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Color Guard Director Things

So we have two color guard directors, one is a married thirty year old short woman. The other is a tall ass gay af college student who’s so sassy it pains me. We’ll call the first one A and the other R.

Here is  the incomplete list of things they have said that really just, stuck.

“Hold your leg up! Your buttcheeks need to be clenched! If you had a grape between those cheeks, it’d better be squished!”-A

“Dam-I mean Dang it Alyssa I’m not going to follow you back on instagram. I’ll follow Brayden though.”-R

“Ya like jazz?” -R


*plays britney spears in the middle of rehearsal* -R


“LoOK.” *aggresively shoving pictures of his dog to the guard -R

“Sweetie. Please don’t eat your hair. You’re going to look like dancing chewbaca.” -A

*while teaching how to do a hand stand and shirt falls down* “DON’T LOOK AT MY TUMMY ROLLS I HAVEN’T WORKED OUT”-R

“boom. Roasted as the kids say.” *another student telling him he’s only 20* “I am a granpa already. Can you see this gray hair.”-R

“Don’t be a flexed foot felicia. Don’t be a dropping Deborah. Don’t be an Off-Count Octavius.”- R

“4:40, to Malvern, next to arrive on track five, section B.”
I hesitate. Malvern. Doylestown. They always catch my ear.
Shoppers, tourists, and natives alike push past me, as I stand and wait for the reel to repeat.
“4:40, to Malvern—”
I struggle with the last minute necklace I bought just moments before. It’s cheap, and not worth even the nine dollars I spent. Still, I manage the clasp and tuck it under my collar, feeling twenty five percent better about my day.
“Last call!”
To the woman who called me a bitch at the market today.
“Last call!”
To the woman who splashed me with water,
“Last call!”
I stand tall in the threshold of a city dense with unsavory thoughts.
Yes, I have change to spare.
Yes, I’m waiting in line.
The breeze from a far off opened door flutteres at my skirt.
Have I really been awake all this time?
“Are you nervous about meeting your dad?”
My aunt has no idea how much I adore her. She’s not my aunt. My uncle’s girlfriend. I love her though. I’ve known her two months, and I’m enchanted.
“Well, not ‘meeting’ but you know what I mean.”
She stands close, like she’s whispering to just me. She speaks in a normal tone though.
She’s about my heigh with heels on.
“And little jakey too.”
She catches me off guard.
“Who’s he?”
“Oh. Sweetie. You don’t know?”
Her lip liner isn’t blended into her lipstick very well, but I’m still enamored by her closeness.
I watch her mouth. Her teeth gleam with the wetness of her saliva.
“—he’s your brother.”

Finally finished…. My second character for @felostheir !!!

Name: Alethea
Age: 19
DOB: December 17
Heigh: 167 cm
Weigh: 59 kg
Likes: making clothes, cooking for everyone
Dislikes: sea food
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Orange
Class: Mercenary
Homeland: Rosalm (or Valm)

I’m sorry I’m very sleepy for probably 4 days so here’s really short and bad story………..

Alethea is a young pirate from Rosalm (or Valm); she became a pirate after her parents abandoned her and threw her in the sea, and left her a scar on her forehead. She was found by a pirate named Chauncey, who took her out of the water and decided to take care of her after he got to know that she had a amnesia. He was the one who gave her her current name. Chauncey and his very close friend, Yseut, taught her how to use sword and some of their special tricks, and because of them Alethea became a very skilled mercenary and a pirate.

Alethea is cheerful young lady who loves talking about how good she is, and mostly people don’t take her words about herself seriously, but she’s actually as good as she talks about herself. She is very enthusiastic most of the time, and she always speaks with everyone in a confident manner. She loves joking, no matter where she is or who is she talking to, sometimes she makes jokes in a battle. Talking about battles; she is merciless to her enemy, but she will not fight someone who cannot protect himself ( or they are very weak). More than that, Alethea is quite educated because Yseut was always giving her his books and forcing her to study.

