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This is Fort Bourtange, a beautifully designed, star-shaped fort in the Netherlands. Star forts were designed to give guards a panoramic view of any potential attackers, and originated in Italy in the 15th century. The fort remains perfectly preserved, with historic churches, cobblestone streets, wooden windmills, marvelous bridges, and old military barracks strewn across the 11-acre pentagon. 📸: Photo by GEBruiker

interconnection | myg

summary: you can never trust anything in the wizarding world. not even your own goddamn journal. 


pairing: yoongi x female reader
word count: 8k
genre: fluff
a/n: all poetry in y/n’s journal written by yours truly! obviously, anything written in yoongi’s journal is written by him. also, i know the word count’s pretty short in comparison to my seokjin fic, but a majority of this fic is in messaging format, which explains both the great physical length and the shorter word count. inspired by this drarry fic, which rocks and u should read.

“all art is quite useless.” — wilde, 1890.

The first thing your mother bought you in Diagon Alley, age eleven, was a worn, brown leather journal, its pages tinted and stained but empty nonetheless. She got it off of the highest shelf in the top corner of the crowded bookstore, stretching her arms and legs to reach it, the last of its kind.

“What’s this for?” You asked as she placed it in your open, waiting palms.

“For you to write in while at Hogwarts,” she said. “I find that words always seem to have a better way of flowing when on paper rather than out loud. Don’t you?”

“I dunno,” you responded, shrugging your little shoulders as you placed the journal in your cauldron along with the rest of your required schoolbooks. “Isn’t it dumb to keep a journal?”

“Only if you treat it as such,” your mother replied, as sage as she always was. “Come, let’s get you a wand.”

With the mention of a wand, your mind wandered far from the beaten leather journal in your cauldron as you skipped out of Flourish and Blott’s, unaware of how significant the journal would end up being in your later years at Hogwarts.

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Never Stop Loving You

Requested: Nawh.

Imagine: When sent down to the ground, you’re faced with someone you never thought you’d see again. Faced with the decision to face him or hide, you choose to ignore him. Knowing there was no way he would forgive you for what happened.

Warning: Angst.

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You laughed, your giggle echoing off the walls as you leaned back in pure enjoyment. Despite being stuck on a floating space-station that limited your life’s options, you were still overjoyed and happy as you sat next to your boyfriend. Leaning against him for support as you nearly fell off your seat in confusion.

Bellamy chuckled next to you, shaking his head at your clumsiness as he grabbed her shoulders to straighten you out. You blushed from light embarrassment, you were always so clumsy and though you were embarrassed, you knew that Bellamy wouldnt really hold it against you.

“Be careful,” he chastised. You looked up at him, a certain awe struck expression in your eyes as you stared lovingly at him. You were completely mesmerized by him and nothing would ever convince you otherwise.

“I love you…” You whispered in a daze. He looked shocked, probably not expecting something so random but affectionate, before he smiled. Grabbing you around your shoulders and leaning down to place a soft kiss on your forehead. you leaned into the warmth, reminiscing in the moment.

You sighed, lightly pushing away from the kiss, before leaning down to continue tying your shoes. You were having fun, but you needed to get back home before your father started to worry where you had run off to. It wasn’t very often you got to spend time with Bellamy because of how you had to hide it from your parents, or per say your father, who you didn’t know what he’d do if he caught you.

You’d spent the night at Bellamy’s last night. Aurora, his mother, though was anxious of someone else knowing about Octavia, did like you even if she was constantly watching you. Nonetheless she was more of a parent than your actual father was, so if that in returned meant her being wary of you, you didn’t care.

“Do you have to go?” Bellamy sulked from behind you. Placing his hand on your lower back, the bottom of your tank top ridden up from sleep. You giggled lightly, knowing what he was trying to do, before you pushed his hand away and stood up, turning around to face him. You placed your hands on your hips, fixating him with a teasing glare.

“Yes,” you sighed, “you know i have to. If not, my father could find me, and that wouldn’t end well.” You shook your head, suddenly gloom at the thought of your father. You weren’t close with Kane, your father, but he still was your family and you hated hiding things like this from him. 

Bellamy stood up, his height suddenly towering over you greatly as you leaned your head back to stare at him properly. “What could go so wrong?” 

Shocked, you cocked your head in disbelief. “What?”

“I’m tired of hiding our relationship and not being able to spend more than a few hours every few days together.” He sighed, stepping up to you and placing his arms around your waist. You frowned, letting your hands fall on his forearms as you nodded. “I know.” You whispered, gripping his arms slightly.

“I think we should tell him.”

You snapped your head up, your heart racing. “Bell, if we do that, he wouldn’t accept it. And even if he did, you know he would just watch my every move. I can-” Bellamy cut you off by placing his lips against yours.

“Yes.” He murmured against your lips, “but we can’t live like this forever.” You nodded, knowing that everything he said was true. “I love you, Y/N. And I plan to spend the rest of my life with you.” You blushed, the biggest grin coming upon your lips as you stared up at his beautiful auburn eyes. “Oh, you do do you?” You teased, smirking as yuh poked him in the stomach.

He was so sweet, and you didn’t know what you did in your past life to deserve him but you were glad you did. He made your life, boring, trapped life, exciting just by being within your presence. You nodded, “then… Maybe we should go find him?”

