guard queen

“Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world.
Bury me alive.
‘Cause I won’t give up without a fight.
If you love me let me go.
‘Cause these words are knives that often leave scars,
The fear of falling apart.
And truth be told I never was yours,
the fear, the fear of falling apart.”

- This is Gospel, Panic! at the Disco for musical inspiration <3

King’s Cage comes out soon and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been practicing more cartoonish styles from watching a lot of Danica Sills’ style. Hope you guys like it! <3

Spoiler Policy For King's Cage

I won’t be posting anything regarding King’s Cage until the tail end of March. So no worries to those who think I might spoil something. I’m always very tactful with these things anyway (at least I think I am- I didn’t post the shadekabab thing until like June last year.). Also, feel free to message me if you’re suffering from the complete emotional destruction brought on by this upcoming release. Love, M

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Padme Amidala wasn’t Natalie Portman when she was crowned queen of Naboo, she was a fourteen year old child. She didn’t have Natalie Portman’s glare or sharp jawline or figure, she had baby fat and had barely hit puberty. Give my girl the prepubescent credit she deserves

kings cage spoilers ahead.

wow okay so i just finished and although nobody will ever read this i need to freaking vent.

NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH MAVEN IS SUFFERING AND HOW HIS ENTIRE BEING WAS CUT OPEN AND TORN APART BY HIS MOTHER I MEAN COME ON, *MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD RN STOP READING* “IT’S THE ONLY WAY YOU’LL STAY WITH ME” he’s a complete nutcase, obvs but he COULD have loved Mare so much, but now he’s just a broken soul. Idk I kinda want him to be whole again so we can see his ACTUAL thoughts, without Elara’s stuff. Or for VA to write a companion novel/ something from his point of view.

okay i’m done

ok but

Were Mare and Cal really ever in love?

I guess it would depend on your personal definition of what love is, but to me, true love is self-sacrificing, it’s putting someone else’s needs ahead of yours, and it’s based on a true understanding of who the other person is.

I mean, in RQ, Mare is continually drawn to Cal but constantly reminding herself that he isn’t who she thinks she is.

And for Cal to think Mare would give up the Scarlet Guard and become his queen shows he really doesn’t know her at all. Maybe he assumes she was thrown into the Guard like he was, maybe she got in because of her brother (i wonder did cal ever figure out when mare actually joined?? when he was with her the night she saw her family?? did he think she signed up only because of maven??)

I think Mare and Cal were both in love with the idea of each other, and then when reality hits, it shows where their priories are.