guard queen


RISE RED // a playlist made for the scarlet guard, everyone’s favourite rebels.

you believe you are the masters of the world, but your reign as kings and gods is at an end. until you recognise us as human, as equal, the fight will be at your door. not on a battlefield but in your cities. in your streets. in your homes. you don’t see us, and so we are everywhere. and we will rise up, red as the dawn.

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RQ p.1
  • Mare: Today... Today is a good day.
  • Farley: How? Our rebellion is going to shit becuase of some random silvers who are helping us, but really just themselves...
  • Kilorn: Not to mention your boyfriend choose the crown over you...
  • Cameron: Again. He choose the crown over you twice now.
  • Mare forcing a smile: Today... Today WAS a good day.

Chapter 22

“His chest flushes beneath my palms, rising with reckless heat. His skin looks even paler next to mine. Using his teeth, he unlatches his flamemaker bracelets and tosses them into the undergrowth. “Thank my colors for the rain,” he murmurs. I feel the opposite. I want to burn.”

King’s Cage, Victoria Aveyard