guardian bby

Picture it.

You’re sound asleep, warm in your bed in the dark of night.

BANG! You are jolted awake by the sudden slamming of your bedroom door.

You glance at your clock in a daze. It is 2:30AM.

You reach over and turn on your lamp to see-

- someone sleeping a hell of a lot better than you are. 😑

zexeos-ex  asked:

What are some of your responsibilities as the master of the New York Sanctum?

I have to guard the Sanctum, take note of every possible mystical menace, supernatural event or supernatural being and organize everything in a list. I also have to prevent mystical dangers that could take place in my area, and of course, in the world. Then I need to contribute to the Mystical Arts, such as improving my skills, studying, writing books, teaching, attending to meetings, negotiating with other mystical communities, repairing artifacts, creating artifacts, developing spells and more.

Meanwhile, I need to train and study a lot since I have to become the Sorcerer Supreme. That means getting specializations in certain spells, such as Sun Spells and Zodiac Spells, taking exams and earning titles, while staying in shape so my body won’t crumble, and always be ready to fight. And the fight includes mystical beings attacking people or acting suspiciously inside or nearby our dimension.