you could possibly lose. You turn your body in a graceful somersault until you land safely on the ground. As the Flames faded from your person you stare at your hands in awe and looked up in surprise as you felt a rough lick on your cheek. You look up only to see Bester right beside you, the box animal nuzzling you gruffly before running up the waterfall back towards Xanxus.

Smiling you realize he released Bester and made him wait on the ground to catch you if you failed in the task of activating your Flame before reaching the ground.

You look up just in time to see your father’s Varia coat leaving the edge of the waterfall and you stand up gratefully, sporting a grin that would have made Uncle Squalo proud.

Xanxus never did like hearing thanks from anyone; not even his own child. But that was the reason you wanted to be stronger faster, right? So you can be a child he’d be proud of?


Chrome need only take one look at you to know that something was wrong. She could sense it through the bonds you shared with each other both mentally and emotionally. Right now she could sense the confusion and the hurt in you and it was a measure of her respect for you as another human being that she barely resisted invading your mind and taking out what was hurting her baby.

Despite all this you act as though everything was fine. Chrome gave you a fond, gentle smile knowing you were acting normally for her benefit. Sometimes she wondered what she did to deserve such a wonderful child.

Chrome was not expecting to ever get pregnant. She had thought that the damage to her organs back when she was a child was the end of all her hopes of ever conceiving and producing her own progeny. So she was surprised and shocked when she was told of her pregnancy. She was treated by everyone in the Famiglia like a glass doll for the whole eight months she conceived you.

The moment you were placed in her arms at the hospital she couldn’t stop her tears from falling as she held you to her. It was the happiest day of her life. Loving you was easy for her as she has always been a loving person.

You were raised in freedom and with the assurance of a loved child. You were never given cause to doubt the affection your family and Family had for you. Yet you did your mother proud that you never took advantage of that love. You have a tendency of harboring all your problems to the last minute, hesitant to ask for help in fear of being a burden to your important people.

At first it made Chrome worried and wonder if she did anything to earn your distrust. Although she had grown out of her shyness for the most part her fear of not being a good parent― of turning into her mother― consumed her sometimes. She would give anything for you not to hate her. She would die if you told her you hated her. But she understood that she needed to trust you too. To have faith in your love.

When you excused yourself to go to school and kissed her goodbye Chrome did what any normal, self-respecting, law abiding parent would do.

Sent Mukurou after you, enveloping the Mist owl with Flames to make it invisible to your yet partly trained, yet already skillful sixteen year old eyes. It was through this method that Chrome discovered what was bothering you.

Chrome had been concerned about you not being able to make real friends at a Mafia Academy so she had you enrolled at an ordinary public school from kindergarten to middle school. The moment you stepped on Mafia Academy for high school, though, things started taking a vicious turn.

Everyone had been calling you an abomination. Someone who should not have been born of this world since your mother was no longer human. Everyone had known about the mythos behind the Vongola Decimo’s female Mist Guardian at this point. It was part of her infamy now that she was known for sustaining her own life with organs made of illusions. So people around you keep on thinking that perhaps you were no real person at all. That you were just an illusion; a homunculus borne out of Chrome Dokuro’s Flames in her desire for a child.

It made you sadly question your own humanity. It also bothered you that they were insulting your beloved mother.

That night Chrome waited for you in her study. It has been tradition for you to tell her goodnight before you went to sleep whenever she was in the house and not out on duty for the Famiglia. That night she hugged you close in a loving embrace and asked you if you loved her.

Of course you tell her yes.

Chrome then looks you deep in the eyes and holds a warm hand to your chest and tells you in no uncertain terms that as long as you feel love in your heart― the kind of love that made you want to do everything you can to make the people you love happy― then that made you human.

That night, as you lie in your bed you shed tears of relief before sleep claimed you, a raging clarity calming your troubled mind.

Your mother was no monster. She was proof of your humanity.

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What do you think would happen in a Different Guardians AU?

(Guardians in this verse:

Storm - Rasiel

Rain - Lal Mirch

Cloud/Mist - Kyouya

Sun - Reborn

Lightning - Hana)

When Tsuna comes back from the future, all he can think about is running away.