Random facts:
-She is good at cooking sea food, but she still doesn’t like it;
-She has a really good memory, but she’s still confused why can’t she remember of her real family;
-She loves making clothes;
-When Chauncey started teaching her how to fight with sword, he told her to take the sword and she was doing it for 2 minutes, and Chauncey after that was telling her to become a mage or a healer for a long time;
-Yseut always tells her that she’s a pirate and there’s no need in wearing such fancy clothes and she always says like “a lady must be a lady even if she’s on a pirate ship full of men”;
-Chauncey always says that it is a miracle that he found Alethea in the sea alive;
-Alethea always wears something on her forehead because she doesn’t want people to see her scar;
-She wears leggings under her skirt so she can throw her legs up as much as she wants to;
-Her voice is low but very emotional.

Dual Support
- “Heh, I’m right here!”
- “The enemy has no chance.”
- “Show them no mercy!”
- “Don’t be afraid.”
- “It’s our time to shine!”
- “Let’s get ‘em!”
- “My, my… Do they have a chance?”
- “We are unstoppable!”
- “Never give up!”
Dual Strike
- “May I?”
- “Watch this, pal!”
- “Got this!”
- “How do you like THAT!”
- “Don’t forget about me!~”
Dual Guard
- “Woah , be careful!”
- “Hey, don’t lose your guard!”
- “Not a chance, sweetie.”
Defeated Enemy
- “I expected no less from myself.”
- “Was that all what you’ve got? Aw….”
- “My…”
Partner Defeated Enemy
- “Wow, amazing!”
- “I knew you could do that.”
- “Nice, nice!”
- “Watch this with your both eyes!”
- “Any last words? No? Perfect.”
- “Better run from me! Wait, it useless.”
- “I’m not going to hold back, pal!”
- “Not expected…. to die like… THAT… uh, it’s all up to you, guys….” (death)
- “I’m afraid I approach my limit…. ow…..” (retreat)

Illya Kuryakin

Heeeey! Could you write an imagine with Illya Kuryakin where reader is hurt really badly (nearly dies) and he has to take care of here after? Happy ending pls:3

“The boat’s leaving,” you anxiously said into the com.

“We are almost there Y/N. Just 40 more seconds,” Solo replied.

You assessed the situation. The boat was going too fast, if you didn’t get on it now you’d lose it. “There’s no time. I have to go on. There’s a speed boat near the pier across from where they are docked. Get to that and meet me on the boat,” after that you ran full force and lept from the deck, just making it onto the boat. You came out of your tucked roll with your gun in hand and hit the five people in front of you on the deck. Standing up you kicked out to your left and fought off the man coming after you. You pinned him down and brought the knife out from your boot, ending his fight. “I’m on the boat,” you finally reported.

“We just got onto the speedboat. Is there a ladder you can lower for us,” Gabby asked.

“Yes,” you ran to the side and lowered a rope ladder. “I lowered a rope.”

“How many men,” Illya asked.

“6 less than before,” you looked at the bodies on deck but heard shouting below deck. “They know I’m here. There’s more coming up.”

“We’re almost there, Y/N,” Illya called. Four extra men came on deck and you jumped behind crates to hide from their gunfire. As you and the men fired back and forth you heard the last two talk about the package that you and the team had been sent after. Although your Bulgarian was rusty you understood the gist- the package was below deck and had three men around it.

Two shots rang out and you heard the last two men hit the floor. The team was on deck. “You ok,” Illya asked.

“Just fine.”

“Stop worrying about your girlfriend, Peril,” Solo said. “We’ve got bigger fish right now.”

“The package is below deck guarded by three men. Not sure how many others are below deck, though.”

“We’ll go below,” Gabby said devising a plan as you all shot the men that tried to come above, “Napoleon and I will take the 2nd level of the ship, Y/N, you and Illya take the 1st level. We have to find and get the package out. That’s our number one priority.” You loaded a new round of ammo in your gun and followed the team below deck.

