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And at least we see the light. We finally have 107 Tangled Facts you should know! So, stop giving us the smolder.

Its funny how 5 years ago Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes...

Introduced these, what I thought, Lame at the time heroes, and now they’ve blown up.

Avengers EMH was a show that used to play on Disney XD from 2010-2012

Sadly It got cancelled and replaced with some New BS but its still a good show that I highly recommend and its all on Netflix. It introduced tons of characters who have now become Mainstream thanks to the movies. 

When they first introduced Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier

All I thought was, who the Hell is this Robin/Redhood Rip off. Pan to 3 years later. He’s become a Badass and something fangirls drool over

When they first introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Space Avengers as they put it

All I kept thinking is why does their leader have Master Chief’s voice (fun fact Steve Downes played Peter quill) and who the hell does this Tree think he is trying to fight the Hulk. 3 years later. Its being called the New Star Wars and people can’t stop quoting “I am groot" 

and When they first showed Ultron 

All I thought was, How the hell is Machine going to fight Thor and the Hulk, then they explained it and showed his abilities and now I’m hyped for his appearance in Avengers 2 

Rewatching the series again right now to see if any minor character might have their own movie again. and hopefully Ant Man will have a scene like this haha


“Don’t you dare Frost,” You glared teasingly as the white haired boy sculpted a small ball of snow before looking at you with a cocky eyebrow raised. You knew he wouldn’t listen to, but you wouldn’t want him to.

Instead of simply letting him get away with it you took a ball of snow in your own hands and throwing it towards the frozen boy who laughed and launched one back. You dove behind a pile of snow, making some more snowballs to throw. You popped up to find that Jack had built a small fort.

“That’s cheating!” You giggled, throwing one of the snowballs in your hands at him, landing right on his head. You giggled, “I win!”