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“I didn’t start publishing Pennsylvania’s Orange Street News so that people would think I’m cute. I want to get the truth to people, even if it makes grownups mad,” says 9-year-old Hilde Kate Lysiak, publisher of and reporter for the Orange Street News.

After reporting on a suspected homicide in Selinsgrove, Pa., Hilde was harassed by “disgusted” adults commenting on her site, saying her time would be better spent at tea parties and playing with dolls. 

Hilde has something to say, and she takes no prisoners, firing back at her aging critics, with a video and in her column for the Guardian

•10 year old Peter finding a copy of Jaws and convincing Yondu to find them a tv and vcr so that can watch it, even though his mom said it was too scary for him back when she was still alive

•The Ravagers piling around to watch it together

•Peter getting scared because the movie was too scary for him, his mom was right

•Kraglin assuring him there are no sharks in space

•Yondu chiming in that there are space sharks (he may or may not be kidding)

•the Ravagers now have an annual movie night

i’m convinced that Tony doesn’t actually go to high school and just shows up occasionally to give cryptic advice to Clay

Just spent like 5 minutes watching a child run around my local McDonalds yelling “I’M ROCKET RACCOON!” And then if that wasn’t enough, he then jumped from multiple chairs yelling “I’M MARY POPPINS YA’LL!” I just…

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