The two of you fought your way through the men on your level. From below you could hear Gabby and Solo as well. “Duck,” Illya said and shot just above where your head had just been, taking out the man that was behind you as you fought off two others.

“We’re almost at the end of the hallway,” Gabby said through the coms.

“We’ve got two doors left also,” Illya replied.

As you cleared one of the last rooms you went to the final room on your level and, as soon as the door was greeted, three men jumped on you and Illya. You took one out and moved to the girl in the corner. “We have the package,” you spoke through your com. “Repeat, we have the girl.”

“Get her out of here. I’ll be behind you,” Illya grumbled as he fought the last two guards off.

“Sweetie, I’m not here to hurt you,” you spoke to the 11 year old girl. “I need you to come with me, ok? We are going to get you back to your father.” She gave you a weak nod and you took your hand. You ran with her back up to the deck and ran with her back to the ladder.

“Behind you,” the little girl cried. You turn around just in time to avoid getting a knife in the back. A man, about a foot taller and 100 pounds larger than you towered over you.

“Lila,” you spoke to the little girl, “get on the boat.”

“What about you.”

“Lila, get on the boat,” you said through your teeth. The man jumped towards you and you two began to sprawl. “You are not getting the little girl as long as I live,” you growled to the large man.

“I didn’t plan on you living past this,” he smirked and lunged for you again. You were tired and out of ammo so you used the last knife you had. You got a stab in the arm on the huling man but he managed to fling it out of your hand shortly after.

“Y/N,” Gabby shouted when she saw your faltering battle.

“She’s going down to the boat! Get her out of here,” you commanded her. That little distraction was enough for the man to send his knife into your stomach. You stopped in place and looked at the knife sticking out of you. Your hands instinctively wrapped around the knife keeping pressure on it. Before you could react to anything a large blow from the man sent you over the side of the ship and into the hard, cold, water.


Your eyes fluttered open and you looked around the dark room. You made a hissing noise as pain flooded you at once. “Y/N, hey, you’re awake. Are you in pain,” Illya’s voice rushed at you. “Nurse,” he flew to the door and called out. “Nurse, she’s awake. She needs some pain medicine.”

You watched as a nurse ran in and injected sometime into your IV. “A doctor will be in here shortly to check on you, ok,” you nodded at the nurse.

“Y/N, are you ok?”

“Not going to lie, Ill, I have been better.” You smiled as his hand grabbed yours again and his thumb stroked it. “What happened?”

“You got stabbed in the stomach and pushed overboard. I got on deck just as you went over.”

“How’d I get out?”

“I jump over board and swam after you. Solo and Gabby brought the speedboat over to us when I resurfaced with you. You had,” he squeezed his eyes closed and put his other hand over his eyes, “…you had swallowed a lot of water and had lost a lot of blood. I cleared most of the water from your lungs and kept pressure on your stomach but, by the time we got you to a hospital, you were in pretty bad shape. That was four days ago.”

“Illya.” You tried to get him to look back up at you.

“I was so scared that I was going to lose you.”

“I’m here aren’t I,” you tried to make him feel better. “Where’s everyone else?”

“I made them go home. No use in having them sit around and see me act like a mess.”

“You can go home, if you want. I’m better. I’m ok. If you need some good rest you can go home.”

“Never. I’ll be here making you sick of me because I’ll be doing everything for you. And I’ll be doing the same thing after I take you home,” he grinned at you.

You looked sweetly at him. “Thank you, babe,” you rubbed his hand. “Come on,” you slowly and carefully scooted over a bit and patted the side next to you.

“YN, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hon, if I can survive almost bleeding out and drowning I can survive sleeping next to you. Come here and sleep with me,” you patted the bed again.

“Don’t ever do that to me again. From now on you let me take the stabs,” he scolded as he climbed in bed with you.

“Whatever you say, Peril.”

Really wanted to make some assets out of the great Manehattan scenery from last episode but also wanted to do something with the CMC this week, so here’s the grown-up crusaders!