Bellamy’s face lit up as he tightened his grip around your waist. He picked you up with excitement and you giggled, slapping him as a sign to put you down. He complied setting you down, before grabbing a t-shirt and throwing it over his head. You let your eyes wander on his flexing muscles for a minute. He grabbed your hand, leading you out of his room. “Let me just go tell mom, and we can go.”

You nodded, following him with ease. Though your heart was beating against your chest, and there was this slight panic within you that everything would go wrong, you had a smile on your lips as you walked to the kitchen which only took two seconds.

Though the smile immediately disappeared off your face when you saw your father standing in the doorway, two guards standing behind him. Looking to the left of the door you saw Aurora, shaking as she held up her hands in surrender. You blinked, your heart suddenly beating much faster as you felt Bellamy’s grip on your hand tighten.

You let your gaze look around for a moment, trying to search for Octavia secretly hoping she was already under the floor. But froze when you heard light breathing behind you and realized she was only just out of view from your father. This was bad.

“Y/N…” Kane whispered, his voice laced with a hint of anger as he clenched his fists. Though it seemed as if he was trying to hide his anger, which confused you. Your father had never been one to hide how he was feeling.

Bellamy moved to stand slightly in front of you. You mentally thanked him, you didn’t have enough guts to face your father and secretly you were scared of him.

“Sir, we ha-” Bellamy stepped up, most likely trying to explain what you two had previously talked about. Only to be cut off when Kane held his hand up and waved his hand at you, directing you over to him. You blinked in confusion.

“Come here now, Y/N.” Kane said, his voice much calmer and collected now. You opened your mouth before he told you to come over again. “Father, no.”

“You’ve done your part now, Y/N.” Kane started, “you can stop pretending now.”

“Pretend what?” You asked, your voice laced with bewilderment. Just what was he going on about?

“You led me to them. Now come here and we can get this over with.” You felt your breath hitch in realization, did he mean to blame you? For what? You felt yourself asking as Bellamy turned to stare back at you and you felt the increasing tension in the room. “You can lead the girl out as well.” All feeling left as you stared in complete shock at your father. The guards raised there guns, and you could only stay frozen in shock as you could hear Octavia’s whimpers of fear behind you. All you could think about was how had he found out? Had you said something? No you’d never be as stupid as to let something that important slip..

Bellamy turned to you, the expression on his face unforgivable as you shook your head. “Y/N…” He started.

“You bitch!” Aurora lashed out, moving over to and raising a hand to you before one of the guards grabbed her and placed cuffs on her. You felt the world spinning as another guard came up to you and shoved you out of the way. You faintly heard Bellamy’s grunt as Octavia was roughly grabbed. She looked at you in hurt as they placed cuffs on her.

You watched all in helplessness as Bellamy was shock-lashed for trying to save his sister. You didn’t even feel your father grab your upper arm until you were dragged out of the room, Bellamy’s expression of betrayal filled your mind. “Wait!” You screamed suddenly finding your voice. Looking at Bellamy you pleaded, “Bellamy you have to believe me! I didnt do this.” You scream, trying to break free from your fathers grip.

Then, when out of view. Guards came, handcuffing you as you bellowed in fear. “Stop!” You yelled as they manhandled you. You stared in absolute shock at your father as they dragged you. “Y/N, you’re arrested for the treason of aiding the help of criminals.” Pure hatred filled you as you were dragged off.

You were meant to be killed. But somehow, somewhere someone was watching you and your day never came. You sat in the cell for days, weeks, maybe even months. Everyday an anticipation if guards would come storming in to take you to your death. Except it never did.

Then one day, guards came in and you struggled in fear as they dragged you away. You’d never felt more scared but part of you was happy, what did you have to live for. The only person who’d truly ever cared about you probably hated you for the thought that you’d betrayed him, you’d gotten Bellamy’s mother floated, his sister arrested and you never found out what happened to Bellamy.

Then you were thrown on a drop ship and sent to the ground. The ride was bumpy but you had kept to yourself, not truly caring. You’d been sent down there to die, so die you would. Part of you wondered in Octavia would be there but figured even if she was, she wouldn’t want to speak to you. Not to the person who’d gotten her arrested for being born.

You didn’t even know why you were here and not floated.

When you finally landed, you almost immediately unbuckled and stepped off. When you came to the bottom level you saw them, you saw Bellamy and Octavia standing there as they shared a hug of reunion. You felt your heart break at how beautiful but worn Bellamy had become and you immediately sunk into the ground with the rest, not wanting to be seen.

You avoided being seen as much as possible. Stayed away from the crowds and just did your part by helping around camp. Neither Octavia nor Bellamy had noticed you and you would keep it that way as long as possible.

It hurt. Seeing Bellamy everyday, one place where you two could’ve actually been free but having to hide knowing that he wouldn’t want to see your face ever again. You felt guilty for not even doing anything, but even if you tried to explain to him. Why would he listen? It was his family that got separated. Yours already had been so you had nothing to loose. Everything pointed to you except for the fact that you really loved Bellamy but who was he to believe you?

So you didn’t make yourself known.

You talked to no one and only when you had to contribute. Your tent was far away and it was almost as if you were invisible.

That was until one day you’d been out gathering herbs. You’d never talked to Clarke but she asked you to do this one favour for her seeing as the boy in the dropship, Jasper? Was in serious danger. You complied.

