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BTS Scenario/Reaction - Yoongi (Pt.2) Self Harming/Self Harm Scars

*TRIGGER WARNING* This is a very touchy topic and if you are uncomfortable with it I suggest you not to read

(DISCLAIMER: I do not intent to promote/romanticise self harming or depression. If you or someone you know is going through this please get help and my ask box is always open if you need/want to talk, both admins are here to listen)

Word count: 1,107

Before Yoongi you were known as the awkward girl that always wore the black hoodie no matter the weather outside. But what could you do?, it was like your safe haven, it kept all your secrets and fears inside and any judgement you didn’t already received out. Whenever you would put on your hoodie you felt like all the imperfections and reminders of the past weren’t there anymore, cause you couldn’t see them. It was merely a shield protecting you from additional eyes and stares you were sure you would receive while hiding away the aspects of you that you knew people wouldn’t accept. It gave you a sense of safely even if it was just a piece of material, it was all you had. Yoongi never questioned why you always wore the hoodie but he knew there was a reason behind it, he knew you weren’t as confident and outgoing like others but he didn’t want to pressure you into telling him the reason behind it. He respected your privacy and you were thankful for that because telling him or even showing him your scars was something that weighed heavily on you, it was something you feared and you had no idea why. You trusted him so why weren’t you willing to show him that side of you? Why were you so scared to death that maybe, just maybe he would become one of those many judging eyes you saw on a daily basis? It was because even though you thought trusted him, there was always a doubt finding it’s way into your brain and constantly whispering in your ear that this wasn’t going to be any different from the past, that he would run for the hills like everyone else who ever got this close did. And this fear ate you up, it consumed you and played at your mental state making you borderline crazy. You feared you were just digging a hole only to bury yourself in it.  

It was like any other day, you waking up in cold sweats caused by the nightmares that haunted your dreams whenever you closed your eyes, but you had grown accustom. You had accepted the fact that this was how it was going to be, that you couldn’t outrun your past even if everything you went through was over. It still stuck with you and you knew you had to live with it. You slumped your way out of bed and decided to take a shower to cool your hot body before you started your daily activities, which mostly consisted of going to classes and hanging out with Yoongi. It wasn’t the best life but you were contented you had someone to spend your time with than being alone. Even though you distant yourself from people you hated to being alone. Picking up your over worn hoodie from the chair next to your bed to cover yourself after you had got out of the shower a knock at your door caught you off-guard. Pulling your towel tighter around you exposed body you dropped your hoodie back in its place and made your way over to see who it was at the door. ‘No one ever comes here’ you thought to yourself wondering who it could be. You unlocked the door and peeped outside to see a very soaked Yoongi with a look of desperation to get out of the rain on his face. You hadn’t even realized it was pouring outside until you look passed Yoongi’s figure to see the heavy rain and multiple puddles forming outside. Being brought back to the shivering boy in front of you, you looked at him wide eyed still processing his unexpected presence.  

“Can I come in y/n, I’m freezing out here” he spoke first earning a quick nod from you.

You pulled back the door allowing just enough room for him to pass as your tried your best to keep the cold breeze out. He was now inside, leaving a trail of water behind him as he removed his soaked jacket from his pale body. You stood there in shock not knowing what to say or do for this was the first time he, or anyone for that matter had came to your apartment. It was always you going over to his or you to hanging out somewhere around town. Yoongi turned around to finally look at you as he took in your appearance. You had totally forgot you were only wearing a towel with most of your body exposed, and more importantly, your scars. Panic setting in, you stood still, your body in shock as his gaze wonder from your frightened expression down your stiff body. It was too late to cover up now or to run and hide to prevent him from seeing what you were so desperately trying to hide. He had seen, all your flaws and imperfections that you had caused upon yourself, he had seen everything. His face was unreadable and it stroke a fear in you that he would run any minute from the broken girl that stood no less than 5 feet in front of him. But he didn’t, he didn’t run, nor did he show a face of discuss like everyone else you knew before did. You held your breath as he slowly approached you, his eyes never leaving your face, your heart rate increasing with every step that he took. ‘What was he going to do?’ you fearfully thought as you stood there scared to move a muscle as you stared at him with an uneasy expression on your face. His face was inch away from your now and you had no idea how you hadn’t collapsed from the amount of excessive breathing you were doing. You closed your eyes, not knowing what to expect as you felt a soft gentle touch on the side of your face. You released a shaky breath as you leaned into his comforting touch, savouring the feeling just in case he changed his mind and made a run for it. All the doubts and fears you had dissolved as you felt his lips lightly brush against yours, your tensed body relaxed at the feeling. You unconsciously leaned in wanting to feel more of this new sensation caused by his touch. He kissed you, and not just a simple kiss but one that held so much love and passion, it made you feel safe, it made you feel protected and you didn’t want it to end.  

