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Not that we needed it, but if we did need more evidence that Kara deserves better than Mon-El, we got it tonight.

A few weeks ago, Kara ended up powerless on another planet. There, despite her lack of powers, she did everything she could to protect to people she’d gone to save, and was hurt multiple times by the cell guards in order to stop the people she’d gone to help from being taken.

Whilst this was happening, despite going there to apparently help her, Mon-El just watched in silence.

Tonight Kara went to save Lena and try stop Lillian Luthor. Whilst there she was temporarily incapacitated after one of Lex Luthor’s weapons was used against her.

As this happened, Lena leaped forward with “don’t hurt her!” despite being restrained by Hank Henshaw, and she was then thrown to the ground and knocked out.

Mon-El knew Kara was completely powerless there, yet chose to do nothing.

Kara was down temporarily and Lena’s a human, so fragile compared to those she was with at the time, yet still Lena tried.

Mon-El did nothing when Kara had no powers and she was being electrocuted repetitively. Lena tried to do something when Kara was temporarily down but certainly not out and still had her powers.

Stop trying to insist on this bullshit love story of Kara and Mon-El when he only ever does things for her that aren’t a serious risk to him whilst still making him look good. Don’t you dare insist on this being some great new romance for both of them when he doesn’t deserve anything from her, despite how many times she’s gone out of her way to help him no matter how horribly he treated her. The fact he’s less awful now isn’t much of an improvement, and he should be grateful she’s tolerating him, and we should all know she deserves someone who can be her true partner, her equal, someone who helps her be better and stronger instead of dragging her down to their level.

Kara is, in the wise words of Cat Grant, smart and talented and astonishing. She is strong and brave and always tries to see the best in people and help people as much as she can. Don’t lessen this incredible woman to try and justify the existence of this new character. It’s an insult to Kara, and it’s an insult to everything this show is supposed to represent.

Caffeine Challenge #13

Alane stares at the mildew on the cold stone and doesn’t think she’d do anything differently. That doesn’t mean she’s happy here–she’s not. She’s cold and miserable and numb, the last being the worst thing of them all. The heavy iron shackles drain all the heat from her body and it’s just like her to take the one secret Alane gave to her in trust and abuse it.

The Queen comes for her as the day breaks. Alane can tell in the way people like her know these things. There are no windows in her cell.

The guards clatter to attention as the Queen descends the stairs, abandoning half-eaten breakfasts of day old bread and cold chicken. At the Queen’s side is Lord Poole, a man Alane doesn’t think the Queen trusts.

She is, apparently, wrong.

“Go,” the Queen says to her guards. “She can do no harm as she is.” The guards, to their credit, don’t argue. They probably think the Queen can take care of herself, especially since she’s only been Queen for a few weeks. Before, she was like them, among them, a resistance fighter.

And, hey, would you look at that, Alane used to be a resistance fighter too.

“My Queen,” Lord Poole says, a hint of a whine in his words. He’s as fair as Alane, but where she carries pink under her skin, he carries yellow. Lord Poole was not a resistance fighter. “I don’t think this is advisable–”

“Go,” the Queen says. Her cool, brown eyes flick to Lord Poole. “Do not make me repeat myself.”

Lord Poole’s face sours, but he knows his Queen. He stomps back up the stairs, muttering under his breath like her majesty is deaf.

The Queen stares after the Lord for a long moment, round face harsh. Alane would once have said that she could tell what the Queen was thinking, she would have once been right, but now? Now Alane is just as in the dark as everyone else.

“You knew the consequences,” the Queen says finally. When she looks at Alane, there’s weight in her eyes, on her shoulders, in the bow of her neck. It doesn’t make things better.

“I did what you asked,” Alane says. Nothing more, she doesn’t say. They both know anyway and it hangs in the air between them. A fact. An accusation.

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That Is Not Your Face.