It was quiet and peaceful. You’d nearly forgotten about everything when you heard footsteps behind you. Scared you snapped up, turning to see if it was the grounders. Only for your breath to leave you when you saw it was Bellamy and his expression was just as shocked as yours. You took a step back in fear, not wanting to have to face him you dropped the herbs in shock.

“Y/N..?” He whispered, taking a step towards you. Oddly you saw no incline of anger or hurt, or revenge only shock and relief? But still, you backed up until your back hit a tree. 

“Umm.” you stammered, looking around you for an escape root. Taking every opening as a chance you moved to run only for your arm to be grabbed by Bellamy’s and him to pull you towards him. You flinched, closing your eyes not wanting to see the look of hatred on the face of the one you loved. “I’m sorry!” You yelped out, tears building up.

You needed to get away. You were willing to live with the hatred of him if you never had to see the actual hatred. If you never had to witness the anger, you would willing live your life as a shadow.

“Y/N..” His voice gentle, you tried to calm yourself down as you opened your eyes but kept your gaze on the ground. “I’m sorry,” you whispered. “But I need to go.”

A hand grabbed your chin, directing your gaze up to his. You braced yourself only to come out confused and baffled when all you saw was relief. Your heart raced as a small smile came across his features. “I thought i’d lost you. i thought they floated you…” He whispered.

Shaking your head, you felt your tense shoulders relax as you breathed heavily. “Don’t you hate me?”

He shook his head. “Y/N… i know you didn’t tell Kane.” With wide, doe eyes you looked up to him. Suddenly remembering how much you loved his much taller figure. The familiarity of his warm body so closed to yours gave you chills as you let yourself completely relax.


“A guard told me. Told me the truth. That’s why I came down. For you and for O.” He explained.

“I thought you were arrested.” You shook your head, suddenly confused. You never found out what happened to Bellamy but you had always just expected he’d been arrested.

“No, but was sent to janitor’s duty.” 

Suddenly you felt yourself tear up as you crashed into him. He immediately hugged you back as he breathed in your scent. “I’m sorry.” you sobbed.

“I love you, Y/N. You never needed to be scared of me.”

Leaning back from the hug you nodded, trying to collect yourself. “I just always thought you’d stopped loving me. That you would never believe me.” Bellamy shook his head, grabbing your head inbetween his much larger hands.

“I could never stop loving you. Remember, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

There you go! My second Bellamy Imagine!

Burn This City

(A/N): Angry Diana is unstoppable.

Pairings: DianaXReader

Request: Can you do a WW fanfic that goes with the song Start A Riot by BANNERS? I think it would be awesome. Thank you! XOXO

Part 2: [x]

Warnings: Angry Diana

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @siberiawolf20

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I will march down an empty street like a ship into the storm.
No surrender, no retreat. I will tear down every wall.
Just to keep you warm, just to bring you home.
I will burn this city down for a diamond in the dust.

Diana paces back and forth as her mind feels as if it might explode. She was furious. How could she let this happen? One of Bruce’s enemies had taken her precious (Y/N) and she wanted to burn down the whole city. (Y/N) was her world, they meant everything to her and she wasn’t about to lose them. Not like Steve, she wouldn’t allow it. 

Bruce watches as Diana burns a path in the floor where she’s pacing and he can’t help but feel bad. He knows how much (Y/N) means to her but he needs to keep her calm or she will actually tear apart the whole city. “Diana, you need to calm down.” Bruce states gently which only gets him a deadly glare from the goddess and he would be lying if it didn’t scare him. 

“I cannot calm down, Bruce! (Y/N) is out there alone and scared and I am just standing doing nothing to save them.” Diana throws back with anger in her voice, arms beginning to flail, something she did when she was upset, and Bruce knows she’s not mad at him, more at herself. 

He can see the frustration and worry etched across her face as she begins to pace the floor once again and he stands from his seat, walking over and placing his hands on her shoulders, stopping her movements. “Diana, I promise we will find them but you barging into the streets will do them no good. I need you to trust me.”

Diana gives a huff of air as she gives a small nod. “I do trust you, Bruce.” She then looks straight into his brown orbs, no emotion clearly shown but he sees fire in her eyes. “But… if you don’t succeed, I will not hesitate to tear down this city.”

Bruce watches as Diana walks away, determination in every step and he gives a sigh, knowing she meant every word.

I will fight till the flag waves white until my dying days, through the bombs and blasts.
If your world falls apart, I’d start a riot.
If night falls in your heart, I’d light the fire.

Diana was trying so hard to keep her composure. Bruce, Clark, Barry had been helping with the search for (Y/N) but so far, they weren’t having any luck. They had a couple hits from some nearby locations and Diana about ripped down each building but every time, (Y/N) wasn’t there. 

They had just come up empty handed once again and Diana sends a swift kick to one of the goons still crawling on the ground, sending him flying into the nearest wall. The team watches with wide eyes as the sound of the wall breaking fills the air and the man lays unconscious on the floor. “Diana…” Bruce begins but she cuts him off by raising a hand, silencing him.

“I’m giving you one last chance, Bruce. I’m getting tired of coming up empty handed.” Diana states, tiredness clear in her voice and she turns on her heel, walking towards the exit of the building. She doesn’t wait up for the rest of the team but hears quick foot steps behind her and she looks next to her seeing Barry. 

He sends a small smile her way before nervously looking at the ground. “I’m really sorry, Diana. It must be hard without (Y/N).”