It’s an old urge, one he hasn’t felt since his Sun barged into his life with all the grace of a drunken water buffalo. He used it for comfort, a way to escape life when things got too claustrophobic around him. He used to imagine what would happen if he just… left. Just the clothes on his back and whatever money he had, first train out of Namimori.

Of course, he sees now the folly of those ideas. He’s young, and can easily be taken advantage of. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting to just… go.

Tonight Tsuna lays in bed and stares up at the ceiling, disquieted in ways he can’t explain. Doesn’t want to put into words. His mind keeps replaying Byakuran’s death over and over, his final, mocking words.

“So…I lost?”

He closes his eyes, presses the heels of his hands to his eyes. Maybe if he pushes hard enough, he can stop remembering. Maybe his eyeballs will squish and the liquid in them will poison his brain. Maybe he can die if he hurts himself enough.

I need to go. 

And so Tsuna, ignoring the fact that his Guardians won’t be happy with him, goes downstairs and leaves.

He runs. He doesn’t think of any particular location, although several come to mind. Old hiding spots, old places to lick his wounds in peace - none of them will suffice right now. Right now he needs distance, not familiarity. He needs to run until his feet bleed, until he can escape the ghosts whispering reminders in his ears. Maybe if he runs long enough, he can leave the world altogether.

So he runs. And keeps running even when his body sweats and his feet slip against rock and concrete and he’s leaving bloody footprints behind. Even as his sides ache fiercely and every breath comes in a harsh gasp that wrenches something in his chest, even as it begins to feel that he’ll die the moment he runs a second longer.

He keeps running. He loses himself in the easy, repetitive motion, one foot in front of the other, and eventually he slips back into the passenger seat of his own mind, watching from a distance and changing directions as he chooses. When morning comes over the horizon, its a slow creeping thing, and Tsuna finds himself standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the beach. It’s a drop, with nothing but rocks and waves at the bottom.

He stands there, looking out to the horizon, and breaths. 

And then he opens his mouth, and screams.

He screams away his pain, his loss, his agony, his fears. He screams away every emotion that’s haunted his steps these past long days, he screams until his throat is raw and all that’s emerging are rasps that make him ache.

Then he does the only thing left to do; he curls up in a ball there, at the edge of his tiny little world, and waits for his Guardians to find him.

It doesn’t take long. It never does. 

Rasiel leads the charge, his Storm faithfully tracking him down like a bloodhound with a scent. He stands on the rocky outcropping a fair way behind Tsuna, on the tallest spot, and watches him like a vulture. Reborn is the next to arrive, and he comes and sits behind Tsuna, pulling his jacket off, draping it around him before sitting down so their backs are touching, offering a silent support the way he always does.

Kyouya and Lal are the next to show, and they take the middle ground between the two, both clearly understanding why their Sky has taken off in the dead of night like he has. Hana is the last to arrive, dressed in her school blazer and looking furious right up until she sees the way Tsuna’s sitting. Then some of her ire draws back, for all that she sighs loudly and plops down to watch over them all with Rasiel.

And there they all wait, patiently, guarding their Sky until Tsuna’s ready to face the world again.

A Different Path

Platonic MukuTsuna for @cywscross. This one-shot is AU and takes place Pre-Varia Arc.

The bird abruptly twisted its neck with strange avian-flexibility, switching its beady-eyed stare to its right eye. Tsuna took a careful breath until his lungs ached, held it, and exhaled slowly.

“Hello, Rokudo Mukuro,” Tsuna said, hoping he didn’t look or sound as frightened as he felt. Reborn would’ve told him he had nothing to be scared of; but Tsuna had the strangest feeling he was in an illusion – Mukuro’s domain. This was mainly because they were in his bedroom, instead of the classroom he’d been dozing in a few seconds ago. Since that fight, he hadn’t been able to use (what Reborn called) his Hyper Dying Will mode, so Tsuna thought it was only right for him to feel a healthy dose of fear. “Is there something I can do for you?”

He asked that because it seemed anyone who talked to him these days wanted something from him (or something he could do for them), and because he doubted asking after Mukuro’s wellbeing would get a good reaction from the illusionist. If there was anything he’d learned from Reborn, it was how to ask questions that wouldn’t get him hurt. There were other things, of course, but acting the way a Mafia boss was supposed to while under an illusion probably wasn’t a good idea. (Self-preservation and following one’s instincts was another thing Reborn had tried to beat into his head, so Tsuna thought his current actions would be considered acceptable by his tutor’s ridiculously high standards.)