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Plot: How about one where while Jerome is being revived,his cult is also busting the reader out of prison,since they worship them both cause they’re both crazy & then maybe she sees Dwight with J’s face,then kidnaps & kills him on TV,J then goes to her??😂

Tags: swearing, prison, crime, murder, death, spoilers, blood

I changed it up a bit!!!


A guard darts toward the cell blocks, but a lanky boy dressed in skimpy clothes with bright makeup gets in the way, their dagger plunging into the guard’s back.

“Ho-ly crap!” Y/N exclaims.

The boy and Y/N both started to speak.

“Who are- “

“Are you- “

Neither of them finished. 

The boy regained his composure. “You know, it was hard trying to break into this damn place and trying to find the right cell. I almost grabbed hold of some girl but I found out that she was slouching. You don’t slouch, do you?”

“Some days.” Then came her notorious maniacal laughter. She barks out the laugh until getting serious. “You here to break me out or?”

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50 reasons to love the Chimera Ant Arc HxH

In no particular order… (Spoilers to those who haven’t watched season 5!)

2.Crazy Slots and his lippy attitude
3.The way Killua decides to ride the horse.
4.Colt being a mamas boy
5.Gons positive attitude about Kite fighting Pitou
6. K N U C K L E and his soft spot for dogs
7.Meleron judging Shoot for his lack of eyebrows
8.Killua calling Gon ‘light’
9.Morel comforting Colt and promising he will protect him and the little ant baby and getting all emotional 
10.“Don’t make me repeat myself”
11.Meruem sitting in his big throne when he is so smol, angrily thinking about Komugi.
13.Pouf being overdramatic, (we all know the episode)
14.Crazy Palm all the way to Ant Palm, and Palm being MVP through out the last half of the arc
15.Netero and Meruems aesthetic fight
16.Killua and Ikalgo becoming bros
17.Welfin driving those trucks 
18.The Royal Guards have cell phones
19.When Meruem rips off his arm and Komugi stands her ground because she is boss
20. Meruems robot laugh
21.Knuckle and Youpi bonding
22.The music and animation to Gon vs Pitou 
23.That look Killua gives when Gon tells him the “it must be nice.."thing and we all wanted to cry because baby.. No don't :(
24.Komugi passing out because she can’t breath from her nose after she meets the King
25.Meruem smacking around his Royal Guards
26.Cheetu reading manga 
27.Meruem riding by his tail on the invisible nen dragon
28.Neteros choice of outfit he wears to his big fight
29.Ikalgos round red head
30.The narrator 
31.Hisoka doesn’t randomly appear 
32.The way Meruem carries Komugi to Pitou after Dragon Dive hits *sobbing*
33.Zeno having a midlife crisis
34.Silva flying out of no where, crushing Cheetu
35.Poor Knov and his hair D:
36.Morel smoking 420 blaze in the battle field
37.The part where Killua fights Youpi and poor youpi doesn’t know what is going on
38.Killua kidnapping Komugi
39.Komugi 'fighting’ Killua
40.Shaiapouf and his undying, obsessive love with the King and absolute hate for Komugi
41.When Meruem remembers Komugi and Poufs reaction to how much the King cares for her
42.When Morel, Knov, and Netero break into Ant territory and slay everyone by putting them in the nen room for Netero to get some warm up fighting.
43.Knuckle, Shoot, Killua and co. Thinking that maybe the King is getting hunnies, or frisky with Palm, and Gon not undestanding, when in reality the King is just playing a board game with bae
44.Baby Kite and Colt
45.Kites hunter team of explorers
46.Meruems 180 beautiful character development
47. Palm yelling at Meruem, who just wants to see the moogy, so he is gonna bow and she is screaming, and I am screaming, and that scene was intense man!!
48.Understanding, Restriction and Pledge, Kingdom of Predator, Hyori Ittai OSTs 
49.During the Pitou vs Gon fight when Killua arrives and the blood aesthetic and the emotions of everything because holy cow guys, emotional rollercoaster
50.EPISODE 135 NOW THAT WAS A ROLLERCOASTER. SO MANY TEARS SHED. SO MANY LIVES LOST. "I believe that I was born To be here today.” “I was born for this moment.” JUST KILL ME NOW WHY DON’T YOU. THIS POST WAS A LIE THE CA ARC WAS THE WORST. YOU WILL REGRET WATCHING IT. YOU WILL NEVER SMILE AGAIN. (When she strokes his face and gets to finally 'see’ Meruem.. When he tells her his name.. The tone of Meruems voice.. That hand holding.. Omg ef me up real good.)