“Y/n, I know you’re hurting, but you don’t have to anymore, I’ll always be here to make you feel safe”

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Big Bright Beautiful World (Part 4) - Bruce Wayne x Reader

I feel like it should be known that I initially wanted to add genetically modified dinosaurs in sort of a Jurassic Park meets League of Assassins kind of scenario here, but they wouldn’t let me.

But! I am actually more than content with what I did instead.

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Words: 948

You slide your copy of Sleeping Beauty back in its place on the bookshelf with all of your other fairy tales. With a sigh you flop onto your bed. What kind of life is this? Sitting in a guarded room in a tower reading the same stories over and over again has grown dull. Would you ever get to leave? What if someone swooped in and stole you away from this dreadful place?

As soon as your mind wanders to the possibilities of a rescuer, a rush of wind and a soft thud cause you to glance toward your window.

Where a tall dark figure is suddenly blocking the sunlight into the room.

You bolt upright with a startled yelp and grab the hairbrush from your nightstand and hold it in front of you like a weapon. “Who are you and what do you want?”

“Come with me.” His voice is deep and menacing, and when he takes a step forward you scramble further back on your bed.

“No! Do you think I’m stupid or something? Even if you’re not here to kidnap me yourself the assassins will kill both of us before we escape. Plus, you never answered the ‘Who are you?’ question. What are you supposed to be, anyway? What’s with the pointy ears on the cowl thing?” You gesture at his vaguely bat-like ensemble with your hairbrush.

The man gives a heavy sigh and walks closer to you. “I’m Batman.”

Just then your bedroom door busts open as three assassins make their way inside, weapons ready to attack.

“And right now we need to go.” He picks you up with one arm and runs back to the window as the assassins lunge at where you had been sitting on the bed.

“Hey, wait! What are you—” Your question is cut off by your own scream as this Batman jumps out of your window. When you notice the ground rushing toward you, you wrap your arms around his neck and tuck your face into his shoulder, and his grip around your waist tightens.

But then suddenly your feet are on the ground. And you’re not dead. At least not yet.

But you’re afraid you will be soon.

The two of you have landed in the main courtyard, and Talia al Ghul is standing in front of you.

“So nice you see you again, Beloved.” She purrs. You raise an eyebrow slightly at the man by your side. Talia makes it sound like they are a couple. But if they’re a couple why is he not on the side of the assassins?

“Talia.” His voice sound even more menacing than before, and you suddenly understand that they are, in fact, not an item. But everything in Talia’s body language suggests otherwise. “This obsession of yours has to stop.”

Talia takes a sultry step forward, and Batman’s form stiffens. “It is not only my obsession, my love. It is the will of my father.”

“Yeah, well, your father’s a creep.” You say out loud before you can stop yourself. Immediately you regret speaking, as Talia’s attention suddenly turns from Batman to you with a sickeningly threatening smile.

“I see you found our little caged bird.” She glances back at Batman. “What would the Bat possibly want with our bird?”

“She’s a captive, Talia. That shouldn’t need an explanation.”

“Hmm. What if I make you a deal?” Talia smirks. “I’ll let the caged bird free if the Bat takes her place.”

“That’s not an option.” Batman reaches into his belt and pulls out what appear to be bat shaped shuriken. You look around and notice that dozens of assassins are closing in and circling up around the three of you. You cling closer to Batman’s side as he takes a fighting stance against Talia.

“Of course you want to play this game.” Talia’s flirtatious behavior is suddenly soured by a scowl, and the glint in her eye sends fear down your spine. “I will have you one day, my love. Just wait and see.”

Apparently just noticing how many assassins are encircling the two of you, Batman pushes you behind him in a protective gesture. As if it will do any good. You close your eyes and lean against your ‘rescuer’ and try thinking of happy thoughts, like pink ponies and happy skies, in an attempt to push away the fear crawling up your throat.

But when you open your eyes and see the assassins lunging at you, your immediate thought is that you are going to die.