I imagined  Scootaloo growing up to become a lieutenant in Princess Luna’s Royal Guard, Sweetie Belle finds success on broadway while Applebloom becomes a teacher and takes over the schoolhouse when Ms. Cheerilee moves away.

Maybe I Can Teach You Something?- Third runner up in the oneshot contest.

Jaime came out into the garden to see the Stark girl there. The oldest of the Stark girls and twin to the one named Robb. Before he’d arrived at Winterfell they had heard lots about each of the kids, Robb the heir to Winterfell and the North, Jon Snow the only bastard of the honourable Ned Stark, Sansa Stark as beautiful as Catelyn Tully at that age, Arya Stark the She-wolf, Bran the climber and Rickon the smallest. But the one he’d heard most about was Torrhen Stark the untamed wolf, the Northern Beauty, the wild wolf in the North. Jaime couldn’t lie and say any of them weren’t true. Torrhen Stark had the language of a drunk man bragging about his conquests in a whore house, or the king, no matter how many times her mother told her off for the language she didn’t care. She had went hunting with her father and the king and kept up, catching less animals than any of the men but getting the bigger animals putting them all to shame and giving the king a right laugh at his brother and Kingsguard. Her mother hadn’t allowed her to go to sword practice with her brothers and the princes but she still didn’t go do knitting with her sisters and the princess. She instead decided to practice her archery and use of a dagger. Her beauty wasn’t a lie either. Unlike her twin brother she was more Stark than Tully; dark hair and pale skin, quite tall although still slightly smaller than her younger sister Sansa. She was a thin girl but she had strong legs and arms clear signs of muscles. Although she had the Blue Tully eyes which twinkled with mischief and she was the beauty of the North or at least the most beautiful he’d seen from the Northern women who mostly look rough.

Named after Torrhen Stark the king who knelt to King Aegon Targaryen Cersei hadn’t been too happy when she’d tried putting the girls name down saying she could have been named after a great King instead and the girl replied that she thought she’d been named after the best King as he gave up his legacy to save his people. He’d been outnumbered and the dragon would have burnt his people to death. Cersei hated being out smarted however the girl withstood Cersei’s glare that could send the bravest man weeping with, a curtsy and a mocking your grace to the end. But the grin on the girls face said it all, her mother was mortified but the cold as stone Ned Stark was trying to retain his smile and did a good job, the quirk of his lips was less noticeable than her twins wide grin and her youngest sister and brothers giggles. The ginger Stark look more ashamed than even her mother, completely white faced looking like she was going to drop dead from embarrassment. The king loved the girl, him and the eldest Stark girl got along extremely well and if it wasn’t for the girls adversity to arranged marriage she would have been the one married off to Joffery.

The king wouldn’t force his favourite Stark child to do anything and by the sounds of things the girl had never been forced to do something she has hated in her entire life, none of the Stark children were forced to do anything but even the Stark kids were expected to attend classes with a Septa, Maester or master at arms. However spending so much time with Stark’s allowed him to learn that Torrhen Stark had been raised with her two brothers for 3 years before a sister finally came along and when she did the little ginger child was too young for schooling with a septa until at least 5 so the girl had another 5 years of hanging around her brothers, 5 years of learning with the Maester as was expected with every child and 3 years of learning archery and how to use a dagger with the master at arms Ser Rodrik with her brothers so she didn’t feel left out of learning. Ser Rodrik taught her how to use a dagger instead of a sword with her brothers as Lady Stark drew the line at sword fighting believing ladies were not to wield swords, that she could learn to defend herself with a knife but that was it. When her sister was old enough and another at 3 it was time to for her to be taught by a septa. To be a lady but Torrhen found it dreadfully boring and would rather wield her daggers than a needle and was in too much admiration of her father’s war stories that she and her brothers heard every night wanting to be like him. Ned Stark said he would continue her training personally as long as she attended her lessons with her septa to keep his eldest she-wolf and his wife happy. The girl agreed and she did attend her lessons with a septa but she didn’t do anything expect practicing her dagger movements and pranking her septa until the woman explained she couldn’t handle the eldest girl anymore and she got to attend lessons with Ser Rodrik and Ned Stark as she had stuck to her promise. It was no wonder to Jaime that she was such a wing nut.