Honorable mention: Reina getting to be with her mommy again :’)

Well, since you asked quite nicely…


McCree woke up to a breath of warm air on his face.

He was sure it’d been days since he’d felt anything slightly warm, trapped here in Talon’s cells. Captured almost four days ago, the entire affair has consisted of nothing but torture and freezing his ass off, the empty cell’s metal floors not conductive to keeping body heat. He asked for a blanket on the first day, trying to pass the time by driving them a little nuts. They’d responded by turning down the temperature another five degrees.

Him and his big mouth. 

He opened his eyes, hoping the warm air wasn’t from a guard about to haul him out for another round of “interrogation.” To his surprise, no such guard was there, the cell as empty as ever. McCree blinked, wondering if he’d imagined it. He was almost about to go back to sleep when he heard a small huff and looked down. 

Right there, lying right next to one of his bare feet was one of the dragons. Hanzo’s dragons.

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Won’t Say I’m in Love

Originally posted by lokihiddlelaufeyson

Loki X Reader

Word Count: 648

Author: Brought to you by Kate

Warnings: None

A/N: This sorta reads like Kiss the Girl, my other song fanfic. This fic was inspired by Disney’s ‘Won’t Say i’m in Love’ from the movie Hercules, which I do not own. Katy requested this fic on account of that she loves Tom Hiddleston, so Surprise, Katy! Anyways, hope you like it!

This doesn’t read exactly like Kiss the Girl where the words match what the characters are saying, but I like listening to ‘Won’t Say I’m in Love’ before I read it you can kind of get a context of the reader.

It was your turn to guard Loki’s cell in the helicarrier. You had tried desperately to get out of the shift, but all the other Avengers were busy. So Nick asked you to cover a couple shifts. A song reminding you of your predicament had been stuck in your mind all day, and it was giving you a headache. You passed the security check-point, and Loki’s cell came into view.

If there’s a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I’ve already won that.

Shut up, shut up! You reminded yourself forcefully. This was a super-villain! Of all guys to fall for… 

Loki was sitting in the middle of his cell, looking lost in his head, a chilling smile present on his face.

No man is worth the aggravation.

You massaged the bridge of your nose between your thumb and pointer finger. Loki suddenly looked up at your exhausted state, leaning back on the rails, your legs crossed in front of you. His expression softened. He knew you were different from the rest of the humans aboard the aircraft.

“Hello, Y/N.” Loki stood up, still in the center of the cage.

“What, no threats?” You asked, still not looking up. Your heart was trying to break out of your ribcage, and you were desperately trying to calm it down.

“I wouldn’t threaten you.” The prisoner said softly. You looked up begrudgingly.

Who’d you think your kidding? He’s the earth and heavens to you. You’re trying to keep it hidden. Honey we can right through ya.

“Oh, no.” You mumbled softly.

“What was that?” Loki wandered over to the edge of the cell that was closest to you.

“What? Oh, um nothing. Nothing.” You walked away from his gaze, and sat in front of the cell control computer, flipping away at different protocols to make sure everything was online and running correctly. Loki walked over to you again. He was interested to figure out what made you so different from everyone else.

“Why are you here?” He asked sincerely and curiously. When Loki first saw you, he knew you were different because you hadn’t been hostile. There was something unique in your eyes when you looked at him.

“Here? Because Fury told me it was my turn to babysit you.” You said, resting your head in your hands. You had been with Loki’s scepter all night while Bruce had been tracking the tesseract, and then Natasha had needed some help with communication interception. 