You don’t notice the chorus of dull thumps on the ground all around your feet until smoke pours out of dozens of small metal balls, quickly obscuring your vision in a white-gray cloud.

“RUN!” A new, young voice yells from beyond the smoke, and Batman sweeps you off your feet and soars through the air just as an assassin’s blade sticks in the ground where you had been standing.

Somehow under the cover of the chaos caused by the assassins and smoke, Batman lands out of the fortress grounds. When he lands on the ground he runs into the trees, all the while holding you in his arms.

A slight rustling startles you for a moment, and you think the assassins have caught up with you until a young boy in very colorful clothes starts running alongside you and Batman.

“Robin, I thought I told you to wait with the plane.” Batman says with a side glance at the boy.

“Yeah, well.” When you glance at the boy you see a mischievous smile on his face that tells you this kind of thing happens frequently. “I chose not to listen.”

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I walked past the bodies of police officers and asylum employees alike knowing that I had had a hand in their demise. I walked in a half-daze to my office where I had kept all of my tapes and notes from mine and Mister J’s sessions. Mister J… this was all for him and I hoped he knew that. It was easy to find his men once he had told me where to look, and even easier to give them the blueprints of the facility and notify them where the guards were located on each floor. It was also painfully easy to mention the hidden network of tunnels that ran under the asylum that have long since been forgotten and therefore remained unguarded and ready for them to slip into. 
           Pulling out all of my files and tapes I dropped them into a waste bucket, dousing its contents with the small bottle of gasoline I had put in my lab coat pocket. Striking a match I dropped it, staring down at it as the flames roared to life with a violence. All for you, Mister J.
           "Miss (Your last name)?“ Frost asked, stepping into the room with Panda and Crying baby man.
           "Yes?” Did they not find him?
           "The Doctor will see you now.“ 
           I screamed as they grabbed me, kicking and fighting but no amount of gymnastics or combat classes could have prepared me for three ripped thugs violently dragging me to a gurney and strapping me down. 
           "Get off me, get off me damn it!” I grunted as they tightened the straps.
           Mister J walked in, he was barefoot in a pair of black sweatpants with Arkham running down one of the pant legs. A purple leather duster rested on his shoulders with the collar popped but he didn’t look at me, he didn’t even spare me a glance, he just walked to the end of the gurney with his back to me as he spoke in hushed tones to one of his men. 
           "Mister J! Hey, I’m talkin’ to you. Hey I’m-“ The air was caught in my throat when the barrel of Frosts gun touched my temple. 
           Why, why, why, why was he doing this, I did everything he asked. Everything. I have risked my career and my life all for him and now. Now. No, no, he is going to talk to me. 
           "I let you out. I listened to you, I-I-I freed you and for what? For what, huh?! LOOK AT ME!" 
           "Want me to shoot her, boss?”
           Mister J turned slowly tisking his minion and waving his index finger back and forth. Frost moved the gun from my temple and I released the breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding. He and Frost disappeared for a moment and I continued to thrash, violently trying to loosen the restraints somehow but I knew it was all in vain. 
           "Now what do we have here?“ Mister J asked in an almost excited way, positioning the light by my face. 
           "Please, please Mister J. I-”
           "Shhh,“ His hands gripped either side of my head, stroking my temples. 
           "Why are you-”
           "You ever have your brains fried, Doctor (Your last name).“ He always said my last name with that curious little lilt at the end, and I gulped knowing to what he was referring but it wasn’t my fault!
           "Mister J, I didn’t sign off on the treatment. I tried to fight it, but they had-”
           "Please, please I-…. I’d do anything for you. You have to know that." 
           "Oh, I do Y/N." 
           Someone handed him the paddles all lathered up with conductive jelly and I licked my lips, my voice cracking. "So what, you’re gonna kill me Mister J?”
           He looked down at me like his intentions weren’t clear. “Oh, I’m not gonna kill ya,” He moved the paddles; they danced dangerously close to my temples. “I’m just gonna hurt ya, really, really, bad." 
           If this is what he needed to do then he better get on with it. I wasn’t afraid, I could never be afraid of him even in this position. 
           "Go ahead, I can take it,” I whispered, looking at him in a way I hoped he understood, looking at him as if to say go ahead do it. Wrong me like you think I wronged you, let me show you my loyalty. 
           Snapping a leather strap he placed it between my teeth and my breathing came out a little faster. He pressed the pads to my temples and I seized, I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t hold onto a thought, but oddly enough when he pulled the pads away I began to laugh. It bubbled up from the back of my throat, muffled by the strap I was biting on. I laughed as tears streamed from the corners of my eyes and in my disoriented state I vaguely heard a satisfied sound. 
           "Come on baby, come out, come out to play.“ 
           He pressed the pads to my temples again. I couldn’t really describe the sensation… the only thing that could come close was that it was like I was losing control. I wanted to move but I couldn’t move, I wanted to scream but I couldn’t scream, a frightening numbness and pain seared my skull and I couldn’t think about anything. All I could do, the only thing my brain seemed to want to let me do was laugh, and my laughter only increased with each shock. I don’t know how many shocks I was able to withstand before I blacked out but the last thing I heard or I thought I heard was, "Come out Y/N, come out, doll." 