“And what are you doing Lady Torrhen?” Jaime said looking down at the girl. She was in the gardens in her grey dress with a white direwolf sigil sown on it, white lace sleeves, waist and chest and her black cloak with a white swirled pattern on it and a white fur collar. She was wearing it at the tournament to make her eldest sibling happy and with her hair in a fancy up-do she looked every part the lady and despite the fact she stole the eyes of every man in the room when she entered Jaime couldn’t help but think she looked sexier when she wasn’t dressed like a lady but in her training clothes or her usual shirt and pants combo. Jaime stared at her strangely confused about that thought but also confused as to why the wild wolf was lying spread out on the ground with her arm across her face covering her eyes.

“I’m bored and sweating in places I didn’t even know I could Ser Jaime. Why would any sane human wish to live in the bloody South” Torrhen complained and Jaime smirked amused. Although Jaime was irritated by the number of Stark’s he’d been forced to endure this past while he couldn’t deny even he wasn’t immune to the girls unladylike charm and found her amusing and enjoyable to be around when you needed cheering up.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t be wearing a fur cloak in the sun. This isn’t the North” Jaime laughed as she groaned.

“I wish this was the North. I miss Winterfell I love the North, the constant breeze, the temperature that would make any Southern kid freeze to death but as kids Jon, Robb and I would run around in nothing but undergarments, the northern snows coming from the wall and all the meetings my father use to bring Robb and I too and the people!” Torrhen exclaimed throwing her arm across her eyes to the other side of her looking like a star fish. To Jaime all of what she just said sounded like absolute torture but he guessed that was the difference between living in the south and in the North “I miss everything and everyone. I want to see Bran and little Rickon. But Bran just woke up I need to go see him, I’m his big sister he needs me”. Jaime felt bad, he knew what he’d done and he knew Torrhen had been the one to find him.

Despite her wild side no one could say Torrhen didn’t have a soft side. She cared for every single one of her siblings, she supported Robb in helping him learn how to be the future Lord of Winterfell as well as being a constant companion, she was always sticking up for her bastard brother against her mother; she hadn’t even sat with them at the feast at Winterfell because Jon Snow hadn’t been allowed to sit with them. Her mother hadn’t been pleased to see her lady daughter sitting in the back of the hall but she didn’t seem surprised. What she did for Sansa today showed she was even willing to go against her personality for her siblings, Arya was so much like her that she just supported her in all she did and little Rickon was constantly adoring his older sister and she loved playing with her youngest sibling. But Bran, out of all of her younger siblings she was closest to Bran. When Arya had been born she had 5 years old and didn’t really notice a baby around the house. When she was 7 however her little Bran had came along and she was fascinated. Her mother thought she was showing a maternal side and maybe she was but she was so close to her little brother and encouraged everything he wanted to do. Even climbing and that’s why she felt horrible finding him there on the ground, looking so small and fragile, his wolf howling beside him and her heart crumpled.

Looking at the sad look on her face Jaime felt disgusted by himself and looking at his feet he saw a side view of his sword “Do you want to learn how to use a sword?” Jaime asked her and she looked up at him confused.

“What?” Torrhen sat up and looked at him like he was nuts.

Jaime rolled his eyes “Your bored, I’m out of the tournament and have nothing to do, let me give you a lesson in sword fighting. I heard your mother wouldn’t allow you to be trained with a sword, thought you’d be interested?” He asked and Torrhen grinned widely.

“Okay, sounds like it could be fun” Torrhen shrugged and Jaime helped her up “and you’re right. Mother never let me train with swords”.

“You go get into something more appropriate and I’ll get the sparring weapons” Jaime explained “be quick about it”.


A few minutes later she came back and he threw a sparring sword to her which she caught in a fluent motion.