“No…” Loki said. “I can tell your different from the other “protectors of earth”, and I was simply wondering what makes you different.” You looked at him, confused.

“I don’t know what you mean.” You said slowly.

“You don’t have malice in your eyes when you look at me. Or the other members of your little team.”

No chance, no way, I won’t say it, no, no

“Your brother, Thor, told me about you. How you’re adopted, sort of. I don’t think you’re dangerous. I think you’re just… looking for where you belong.” You stood back up and walked over to a bit of railing you could lean on.

“And are you?” You looked at him confused. “Searching for your place?” 

You swoon, you sigh. Why deny it?

Part time, I guess. I guess I’m just going with the flow until I find where I belong.” Loki smiled, not menacingly, but reminiscently, almost. Your heart fluttered, and you smiled back. 

“You know, there’s nothing wrong with going against the flow if it means you get to a better place.” He said softly, truly. You’re mind was buzzing, and you couldn’t think of anything to say. Luckily, your walkie-talkie buzzed a shift change, signaling you it was time to go help Bruce and Tony again. You smiled brighter, and walked out without a word, Loki staring longingly after you.

oh— at least out loud… I won’t say I’m in love. 

What’s in a name?

Warning: casual suicide ideation

His name means “Free” and sometimes he thinks it’s supposed to be ironic because he’s everything but. He’s not trapped but he feels jailed with the warden looking over his shoulder and the guards peeping into his cell. Sometimes he gets to visit his friends or they come to see him but it’s not the same as being on the outside.

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The Last Ten Minutes (Non Romantic Sirius x Reader)

(This is a non romantic Sirius x reader. The reader is married to Remus and they were all best friends at Hogwarts. The ending is happy btw. The time and story lines don’t really match up but idc I think it’s pretty cute.)

“You have ten minutes” growled the Ministry guard as he brought you in the musty holding cell room. You threw him a dirty look, then turned your head to see your best friend tucked in a ball in the back corner of the cell. The guard crossed his arms and stood by the door. “Do you have to stay in here?” you spat at him. “Sorry, but it’s against the rules to leave little women alone in rooms with murderous criminals” he said laughing.

Your face twisted in rage but you knew if you lost your temper there would be no 10 minutes. “I can handle it, thank you” you managed, teeth gritted. “Lady, are you mad? He’s-” “I can handle it!” You yelled, cutting him off. He raised his eyebrows and backed out of the room. “Okay, okay… lunatic” he murmured under his breath, but you didn’t care. All you thought about was that this could be the last time you ever saw the charming, smirking, handsome man with long black hair, you’d bonded so closely with over the past eleven years.

You waked over to the cell and sat cross-legged on cold stone floor, gripping the bars in front of you. “Pads?” you attempted to say strongly but your voice cracked in your throat. You knew he heard you but he didn’t move. His knees were against his chest, his arms wrapped around them, head down, facing the corner. “Okay then” you sighed, you waited a couple seconds to see if anything would happen… and he stayed unmoving. “I’ll just talk.”

You took a deep strangled breath “I know you didn’t do it, Pads” you struggled to speak, “I don’t know who did, but I know you didn’t. Moony thinks a bit differently, but I’m gonna fight so hard to get you out.” You felt some tears fall and you squeezed your eyes shut, you could feel your throat swelling as you tried to talk. He still didn’t move. You pulled yourself together enough to choke out “they took Harry.” At this you saw him flinch. The room was silent for a minute or so until you saw him loosen enough to to whisper “why?” in a low voice. “When the Ministry found out I was advocating for you, they decided Moony and I weren’t proper guardians.” You saw him slowly start to turn. When you finally saw his eyes they were bloodshot with dark circles. His face was stained with tears and he had a bleeding cut on his bottom lip, probably from biting it, which he always did when he was upset.

