guardian angel brown

The guardian, messages for her…

When your eyes are running dry and your knees are growing weak,

You know where I’ll be

When your thoughts are out of reach and you can’t mould your lips to speak,

you know where I’ll be

When your heart is skipping beats or all together growing weak,

You know where I’ll be

And when you can’t stay on your feet or feel you’ve lastly reached defeat,

You know where I’ll be..

I’ll be there waiting in the shadows; my arms outstretched within your reach.

-Darrion Brown

Mike + Eleven: Guardian Angel AU

Eleven: Hello, Mike. I’m Eleven, your guardian angel. I’ve been sent to inform you that you’ve exceeded your quota for reckless and life endangering behaviour this month. Please refrain from any further dangerous activities-

Mike: *jumps off cliff*

Eleven: … fuck my life.