“I’m trained in using a dagger. You can’t catch me off guard sweetie” Torrhen replied in her usual mischievous tone.

Jaime smirked “I think you might be caught a bit off guard. Now do you know the proper way to stand?” Jaime asked her and she stood in a way that wasn’t far off but still wrong. After fixing her stance he fixed her grip on the sword “Not too tight, you and this sword are one you don’t need a death grip just enough to keep it in your hand”. Jaime stood in front of her and took his own sparring sword before holding it like he’d shown her to. “Now you know the basics from watching others I’m sure and we’ll work on your technique as we go along. Don’t be ashamed if you’re not professional straight away” Jaime grinned smugly “we can’t all be me”.

Torrhen rolled her eyes “oh shut up big head and start” Torrhen said and a look of concentration on her face.

Jaime swung his sword at her and she blocked it perfectly. Beginners luck. Swinging again and blocked. Swing, blocked, swing, blocked, swing, blocked and it continued Jaime decided she was good enough with the basics, probably picking it up from watching her brothers. Deciding to bring up the level a bit Jaime suddenly swung down to whack her legs and trip her and she spun out of the way and hit him in the side. Jaime looked at her and she grinned widely and cheekily like a evil pixie. Jaime new he was being played but he said he’d train her, first he needed to find out how good she was. Jaime and Torrhen got into an intense fight with swords and she seemed pretty evenly matched with him. The match was dragging and they were both sore, Torrhen rolled her eyes eventually and grinned. Pulling some complicated move he had never seen before she knocked his sword from his hand and hit him behind the knees tripping him. Walking forward and putting the sword under his chin she grinned at him “my mother never let me train with swords, but when my father was starting to train me he was easy enough to convince” Torrhen laughed “Don’t worry, I went easy on you. Don’t be ashamed, not everyone can be a professional like me straight away”.

Jaime looked surprised and then let his head drop to the ground and laughed. He’d been played by a girl just under half his age and she was a good sword fighter already. He should have knew she’d gotten Ned to train her, she was a daddy’s girl and had Ned wrapped around her little finger.

“Well played Stark. Let me up” Jaime smirked at her and Torrhen took her foot off his chest and removed her sword from his neck. Jaime stood up.

“Do you want me to teach you sword play sweetie? I think you need some practice” Torrhen hit his guards armour with her sword, looking at the armour she laughed “maybe you should give me your armour and I’ll guard the king and you can get trained up again” she was laughing so hard she was finding it difficult to breath. Eventually she calmed down and saw the unimpressed amusement on his face “Sorry” she giggled “Just it’s funny I should be teaching you instead” she looked so smug.

Jaime not one to back down when he’s being teased turned on the charm “Well maybe I could teach you something else” he suggested walking over to her getting very close up to her and Torrhen raised her eyebrows at him and smirked slyly resting her hand on his chest moving closer.

“Maybe you should” she looked up through her eyelashes. Jaime swallowed beginning to feel a bit tight in his trousers. She was looking very hot right now, her hair was loosely tied back and her training clothes made her look incredible. Those blue eyes looking seductive and her dark hair and pale skin, not to mention she just took him down in an amazing fight. Torrhen laughed “your face - priceless - my gods - I can’t - you - you looked so afraid - and - oh gods-” Torrhen struggled for breath.

As she began to walk away Jaime grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into his chest and kissed her passionately, shocking Torrhen however she closed her eyes and melted into the kiss. Walking backwards Jaime sat on the bench pulling Torrhen onto his lap and eventually he pulled away leaving her breathless.

Jaime winked “told you I could teach you something” he explained kissing her lightly.

“Well maybe we can work on it some other day” Torrhen said kissing him and down his neck leaving a mark on his neck she got up and walked off with a sultry sway of her hips. Jaime stared after her complete stunned and slightly turned on. She was amazing and gorgeous and with a great personality unlike anyone he’d ever met and he didn’t even care about trying to explain the mark on his neck to Cersei. Oh god, he was falling for a Stark.


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