“W-where did they take him?” He asked shakily “Dumbledore took him to Lilly’s sister’s.”
Sirius’s eyebrows scrunched together “that horrible muggle?” He asked, voice breaking. “He told me it was better for Harry to live out of the spotlight anyway.” You sucked in another deep breath. “He called me ‘mum’, Pads” you then sobbed out, hands covering your face. “Then they took him away” You heard him stand and stagger over to you and sit, inches away, but separated by enchanted bars that you couldn’t disarm if you tried. “What about Hogwarts?” He asked quietly. You pulled you hands from your face to look at him. “Dumbledore said he’ll still send a letter” you said smiling a bit. “That means you won’t see him for-” “eleven years” you finished.“ He slowly reached out through the bars a wiped a tear from your cheek with his thumb. "I’m sorry.” You let out a choking sob thinking of the cold air that hit your chest as Harry was pulled from your arms.

“How’s Moony?” He looked in your eyes wanting the hard truth. You chuckled humorlessly “I don’t know” you sniffed, shrugging. You tried to swallow the lump in your throat before continuing “He hasn’t said more than a couple words to me this past week, blames me for losing Harry I suppose. I don’t know, we might end up-” “don’t, (Y/N)” he cut you off. “Don’t what?” You asked, brows scrunching as you looked up at his steely eyes. “Divorce” he stated “You can’t live without each other. Remember in sixth year when you two split?” he gave the first smirk you’d see from him in weeks. You smiled sadly looking down. “It was close to the full moon, and he got jealous when you kissed my cheek.” You both laughed, rejoining your eyes. “And remember how you guys stopped talking, eating, sleeping?” He said, a full smile appearing. “Yeah” you laughed. More and more tears slipped from your eyes as you thought this would be the last time, the last time you ever laughed together. “You can’t let that happen again, promise me you’ll stay together.” He said a bit more serious (lol).

“I promise” he stuck his pinky through the bars. Memories of Hogwarts flashed like a slideshow in your mind. Laughing, drinking, pranking, adventuring, and always ending you promises with twisted pinkys. You wrapped your pinky around his, nodded and said “I am never going to stop trying to clear-” You both jumped as the door busted open and the giant guard bellowed “Alright, times up!” Your eyes went wide, looking up at him “just-just a couple more minutes, please” You pleaded shaking your head. “Times up, lady” he said a bit louder. When you didn’t move he started to cross to you.

“I’m gonna clear your name, Pads” You murmured closely to him, pressing a quick kiss to his forehead. “I love you, (Y/N). Tell Moony too, you have to convince him I’m innocent.” He looked at you with pleading eyes. “I wi-” you yelped as you were jerked up by your arm. “OI, LET HER GO! DON’T TOUCH HER LIKE THAT OR I WILL BE A BLOODY MURDERER!” Sirius yelled as he jumped up and grabbed the guard’s collar. The guard quickly pulled out his wand and shouted “incarcerous!” Sirius stumbled back, hands bound behind him. The guard started pulling you from the room. “I love you, Pads, we will see each other again!” You shouted fiercely as you struggled under the guard’s grip. Sirius pressed himself against the bars and shouted desperately “Tell Harry I love him, and-and all the stories of our adven-” The door slammed as you were pulled backwards into the wall of the hallway. You grunted as your head hit the wall. “Get out” grumbled the guard. You pulled yourself together, turned on your heel and walked out of he Ministry, tears still streaking down your cheeks but you didn’t care. You were going to clear Sirius’s name, you had to. But in the end there was no success.
—–12 years later——
You made your way into 12 Grimmauld Place. You jumped at the screaming portrait of Walburga Black and quickly shut the curtains. The house was empty, besides Kreacher who kept out of the way and the many boggarts. You received a letter from Remus a week ago to meet him here for a surprise.

'Maybe I’ll finally meet Harry’, you thought. Remus wrote you everyday telling you about him. How he gets good marks, his best friend is Ron Weasley, how he’s the best bloody quidditch player since James, and has big green eyes exactly like Lilly. You smiled thinking of him, you couldn’t help but spend hours imaging what your life would be like if you’d raised Harry. 'He’d be a spoiled brat, probably’ you chuckled to yourself.

