guard lion

i think the saddest, most traumatising part about the stampede is mufasa’s reaction to scar saying ‘long live the king’ 

not only does he realise that he’s about to be murdered—knowing mufasa that’s probably the least of his concern—but he’s just realised it’s all a trap. the fate of the kingdom now relies on a tyrant. his brother finally got what he always wanted. and worst of all? his son is still alive. he knows simba’s still alive because he got him onto the perch before he tried to get himself to safety.

mufasa knew scar was going after simba next, and he couldn’t save him.


Happy  International Women’s Day

Not your Ordinary Family

I love this family so much!  

I was listening to We are Family by Keke Palmer from the Ice Age: Continental Drift. I just thought it fit so well!

You have Timon who is the adoptive father of Simba, which makes him Kiara and Kion’s adoptive grandpa. Pumbaa who is the uncle (since he and Timon have a brotherly relationship) that Simba never had, which makes him the adoptive great uncle to Kion and Kiara. And Bunga is Simba’s cousin/brother since he’s the adopted nephew of Timon and Pumbaa plus they have a brotherly bond. Which also makes Bunga kind of like an uncle of Kion and Kiara too XDD

Disney ABC Upfront Highlights 

  • Ducktales Renewed For A Second Season
  • Big Hero 6 The Series Renewed For A Second Season
  • Tangled The Series Renewed For A Second Season
  • Elena Of Avalor Renewed For A Third Season
  • Penn Zero Part Time Hero Season 2 Comes Out Summer 2017
  • The Lion Guard Renewed for a Third Season
  • Mickey And The Roaster Racers Renewed For A Second Season 
  • Puppy Dog Pals Premieres April 14th
  • Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Renewed For A Fourth Season
  • Billy Dilley’s Super Duper Subterrean Summer moved to Summer 2017 

Finally getting the hang of drawing my A.I.s robot body designs.

Introducing Auto.

Auto enjoys napping, watching sunrises/sets and building bridges