“As a matter of fact, Sawada Tsunayoshi,” the bird said in Mukuro’s voice without moving its beak, “there is.” A sudden gust of wind and a blizzard of flower petals – lotus petals, probably – forced Tsuna to close his eyes and bring his arms up protectively. When he cautiously lowered them, Mukuro was sitting on the windowsill with a creepy smile fixed on his face. Tsuna was relieved to note the illusionist wasn’t armed with a trident.

“And what… What might that be?”

“I won’t bore you with the details of what happened in the aftermath of our fight.” Mukuro waved a hand. “All you need to know is that my subordinates – Ken and Chikusa – were able to escape from the Vindice. They, along with a girl who is currently acting as my medium, will be arriving in Namimori shortly. I want you to place them under the protection of the Vongola Famiglia. In return, I will offer my services as your Mist Guardian.”

“Wait!” Tsuna’s brain was starting to hurt with the flood of information Mukuro was pelting at him. “Mist Guardian? What is that?” And after a few beats of further processing, he added, “And does that mean you’re still…still imprisoned by the Vindice, Mukuro?”  

Mukuro looked at Tsuna, unsmiling, with unblinking mismatched eyes. While Tsuna was getting better at receiving intimidating looks, the constant reminder of Mukuro’s power in the illusionist’s red eye was enough to make Tsuna obey the ingrained, instinctual desire to wilt in the face of confrontation.

“Your Arcobaleno hasn’t told you much, has he?” Mukuro mused, finally blinking and turning his attention to a poster on Tsuna’s wall. Tsuna wondered if Mukuro had broken into his room sometime before, or if the illusionist was drawing from his memories. It was almost like…Mukuro wanted him to be in a familiar place. “The Vongola Famiglia has a tradition – their Boss is supported and protected by six bodyguards, or Guardians, who, based on their personalities, are assigned titles derived from the weather. Of those titles, I believe the Mist Guardian suits me best as an illusionist. The information may be dated; I got it from Lancia.”

Tsuna mentally apologized to Lancia-san for not asking after him, and focused on the fact he was supposed to have bodyguards. “But I don’t want bodyguards! How would I even get them?”

Mukuro gave him an unimpressed look. “I thought your three friends are your Guardians; the skylark has the makings of a Cloud, and the ones Ken and Chikusa fought seemed very loyal to and protective of you. But if you aren’t aware of it, then your Arcobaleno must be subtly directing you to potential Guardians, or drawing them to you.”

“Hibari-san, Gokudera-kun, and Yamamoto…?” Tsuna whispered in confusion. Now that he thought about it, Oniisan, Lambo, and even Kyoko-chan and Haru were always getting involved in the Mafia trouble Reborn created. Not as much as Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto, but… He really, really hoped Kyoko-chan wasn’t going to wind up one of his so-called Guardians. Or Haru.

“Do we have a deal, Sawada Tsunayoshi?”

Tsuna knew less about what was happening than usual. But he was sure of two things: he was going to end up in another Mafia mess sooner rather than later, and that when it happened, he wanted Mukuro at his side. He honestly didn’t know how much power he had as the heir to the Vongola Famiglia, but since he was the only heir… “Yes. If you become my Mist Guardian, I’ll make sure your friends are placed under my protection.”  

“Then so be it,” Mukuro said with a smile. “Do give Chrome the Ring, when it comes into your possession.”

Before Tsuna could ask, “Who is Chrome?” and “What ring?” another surge of wind and lotus petals interrupted him. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in Namimori Middle, listening to Takeda-sensei drone on about Algebra.

He really needed to figure out what was going on. Maybe this time, he wouldn’t be clueless when he got caught up in the next Mafia mess.


Sailor Team vs Kunzite


Mukuro is the tenth Mist Guardian. He is the leader of the Kokuyo Gang which consists of criminals but later on takes on a more supportive role to Tsuna’s Famiglia. Despite claiming that people are just toys, he is considerate towards his subordinates. 

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