Of course right as you sat in the comfy armchair, you heard a knock at the door. You jumped up and ran over, swinging it open.
You freezed, sitting on the front step was a gigantic, black dog behind him was Remus, smiling so wide the skin around his eyes crinkled. “Well, may we come in?” Remus asked, loving the look of complete shock on your face. Your eyes were wide, lips slightly parted, breathing quickening. You stumbled back and the dog and Remus walk in past you. You could feel your heart pumping in your throat as you closed the door and turned around to see the smiling face of a friend you hadn’t seen in twelve years. Sirius stood there, waiting for your reaction. He couldn’t help the smile that spread acrossed his face. You started to slowly make your way toward him. He looked older, cheekbones sharper than you remembered. You reached out and touched his cheek to make sure you weren’t hallucinating, causing him to let out a childlike giggle. His arms were itching for yours. “He’s real, love” you heard Remus say, surely the same look of happiness on his face. You then wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him into you. He reciprocated immediately, burying his face in your hair and breathing your scent in. You don’t know how long you two just stood there hugging, and you didn’t care. The moment was broken by Sirius mumbling into your hair “I missed you like hell, (Y/N) but I’m starving.” You finally smiled and pulled back. “Let’s get you some food then” you said excited, grabbing his arm like a child a pulling him to the kitchen.

Remus followed behind you, when you turned to face him you saw streaks of tears on his scarred face. “I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you, I made you think you were mad.” He said eyes down, you saw his hands trembling. You went on your toes and pressed a chaste, lingering kiss on is lips. Sirius made a vomiting noise behind them causing them all to burst into laughter.


Fandom: Thor
Pairing(s): Loki Laufeyson x reader
Summary: You’re forced to resort to extreme methods to see your husband after his capture
Warnings: None?
A/N: I dunno. I’d usually say something witty here, but I can’t be bothered

Your footsteps were all but silent as you hurried through the palace, the gossiping voices of the courtiers drowning out any noise you made. One name was on everyone’s lips.
It was hardly a surprise; the former prince of Asgard had been captured on Midgard, after some mad attempt at making himself king. You only hoped the guards would let you see him.
Taking a deep breath, you tried to look as casual as possible as you descended the stairs into the prison. Just as you made to approach the cells, the guard stepped forward and blocked your path.
“Stop. You do not have permission to see the prisoner,” growled the guard.
“But I have the right to see my husband!” you argued.
“And you have the motivation to help him escape. Leave, before I bring this matter before the Allfather.”
Sighing, you turned to leave. Just as you took your first step away, you heard the guard grumble under his breath.
“Foolish girl.”
You whirled round, your fist colliding with his jaw with a sickening, yet undoubtedly satisfying, crunch. Behind you, two more guards were approaching, this time armed with swords and axes. This wouldn’t be so easy.
You managed to disarm one of them, but eventually they managed to pin your arms behind your back. A short trial before the Allfather, and then you were being flung into the cell beside Loki. He grinned at you, and you raised a hand.
“Not a word, Loki,” you warned.
“We really must stop meeting like this,” he smirked.
“Oh shut up.”
Smiling, you stood next to the transparent wall that connected your cell with his.
“I hear you made yourself busy on Midgard,” you commented. “How did that work out for you?” you teased. He rolled his eyes, standing opposite you.
“I believe my current location answers that question for you.”
“I’ve missed you,” you told him, sitting down. “Nothing happens around here.”
He copied you, watching you intently. “I missed you too,” he said quietly. “Being King would have been better with my Queen at my side.”
He looked different; his face was gaunt and pale, even for Loki. His dark hair was longer and messy, the usually sleek tresses wavy and tangled. You decided you liked it that way.
“Did they treat you well in my absence?” he asked. You shrugged.
“Frigga is always kind to me, and Thor is polite enough. Odin avoids me, but that’s nothing new.”
Shaking his head, he placed the palm of his hand against the shimmering gold wall that separated the two of you.
“They should treat you like the Queen you are,” he said, frowning. You lifted your hand to cover his, as if the wall would just melt away.
“I am not a queen, Loki,” you said gently. “Not yet.”
“You are a queen to me,” he told you. A smile tugged at the corners of your mouth.
“And you are my king.”

