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“Too many battles we carry along from the war.”
“I’ve been the herdsman you’ve been my sheep.”
“I hold the key of fortune.” 
“There comes the last part and end of our old age.”
“Show me that you are the son of our God.”
“In earlier chess games we’re playing the part of a soldier.”

“Show me the light in you.”
“Watch out for the day, friend.”
“You can find yourself in it, cause you are a part.”
“To see you must open your eyes.”
“Time is not real.”
“Why’ve you ever forgotten me?”

“The morning sun is near.”
“Look to the mirror, it shows what I am.”
“There’s one to enslave all rings.”
“But I need your helping hand.”
“Welcome to reality.”
“I should better get away from here.”
“What is left behind when purple colours turn to black?”
“The last candle will burn.”

“I wish I knew how to tell You why.”
“Many songs I’ve written about the things I saw ”
“My soul is lost in his black chamber.”
“The sea is calling.”
“I know the answers although they don’t exist.”
“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”
“No one will ever know our names.”
“The treasure that I’ve found is more than enough.”
“ ’m looking for those healing things to be prepared.”

“Then I’ll break down the walls around my heart.”
“I’m alive my friend.”
“It’s how that ancient tale began.”
“I came from nowhere, without a task, without a name.”
“I’ve lost my battle before it starts.”
“I’ll bring a new age of better ways.”
“I feel alone. Who really cares?”
“I am your light on through the night.”
“We’re not alone, there’s someone else, too.”

“The enemy is within, everywhere.”
“I did my part, now is your turn.”
“How long shall we mourn in the dark?”
“I still don’t have a clue.”
“I will take part in your damned fate.”
“You are now my guest forever…”
“You’ve searched and you’ve found.”
“Can’t you see that tomorrows bears insanity?”
“We brought hope, but also lies, and treachery.”
“Tears unnumbered you will shet.”
“Just lead my fate to the victory. ”
“I dare you! Come out you coward! Now it’s me or you.”
“A dark seed of evil is grown.“
“So what can we do with our lives when it all begins?”
“Your light will take me home.”
“Thus he died“
“I can’t forget her. Her face will not leave.”
“There they dwelt until they left the world.”
“Thou shall not question my power.”
“I will not rest till I’m king.”
“The night falls and great is the triumph of evil.” 

“You truly are mine.”
“By blindness you’re driven insane.”
“Wake up, it’s time to cross the border.”
“The king’s in town, we need a crown.”
“Will you still wait for me? Will you still cry for me?”
“Wish I’d be a bird of prey.”
“I will never change my mind.”
“Predestined or punished?”
“I do not regret a word I’ve said.”
“At the moment of death I will smile.“

“I have thought that this will never end.“
“You’re part of the game.”
“We will be with you until the end.”
“Stop, be quiet now.”
“I’ve opened my heart and my soul to you. ”
“Is there anyone else here?”
“There are no rules, there’s no plot here.”
“Oh turn the wheel and heal me!”
“They’re one in my rhymes nobody knows the meaning behind.”
“Love you will rain on me.”
“Here’s the new order.”

“We shall stand together one by one.”
“Don’t turn your back on your prodigal son.”
“I will find you, slipping away. I’ll bind you.”
“Like you they all once reach out a war to win.”
“Let him curse my name but remember the truth.”
“And raise my cup for the fallen ones.”
“They consider us slaves. They steal our pride.”
”Will I ever learn from the past?”
“Fear the voice in the dark.”
“Twice I’ll be marked and twice I shall live.”

“We all wait for a new tomorrow.”
“Gods will come and gods will go.“
“We’re the ones you’ve left alone.”
“Will it be me they blame?”
“Don’t try to be cruel, oh, my beautiful child.”
“I’ve traveled far on hiden pathways.”
“Ther must be something in the end.“
“Will I ever learn from the past?”
“Keep your secret inside.“
“That I would call a miracle.”
“We don’t need any hallows.“

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   ,   D Y L A N  !  ♥

1 1 . 0 4 . 2 0 1 7 

Thank you for always being there.

Thank you for making all tough times easier.

Thank you for making me happy.

But most of all, thank you for being you.

I wish you all the best, guardian angel.

Lyrics : Thousand Foot Krutch -  So Far Gone


Hey ! Undisclosed desires by Muse this time !! I chose to make it with big four pictures and I know some of them don’t really match the lyrics but I like it like that ! :)
I hope you like it too !!

I take requests too ! ^^

anonymous asked:

(ficlet extension to the comic) Karkat knows what an abusive asshole Dave's bro is, and he hates it when they strife. Karkat won't let Dave out of his sight for the next week because of what happened, and he goes on edge whenever he sees bro, and immediately goes into warning mode; all prickly hair and slit pupils, hissing and growling and making a point of standing between Dave and bro, ready to jump on his ass and wreck him. (1/?)

(2/3) Karkat makes a point of rubbing his pheromones all over Dave when he can, an instinctual mark on his mate to show others that he’s taken, to back off or they’ll deal with an angry troll-and even worse, an angry Karkat. It’s one thing when Karkat is annoyed or having a shitfit. That’s funny. But when he’s genuinely angry and territorial, when he’s protecting his matesprit with his very life? Back. Off.

(3/?) Karkat has never liked bro, but because of that incident, he won’t let him get anywhere near Dave, and goes all animalistic protective warnings on him if he gets close. It becomes a normal thing for bro to start a strife with Dave whenever Karkat is gone, and they always clean up before he gets home so he doesn’t suspect. But when a similar and much bloodier scene meets Karkat’s gaze when returning from the grocery store one day, he nearly rips bro’s head off, and it takes (cont’d)

(4/? I’m soRRY) all of the strength Dave has left after the strife to yank him off bro. After that, Karkat won’t go anywhere or do anything unless he takes Dave with him. He’s going to the store and bro’s home? Dave’s going with him. He’s tired of the nightmares caused by bro, sick of seeing the hurt that it has caused Dave. And he will not stand for an abusive guardian. He worries over Dave’s cuts and bruises, worries himself sick, until it becomes in both of their best interests to leave (…)

(I think this is the last one 5/5) Karkat verbally beats the shit out of bro over this shit, and bro doesn’t actually care much for it, still referring to Karkat as Dave’s “little freak”. Karkat is painfully aware that bro could probably easily kill him, but he doesn’t care about himself, only Dave. And it’s in his best interest that Dave gets away from bro. (I’m sorry omfg this was wAY longer than I intended but that comic was some good shit)

IM SHITTING i was hoping to get something like this u should write a fic dude srsly…..SOMEone should bc i rly like this scenario, i like the conflict and the hurt/comfort and karkat being protective of his boyfriend :’^))) and someone actually standing up to bro and helping dave feel safe enough to stand up to him himself….. this is inspiring me and i will try to draw a lil something when i get the chance im just rly busy moving rn :^(

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Shadow from the Boom!Universe was originally designed by the Ancients as a sort of immortal guardian of where Lyric slept. His original job when Sonic unleashed Lyric was to reseal Lyric, but out of anger, Shadow chased down Sonic and attacked him out of spite.

When translated it reads..

“ I had a dream I was you, strong as the fire in my veins and when I called out your name I would remain to witness the pain. I am beyond silent black, I will be back as your guardian.”

That is going to go under the Odin tattoo, since the lyrics are a perfect fit and have loads of personal meaning…. But now I face another decision conundrum.. Have the runes  placed on a stone image or parchment image… Aghh…