Diana releases a sigh as memories of (Y/N) pop into her mind and all she wants to do is see their smile and hug them tightly, never letting go. “As cheesy as it may sound, (Y/N) is my world. I would do anything for them, even if it meant burning down a whole city.” Diana admits avoiding Barry’s gaze and he gives a small nod.

“I think they know that too.” Barry claims as he sends a warm smile towards the goddess and she turns to him with a sad smile.

“I can only hope they don’t think I’ve given up on them and that they’re still alive.” Barry shakes his head and Diana tilts her head to the side at the action causing his smile to inch up his face. 

“(Y/N) is a tough one, they’re alive all right and with that kind of love, I highly doubt they’ve lost hope.” It’s the first time in a while a smile effortlessly grows on her face and she stops, surprising Barry with a tight hug. 

He chuckles, quickly wrapping his arms around her as well. “Thank you.” 

In the dark, when you sound the alarm
We’ll find each other’s arms.
For your love, all you are
I’d start a riot.

Not long after the exchange with Barry, Bruce had gotten another hit on (Y/N). This time it was in a whole different city and Diana had a whole new level of determination jittering through her body. So, when they arrive at the building, the three superheroes take on the men out in the front before ushering Diana to go inside.

She doesn’t hesitate before rushing in and making quick work of the men guarding the door. She begins to sprint down long hallways, taking out men as she goes while easily blocking the oncoming bullets with her gauntlets and she’s nearly cleared the entire building in record time but there is still no sign of (Y/N).

“(Y/N)!” Diana yells but receives no answer and she feels herself slow down, doubt creeping into her veins. “(Y/N)!” She tries again but this time she hears a faint noise coming from her right. She begins to sprint in that general direction, when several men come into view guarding a door. She runs full speed, sending one crashing through a wall before grabbing her sword and sweeping the rest off their feet with a simple swipe of her sword and a few punches. Her chest heaves with each breath and she turns towards the door noticing the lock on it. She easily breaks it off with her hands before slowly pushing it open. The room in dimly lit almost pitch back and she wills her eyes to adjust. “(Y/N)?” Diana calls out as she holds her breath.

“Diana…” A small voice pipes up and Diana knows that voice from anywhere. (Y/N)’s body slowly emerges from the darkness and Diana’s heart tears. They look skinnier than the last time she saw them, they have multiple bruises and wounds on their body, blood staining their clothes and their eyes have a certain fear in them that she can’t even replicate. 

Diana rushes next to (Y/N) gently cupping their bruised face. “By Hera… what did they do to you?” Diana whispers out as she feels tears falling and she desperately yet gently wraps (Y/N) up in her arms. 

A sob takes over (Y/N)’s body as they shrink in Diana’s embrace and Diana can only hold their shaking body close. “I-I didn’t know if you’d be able to find me.” (Y/N) chokes out into Diana’s chest and she subconsciously wraps her arms tighter around them.

“No matter where you were, I would have found you.” Diana mumbles into (Y/N)’s matted down hair and they give a shaky breath. 

“I want to go home.” (Y/N) whispers out and Diana nods before scooping them up effortlessly in her arms before kissing their temple. 

“Home we’ll go then.”


Owen was the one in the cage, training the raptors. you were talking to one of the guards on the viewing platform. you said something and all the raptors turned to look at you.

Owen followed their gaze. the raptors moved so they were in a line looking up at you. Owen grinned, “well i’ll be damned.”   


Pairing: merlin x reader

Request: yooo what about a merlin x reader thing where she’s out on the field, right, and gets hopelessly outnumbered, and merlin has to sit and watch this poor woman–who has zero idea he loves her–get the snot beat out of her. like just turn that angst dial up to eleven. (plus, you can always do a super fluffy part two for balance if you wanted, idk how you feel about angst, lol you do you booboo)

Word count: 989

Warnings: light swearing

(a/n: let me know if you want a part two!)

Turning the corner of the corridor, you held your gun out, ready to shoot anyone who came for you; the corridor was empty and there many doors leading into different rooms.

“Guinevere, the door on your left is the room where the computers are but there are two guards in there but I know you can deal with them” Merlin said into your glasses, you smiled a little - happy that Merlin believed in you. You made your way over to the door before pushing it open, the two guards, who were sitting with their feet up on the side, instantly jumped and turned around; their first reaction was to stand up and aim their guns at you, which they did.

You held your hands up in defense, looking as innocent as you could.

“Hey, I’m just lost” you lied, the two guards looked at each other before lowering their guns down. This gave you easy access to attack them. You ran to them, firing at one of them causing him to fall on his knees; the other guard tried to shoot you but you grabbed his gun and pulled his arm behind back causing him to groan in pain and shot him straight in the head. He fell limp and dropped to the floor. The other agent sliced, who was somehow still alive, stuck out his swiss army knife and slashed your leg, you hissed in pain; you turned around and shot the guard in the head.

You looked down at the gash on your leg, it wasn’t very deep but it was big and hurt like a bitch.

“Guinevere, are you alright?” Merlin asked.

“Yeah, fine, just a small cut” you said as you sat on a chair and followed Merlin’s orders on what to do on the computers. Suddenly, a strong up wrapped around your neck and your hands flew up, trying to pull the man away; your screams were muffled as the man covered your mouth. You jumped up, flipping yourself over the man’s neck causing him to let go of you, you kicked him and punched him in the jaw before running out the room. Bad idea. Around you stood a large, large group of guards and they were all running to you; you tried to run the other way but another group of guards came that way.

