Meihem ideas

Junkrat wasn’t often exposed to a lot of good relationships or affection when he grew up.
When Junkrat realized he was attracted to Mei he thought it wasn’t serious then realized he actually really loved her and started getting confused and flustered trying to figure out how to deal with it.
When she cuddles or hugs he’s a bit startled but absolutely loves it.
When they snuggle Junkrat is cold to the touch at the start, but since Mei is always wearing her coat she warms him up quickly.

A/N:Here it is…my Mei X Junkenstein story.

Mei Ling Zhou sucked in a breath as she readied herself to the knock on the door of a castle. It wasn’t just any castle per say, it was the castle belonging to the mad doctor Jamison Junkstein. When she’d arrived in Alderbrunn, Mei had heard of Junkenstein, and the chaos and havoc and wrecked on the village. Since that day, Junkenstein and his monster had been forced back into the castle and the king had made sure they would stay there, unable to leave.

Mei had left her home country to pursue the science career she’d been unable to have (she was a women after all, and such a profession was disallowed). She ended up meeting someone who worked for the King of Alderbrunn and told her that she’d be able to get a job working for the scientist who lived in Alderbrunn. Mei had been more then thrilled upon hearing this, and she was escorted to the king and talked with him. He’d informed her about Dr.Junkenstein and the madness that he’d placed on the village. The king said that she could be Junkenstein’s assistant, informing her that perhaps a ‘beautiful young women such as herself could calm the mad doctor down’.

Now here she was,nervous and a little scared. But she knew she had to do this, it might just be a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. Finally, Mei managed to gather up the courage and knocked on the door a few times. The massive door soon opened, and Mei found herself face to face with Dr.Junkenstein himself.

The mad doctor’s eyes widened at the sight of her. He had no idea who this women was, or what she was doing here, but she was the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. Junkenstein just couldn’t take his eyes off her. “Um..hello there…I am Mei Ling Zhou..and the king recruited me as your new assistant..” She said, speaking to him in a quiet, shy voice. The sound of her speaking broke the madman out of his trance and he managed to respond. “Oh! I wasn’t told I was getting an assistant. But please,” He gestured for her to get inside the castle. “Come in.”

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