           I woke up at home in my own bed, there was a woman… I think… walking around my room. A nurse I think, and I wondered vaguely how she got there but the thought danced out of my head. 
           "I’m…. you have been…… Mister J sent…… can you hear…. Y/N….." 
           It sounded like I kept being dunked under water, I would have  moments of clarity followed by a moments of jumbled words I wanted to understand but couldn’t. I blacked out again. 


           When I woke up again thinks were… clearer. My senses seemed, heightened in a way. Everything was so very loud, and that woman from before stuck a straw in my mouth and I sipped the water gratefully.
           "How long have I been out?” I croaked. 
           "Two weeks,“ 
           Jesus Christ. 
           "Who brought me here?” I whispered. 
           She rose silently, exiting the room and I called after her but she didn’t return. God damn it. Looking out the window I noticed how dark it had gotten. The television was on, his name drawing my attention and I sat up weekly. He had shot up a restaurant; the bastard had shot up a restaurant. I thought he was changing I thought… it was stupid and it was naive but oh, how I thought. Ripping the I.V from my arm I took a moment to reconsider how stupid that move had been but it had felt smart at the time. 
           Getting out of bed I got dressed weakly, pushing the door open. The nurse was in the kitchen, she tried to stop me and I don’t know why I did it but I struck her. She didn’t deserve it and yet I did it. I was angry, and I was on a mission, and she was in my way so I struck her and left my apartment, hopping on my motorcycle. You won’t be hard to find Mister J; I just have to follow the chaos and the swag. 


           I had chased him for ten minutes, gaining the upper hand when I skidded to a halt in front of him on a deserted road and dropped my bike. Walking over to his car I pounded on it, yelling all manners of profanity, pounding on his car with a violence because how dare he abandon me.
           He got out of the car, looking irritated but slightly curious. 
           "You bastard.“ I whimpered.
           "Always sweet talkin’ me, Doc." 
           "Don’t you start with me. I’m sick of your jokes." 
           "Well then I’ve got some news to break to you-”
           I pulled the gun from his holster and he laughed, only to stop when he realised I was pointing the gun at him. My hands were shaking, whether from fear or the aftershocks of what had happened I’m not sure, but it killed me pointing the gun at him.
           "You wanna shoot me, Doc?“ He asked, moving closer. 
           Movement from behind him caught my eye and I shot his henchman before aiming the gun back at his head. I didn’t speak for a moment; I was too hurt to do so.
           "You tossed me aside. You said all of those things during our sessions-”
           "To get out, doll. Tell me, did you really believe you were changing me?“ 
           "No, you didn’t believe that. You’re smarter than that Doc. You’re also smart enough to know why you came after me… why you just shot a man in cold blood.“ He purred. 
I faltered and I licked my lips. "I did it because you tricked-”
           "Oh, I didn’t trick ya. You knew what you were buying the moment you decided to take on my case, Doctor (Your Last Name). You studied me, you fell for me, and now that you’re awake… you can be just like me. You want to be with me… don'tcha’ Doc?“ He asked, and I shook my head feebly. 
           "Alright, fine, shoot me then. Shoot me; come on, do it, do it.” He pressed his forehead to the gun gesturing with his hands for me to do it. 
           I whimpered. “Mister J-”
           The gun was gone from my hands in an instant and I slumped forward and he caught me, stroking my hair. 
           "You got courage, Doll. I’ll give you that, and you’re smart but you’re missing a little… something.“ 
           "I’m sorry,” I whimpered, taking his face between my hands and I kissed him, needing to do it, needing to make sure what I felt was real and he purred. 
           "Hmm, yes, you could do nicely. Get in the car Y/N, you’re going to go for a swim.“