Merlin tensed as he watched you get surrounded; he watched as you tried to attack some of them but you were thrown back. You groaned as you fell to the floor, but quickly got back up. You ran up to the men, flipping yourself over them - shooting them with the very last bullets you had.

“y/n?? y/n!” Merlin yelled, trying to get a response from you as you tried your best to fight. Merlin rarely used your full name, but when he did people knew something was wrong; Merlin was in love with you. Merlin was very good at hiding how he felt but there were little moments he would smile to himself as you said something to him or simply, just walking past him flashing him a small smile.

You cried out in pain as a shot rang out; you had managed to decrease the number of guards but there were still a lot left. You limped down a corridor and hid in a small gap, holding your arm, blood seeping through your feelings; Merlin could see everything that was going on.

“Merlin, I can’t do this” you said biting your lip, leaning your head on the wall behind you, feeling your eyes shine with tears, “Merlin..” you whispered.

“It’s alright, y/n. I’m here, you’re going to be okay, you hear me?” Merlin said, you shook your head as the tears began to fall.

“I’m not” you cried, “I can’t fucking do this, they’re going to find me and they’re going to kill me” You tried to move your hand but it made the pain even worse, causing your to hiss out loudly.

“They’re not going to, y/n” Merlin said, “listen to me, help is coming but for the time being you’re on your own. Okay, y/n? You’re on your own but just keep talking to me and I’ll help you” Merlin was becoming increasingly stressed and his heart began to hurt as the chances of you being killed were very high. You knew Merlin was lying, the both of you knew you wouldn’t be okay but Merlin was trying his best and it felt somewhat comforting; you always trusted Merlin, you liked him a lot.

“Merlin..” you whispered tensing up, hearing the men yell and run down the corridor, “Merlin they’re coming. And I-i can’t do anything-”

“Y/n, you can do this. Listen to my words, you know you can. You’re a strong girl and you know you can fight them but try your best stay hidden, help is coming. I promise you” Merlin said, his voice cracked a little sounding as if he were crying. You let out a whimper as the noise got louder.

“I’m sorry Merlin” you whispered, standing up shakily, letting your hand drop to the side of you. “They’ll find me anyway”

“Y/n, what are you doing?” Merlin asked, “Y/n, please-”

“Merlin, I know I should’ve sad this earlier but I love you” you sniffed, Merlin’s eyes widened. He was shocked; he never realised that you liked him back but nonetheless, he felt like an idiot. He should’ve told you earlier.


“Goodbye, Merlin” you whispered as the guards came into view, stopping a couple metres before you and aiming their guns at you. Your hands went up in defense, showing that you had no weapons - hoping that maybe they wouldn’t hurt you.

A loud shot rang out; Merlin flinched.

He huffed aloud, taking off his glasses and turning around in his seat, rubbing his face.

“Oh, y/n” Merlin mumbled.

princess & the pauper ⎮ pt.6

Even if our love isn’t perfect in the eyes of others, its the most beautiful love story in mine. I won’t change a thing about my feelings for you, today, tomorrow and in the future.

pairing: jimin | reader ; royal!au, pauper!jimin
words: 4.8k words (accept my novel)
genre: just pure angst
summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist.
➤ a/n: okay so just a heads up I changed the age of the reader to 19 currently just to make it easier to picture. and this IS NOT THE LAST CHAPTER I assure you i may love angst as much as the next guy but I’m not that cruel oKA Y so enjoy this and enjoy the pain:’)

pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 pt.4 pt.5

It felt as thought the world around you stopped from a moment, letting you catch your breath, unfathomable words spinning in your head at the sight of his ethereal presence in your vision. It was hard to believe that he was even there to begin with, with all the effulgence of candlelights burning in the light of thousands of wide eyes that flicker back at you and the beautiful stranger that stood on the other end of the altar.

It becomes harder to breath, harder to think when you lost all bearings of thoughts and strength in your knees as you watch shock faces unravel. You could feel all air sucked out of you, your heart on the verge of bursting with a whirlwind of emotions as seconds tick by in the most agonising pace. And before you know it, your feet broke into a brisk walk, heels clicking sporadically with the vision of the man you dearly love becoming clearer in your eyes. You could see Jimin, lips curved in a beaming smile, eyes all on you as he ran forward, the space between the two of you closing in.

The yearn for his touch, the familiarity of his warmth accompanied with the bliss of rose scent sends you into an overdrive, and the desire to just run into his arms where you call home was overwhelming. Nothing else mattered; not the wedding or the wondering awestruck eyes that were appalled by your rash act or your supposed husband to be still stunned and speechless that you left behind. No one mattered but Jimin.

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Trauma and Healing: Odd Happenings [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Chapter 7!! Chapter 8 is actually about halfway done too. Thank you 5 hour flight! Lmao, hope you guy love this new chapter!

Warning: Hearing voices, blacking out, making out.

[s/h/n] - Superhero Name

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Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6 - Ch. 8 - Ch. 9 - Alternate Ending


Ch. 7

You ran across the rooftops, close on Jason & Roy’s 6. Kori flew ahead to make sure your pathway was clear. A surge of adrenaline coursed through your veins as the warm coastal air wisped by with each jump to a new roof top. A grin formed on your lips as your feet met the concrete roof of an apartment building. You could get used to this.

