Guardian Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: You are Dean’s Guardian Angel, sent to take care of him when he was a baby.

Characters: Dean, Sam, (Most characters make a brief appearance)

Written: i4z-0892-imagines

Word count: 1,472

Warnings: Swearing, Mild Gore, Death,

A/N: Okay we’re going to be picking up the pace here in just a little while, bear with me. Thank you for the overwhelming responses I got from Part 1! Please keep letting me know what you think! You guys are my motivation! 

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I’m feeling drained, I need love.
You charge me up like electricity,
Jumpstart my heart with your love.
There’s an energy when you hold me,
When you touch me, it’s so powerful.
I can feel it when you hold me,
When you touch me, it’s so powerful. (x)

There will be a day when I draw something other than gay asura but today is not that day. I might be a bit addicted (oops). But I found that song and I had to draw this. So yeah sorry for spamming you guys with these two (aka Blixtt, who is vargorm‘s, and Jaxx).

The recognition became clearer on Steven’s face as he drew nearer. He was only several feet away and not slowing down. Brendan didn’t know what he was about to do. Attack him? Kiss him? Instead he barrelled straight into him, almost knocking Brendan off his feet. It took Brendan a moment to register what was happening, so overwhelmed by the contact as he was. Steven was clinging to him for dear life, arms tight around his neck, nose buried against his shoulder. Brendan clung back, arms wrapped around his small waist, almost lifting him off the ground.
—  Stendan: Guardian, Tracy-Lou
Power and Pathos review – once-in-a-lifetime look at Greek bronze sculptures
By Jordan Riefe

On the Greek Isle of Rhodes a 30-meter bronze statue of their patron god Helios, famously known as the Colossus, watched over the harbor for more than 50 years, until it was felled by an earthquake in 226BC. Ptolemy III offered to rebuild it, but the oracle of Delphi said the people had offended Helios, and the bronze fragments remained where they lay for 800 years before they were hauled away.

No one knows where the Colossus stood or what it even looked like, which can be said of the vast majority of Greek bronzes from the period marked by the end of Alexander’s reign in 323BC to the beginning of the Roman empire. Colossus sculptor Chares of Lindos was a student of Lysippos – Alexander’s court sculptor –and was regarded as the finest in the medium, yet of his 1,500 works, none have survived.

Today, fewer than 200 large-scale bronzes of the era remain, and 47 of them are on display in Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World, at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. With loans from 34 museums in 12 countries, this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition includes numerous national treasures never before assembled in one place. The show stops in three cities only: it went to Florence in March, and travels to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC this December.

The Queen's People, portraits by Hugo Rittson Thomas – in pictures

The Queen’s People, an exhibition of photographs of members of the royal household and support staff in their traditional uniforms, will open in London later this month.

Inspired by formal 17th century portrait painting, in which a black background would emphasise the craftsmanship and colour of ceremonial dress, the photographs use a unique, contemporary mirroring device to show each individual from all four sides

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from Network Front | The Guardian
- Bonsoni
new to gw2 tumblr community

hiya! new to tumblr and figured i would submit a few of my firsts to the community :D

i love that anet is so interactive with its players. it’s a very admirable gesture. thanks for a wonderful game and all that you guys do!

[Submitted by roo-who]

Welcome! Hope you have fun and make friends with fellow Guild Wars 2 fans on Tumblr! ~RB