Watching the two men in front of you, noticing them glancing back every so often to make sure you were still close. Which you were every time they checked. “Don’t worry boys I’m still here.” You called into your com, earning a chuckle from them both. “Just checking newbie” Roy teased.

Noticing them slowing down, you did as well until meeting their side. “So, this is it?” Asking while Kori flew back over to you all. “What’s the situation in there?” Jason asked. “As we suspected, same as yesterday. One guard on the exits, regular changes.”

Jason nodded. “Okay, Roy you’re taking the west side, Kori the east. [F/n] and I will take the north. We stay on coms, our goal is to get all of the captives out unhurt. Contact authorities when we have them out and the police will handle the men holding them. Nothing fatal tonight unless it’s necessary, we don’t need B on our asses again. Sound good?”

You had never seen Jason in charge like this, it was a whole new side to him. You liked it, he was a natural born leader it seemed. Roy smiled “You got it Jaybird” He saluted. Kori nodded, giggling at Roy’s antics, “Yes sir!” Jason rolled his eyes, motioning for you to follow him as the others went their respective ways.

Following Jason you stayed close to his back, observing your surroundings as he opened a window. You both slid in soundlessly. He motioned with his hand again. Walking down the corridor all you could hear were your own footsteps and the ever constant whispers in your skull. Though that isn’t what you were focused on.

The place hadn’t changed since when you were there. The same smell of metal and like something was rotting within the walls emanated from every surface. The cement walls blocked out any sort of noise, whether that be the cries of the people trapped there, or the screams of the ones they were breaking. The silence used to be comforting to you, but now it just brought back horrid memories of a time you would rather forget. Times where your mind felt like it had more than one person in it, and your body wasn’t yours. It was just merchandise.

However, you aren’t that person anymore. You’re here to help people with your friends. Help people that are being treated the way you were treated. Looking down at your hands, you noticed the magic flowing around them. You’re not merchandise, you are a weapon. A living weapon and you weren’t going to let anyone else be treated as if they’re nothing.

Jason peered back at you, noticing the tenseness in your muscles and expression. He’d never seen you so serious. “[s/h/n]” He caught your attention. Eyes shooting to his helmet. “Are you okay?” You nodded in response, “Yeah, I’m good.” Jason seemed unsure as he turned back to lead the way, there was something off about you right now but he couldn’t put a finger on it.

As they rounded a corner you started hearing voices. Not ones in your head.. Actual voices. Peering around the corner, Jason saw two guards standing in front of a metal door. He picked up a stone and threw it into the hallway, attracting the attention of the guards. One of them came over, his gun drawn. Jason stayed crouched down and you behind him. Then the barrel of the guards gun came into view. Jason swiftly grabbed it and yanked it forward before kicking the man against the wall.

The other guard started shooting but you ran out and created a forcefield, protecting Jason. Hearing the gun click and you knew he was out of bullets. With a circle of your arm the shield turned into a bolt of energy, thrusting your arm it hit the man. Effectively knocking him on to the ground, the impact making him lose consciousness.

“Nice work” Jason complimented as he came to your side. “Let’s keep moving.” He ran up to the door, shooting the lock and pulling the door open. It door just led to another circuit of hallways. You fought guards here and there, they weren’t much of a challenge to you both. Jason could have handled them himself easily.

Finally after a while Roy and Kori came through the coms saying they had all of the captives out, making you wonder where you and Jason were currently headed. “Ja- I mean, Red Hood where are we going if they got all the hostages out?”

Jason turned to you, “After the guy who was ‘King’s second in command. He took over after he was killed.” Jason explained as you stopped in front of another door. “And he’s just in here.” You recognized that door. How could you forget it. Your eyes darkened, “I know this room.” Jason nodded and pulled out his gun to take out the lock. “Ready?” You nodded, magic forming around your hands.

The last thing you remember is the sound of the gunshot and the door opening. After that, it’s just red…

As soon as Jason kick the door open you turned into a complete different person. He watched as you beelined straight to the man in charge. He took out the other guards with non fatal gunshot wounds and a firm jab to the jaw. When he looked back at you, the man was pinned under you. Your hand was around his throat as you barraged him with blows to the face. You were going to kill him.

Jason ran over “[S/h/n] that’s enough!” When you didn’t stop he called to the others to get in there and pulled you off him. The man was unconscious at this point. You thrashed against him holding you down. Kori and Roy ran in, “What happened?”

“I don’t know! Roy help me out here, Kori get the girl out!” Jason yelled. Kori flew over where a girl was strapped to a chair. She got her out of her bonds and picked the girl up, “I’m going to get you to safety. Keep that blindfold on.” Kori said as the girl nodded  before she flew out of the room.

Roy had joined Jason in holding you down. “[S/h/n] stop!” Roy yelled but they couldn’t get through to you. “[F/n]! Look at me!” Jason finally yelled as he pulled off his helmet, meeting his eyes you regained your senses a gasp escaping your throat.. They let you go as the fighting had stopped. Looking around you were so confused. “What happened? Where is the girl?”

Jason furrowed his brow in confusion. “Do you not remember any of that?” Asking concerned. You shook your head “Remember any of what?” Looking between Jason and Roy. Eyes falling between them you saw the bloodied person lying there, luckily he was still breathing. “Did I?”

They helped you stand up as Jason nodded. You felt as though you were hyperventilating, “I-I can’t remember anything. Why can’t I remember?” Panicked tears streamed from your eyes before you buried your face in Jason’s chest. He was a little taken aback at your embracing him but he wrapped his arms around you nonetheless. He looked up at Roy.

Roy patted Jason’s back, “Get her home. Kori and I will stay until the authorities get here. “ He whispered before running out of the room. Jason slid his arm under your legs and picked you up bridal style. Hiding your face in his neck as he walked the way you both came. You felt the cool coastal air hit your face, the temperature had dropped. “I need you to hold on to me.” He spoke softly. Nodding, your arms wrapped around his neck before he pulled out his grappling hook and grappled to a nearby rooftop.

You kept your face hidden the entire time until he reached the fire escape to the apartment. He opened the window and climbed in with you still clinging to him. “[F/n]” he called your name delicately. “Do you want to talk about it?” You shook your head against his neck. He sighed and carried you into your room. Setting you down on the bed. “You should change” He said while walking over to your dresser. He found a pair of shorts he had seen you sleep in before and a t-shirt that he had actually lent you from when you first were staying with them.

He set the clothes on the foot of your bed. “I’m sorry” Mumbling into your pillow, looking up from the pillow in a way he could only see your [e/c] eyes. Still red and puffy. He shook his head, “There’s nothing to apologize for. Just get some rest okay?” You nodded and turned to face the wall. Hearing him exit the bedroom.

Jason waited until Roy and Kori got back. Though they didn’t stay long as Oliver had called Roy on an emergency in Central City. Kori and him had to be there by the morning so they came back to grab their things before heading out the door again.

Sighing Jason went to his room and peeled off his armor. Wincing at a few forming bruises. He showered before pulling on a pair of sweatpants. When he laid down to go to sleep he couldn’t help but think about what had happened and what caused it. Maybe there was a spore or something in the air? No that would have affected him and the others too. She got pricked and injected or something? No, she would’ve felt it. He ran multiple different scenarios in his head but none of them made sense. Giving up he decided he’d just sleep and think about it in the morning.

The next day, Jason didn’t hear you speak a word. He made breakfast but you didn’t so much as look at it. He tried to talk to you about what happened but you just wouldn’t answer his questions. You wouldn’t even let him near you. Honestly the blacking out just made you start to fully acknowledge some of the other problems. You had nightmares the whole night, and flashbacks throughout the day. The voices were screaming in your head again and you felt as vulnerable as the day you were saved by Jason and the others.

It was killing Jason to see you so depressed and in pain. He wanted to know why. He had grown to care for you so deeply, in a way he hadn’t cared about anyone. The silent treatment was making him fully realize that. He missed the sound of your voice and your laugh. The way your eyes lit up when you smiled. He just wanted something from you. Anything to show you were going to be alright.

But he didn’t get it.

For dinner he simply ordered a pizza, hoping the smell would attract your appetite. It got you out of your room but the minute your eyes landed on the food your stomach turned and all of a sudden it wasn’t appealing.

“[F/n] you really need to eat something.” Jason said, concern laced in his tone. When you tried to escape he stopped you in the living room by grabbing your wrist. “[F/n] please.”

You tried to pull your hand away, “I just don’t want to talk Jason.” Turning to him slightly he grabbed your other wrist. Keeping a firm grip on you. “If you don’t talk about it, you’ll never feel better.” He was trying to appeal to the side he had come care for. The open, fun-loving side. When you wouldn’t budge and was fed up with you trying to pull away from him, he pinned you to the ground, underneath his body weight.

“Jason let me up!” He had your wrists pinned beside your head and he was laying on top of you. “No, not until you talk to me!” He argued as you tried to fight him but there was no use due to his sheer size and strength. “Just tell me why you’re not eating and being so quiet, I’m worried about you [F/n]!”

“I can’t handle it!” You finally yelled, tears pricking at your eyes. “I can’t handle any of it. The voices they-they won’t stop, and I’m always there in my nightmares! I keep getting flashbacks to the worst parts and I can’t do it anymore. I’m not strong enough!” Everything just spilled out of your mouth as tears fell down your face. Jason simply stared down at you, as his cerulean eyes bore into yours. He was so close to you, he’d never been this close to you. “And you! Fucking you Jason! You’re so damn kind to me and an amazing person no matter your past! You have a family and friends and I just can’t think of anywhere more special to be. I have these deep feelings for you and I don’t know how to deal with them! I-I have feelings for you alright! –” Your words were cut off by his lips pressing onto yours.

His moved against yours in the most gentle yet passionate way. Feeling him let go of your wrists he wiped the tears away from your face. You didn’t realize you were kissing back until you felt your eyes close. Your hands slid up his neck and into his hair. He pulled back and rested his forehead to yours, his nose just barely touching yours. Both panting, you slowly opened your eyes, seeing his still closed. When your nose pushed against his slightly he opened his eyes to stare down into yours. “Let me protect you.” He whispered, cupping your face in his hand. “Let me chase away your demons with my own.” You didn’t know what to say, all you knew was that you felt relaxed and safe. He had already chased away the voices and the flashbacks.

Slowly you nodded. He smiled before kissing you gently again. He wrapped your legs around your waist and pulled you up with him. Keeping your eyes closed as you kissed him, but feeling him begin walking. Soon you felt your back meet the softness of a mattress. Though it didn’t feel like your own. When he pulled away, you opened your eyes to see you were in his room.

He kissed your neck, finding the special spot that made your heart race faster. “Jason” you panted, catching his attention. “Hmm?” His hum questioning you. “I-I’m not ready too…” Your voice trailed off. He pulled away and looked at you, “We don’t have too. I just want to make you feel good, and if I can do that by simply kissing you then I will.”

You were shocked at how kind he was to you, you’d never experienced anything like that before intimately. He leaned down and kissed you again. Moving his lips against yours in that perfect rhythm once more. Your hands tangled in his hair, kissing him back so needfully. His kisses grew more heated as they progressed. He swept his tongue along your bottom lip, asking for entrance. Opening your mouth in response, letting his tongue collide with yours.

You had never felt so safe with such intimate contact. He was so gentle with you but kept every kiss so sensual. You knew exactly what he was feeling as he kissed you. After a while of his tongue wrestling with yours he pulled away and placed soft kisses on your face and neck. “Stay with me tonight?”

Jason had pulled away to look at you. His eyes held such adoration, and what felt like love? Unable to speak you nodded, yes. He smiled before pulling off his shirt. Making you remember he only ever slept in pants. He laid down beside you. Catching you staring at his scars, he took your hand. Placing your fingers on one of the larger ones. Allowing you to trace your fingers on them. “We all have our scars and our demons [F/n].” He spoke silently, watching you look up at him. “But we learn to live with them. We find people to help chase them away.” He placed your hand on his heart, cupping your face with the other. He pressed a soft kiss to your lips. “I want to do it for you.”

Smiling you nodded, “Thank you.” Burying your face in his neck as he wrapped his arms around you. “Thank you so much.”


Jaime Lannister imagine series!

PART 1/?


part 2:

word count: 1,217 

warnings: language, mentions of death 

 au; where Cersei is long over Jaime

 I sighed as I rested a hand on my swollen stomach. Cersei was almost ready for her trial. She leaned against the window sill.

 "Cersei, are you ready to go?“ I asked her softly.

 "What have we done with our lives?” She asked, I furrowed my eyebrows. 

 "I’m afraid I don’t understand.“ I said stepping towards her. 

 "I’ve lost two of my children, I’ve lost my father, I let my son send away my brother; your husband.” She said with a sigh, her face void of emotions.

 I frowned, she had lost her family. Cersei had one remaining son, and he was being ruled by the faith. My husband, Jaime, had been sent to the front lines by my nephew. I walked next to her and smiled slightly. We stood in silence for a while longer, surely we were late to the trial. If she skipped the trial, there would be severe consequences. She had some plan in mind, it was just a matter of what. 

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(A Lot Can Happen In) Six Hours

10k, NSFW. AO3.

‘A missing scene from Ed and Oswald’s prison break, and what might have happened after they walked away.’

I read through this once, no Beta. I really just want to get my thoughts on these two out there before canon destroys it.

Oswald ducks beneath his opponent’s guard and knocks the gun from his hand with a severe blow from his elbow. With a slash at his neck the fight is over and the man drops, same as any other. So much for his blade being too thin, he recalls mockingly. He hears a cry behind him and turns to see Ed struggling with his own quarry. He’s managed to take the gun out of the equation, but in close quarters his crowbar is not much use. The guard throws a punch at Ed’s side and Oswald eyes widen as he watches Ed drop his only weapon with a scream.

For a moment he considers moving on, simply watching as the guard pushes Ed back into the wall and catches hold of his wrist. Oswald can pick locks, he doesn’t need Ed for that. Then the guard has Ed face-first against the wall and Oswald actually sees his knees buckle. He hears a small cry of pain as the guard shoves one arm up Ed’s back and catches his other wrist so he can cuff him. Watching the guards beat Ed down earlier had given him a sick thrill; he’d been happy to watch. It’s easy to pinpoint what’s changed. He’s been working with Ed under the illusion of camaraderie and cooperation as they fought together and, admittedly, it’s been fun.

He hasn’t felt that connection since…

Well, if he’s being honest, Ed was truly the only one he could do this with and feel so very… alive. Before he’s truly processed the following course of action, he’s scooping the crowbar up from where Ed’s dropped it and bashing his attacker’s head in with it. The man drops, and Oswald finishes the job with a few more quick, hard blows.

“Thank you,” Ed says, voice small. Oswald hands him back the crowbar and turns, heading for the next room.

“Don’t mention it.”

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The Lunar Mark (Xiumin Werewolf!au fic) Chapter 8

Warnings: None

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Ch. 14 Ch. 15(M) Ch. 16


After a long and painful week Minseok descended from his room. Tired, frustrated, angry…but at the same time he had gotten an idea.

“Where are you going?” Baekhyun questioned, when he walked passed the breakfast table without so much as grabbing something to eat.

“Outside,” he stated. During the last couple days of his heat, coming down from all the feelings of need and want he had a lot of time to think. When They expanded the house there was a lot of extra wood left over, Kris and Junmyeon figured that when the family began to expand more they could use that wood to build other houses so that the families could have more privacy than having to live in what amounted to a bachelor pad. Minseok however had had a thought on how to utilize the wood, because he wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

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