His Little Problem

Joker x Reader

One Shot (but might make a second part)

Description: The Joker’s been stuck at Arkham Asylum for months, unable to break out no matter what he tries and it all leads back to her. The new guard at Arkham Asylum might just give Joker a challenge. 

Warning: Mention of death and near death experience (probably isn’t even a warning because its not that bad in this story…) Also I’m sorta new to writing fanfics so sorry for mistakes and/or if the story doesn’t run smoothly. 

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Another Corrupted Soul

A/N: I’m back againn! I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of love my first fic got, it was so humbling and I can only hope the support will continue because otherwise I’m shit outta luck ;) But anyways, enjoy this new one! Also, creds to @whyarentyoulaughingj for helping me with the title, I was so stuck and I stg, you’re the sweetest and kindest soul, I love you already x.

Warning(s): Swearing, mild/flat-out smut (depends on your imagination)

Word count: 1,381

Pairing(s): Joker x Reader / Joker x OC (Original Character)

Originally posted by imnathbtw

          The sound of heels clicking against the cool, stone tiles of the infamous Arkham Asylum bounced off of the walls, combining with the noise of desperate calls of the criminals convicted and locked in heavily guarded cells. Freshly painted fingernails tapped against the hard wood of her clipboard, eventually stopping outside an intimidating metal door that read, “JOKER”, with two fibrous, armed security men either side. An innocent smile appeared on her face, switching her warm, glistening eyes from each guard.

“Good morning, boys,” her voice smooth and light.

A nod came from each as a greeting, one of them reaching to turn the rigid wheel and she watches the metal door slide open. Her demeanour changed drastically once the vibrantly haired man in a white straitjacket, with his head down, was in her view.

She shook her head, ridding her face of any fallen strays of hair before sauntering in confidently, her eyes glazing over with a cold, intense gaze. The room consisted of a single stainless steel table with black plastic chairs either end of it - the psychopath already seated in one as she took her place in the other. The walls painted white and kept in a pristine condition with a high window on one side, letting in a harsh sunlight which illuminated the floor.

“How are you today, Mr. Joker?” she inquired.

A low growl erupted from the man sat opposite her, his gaze shifting from his feet to her eyes before he rolled his neck. A sort of tick the psychiatrist had noticed early on in their hour-long sessions every week.

“Still calling me by my full name, Doctor?” the unsettling smile he had been known for slowly spread across his face as he asked the question.

“Mr. Joker, I will continue to call you by your full name for as long as our sessions last. We are not acquainted and never will be. This is strictly a doctor-patient relationship” her voice was firm and monotone, and as she spoke, she scribbled something on her clipboard.

“Oh, you’ve been saying that for too long, Doctor,” his smile dropped, a look of possession seemed to take over his pale face before he continued. “What makes you think you won’t give in next week?”

She returned his glare with a cool gaze as she pushed her glasses up with her forefinger. Clasping her hands together in front of her, she leant her elbows on the table.

“And what makes you think it won’t be the same answer?” She reiterated his choice of words before she swiftly moved on, not giving him a chance to retaliate. “Now, I’ve heard you haven’t been on your best behaviour, Mr. Joker, am I correct?”

The constrained man leant back in his chair and rolled his eyes, gritting his teeth which showed his abnormal metal grill. This was also another thing she noticed quickly at the beginning of the visits, her curiosity almost getting the better of her each time as she had to choke back the query of ‘what happened?’.

Hearing no reply from the obviously irritated gentleman, she persisted onwards, “Harassment of a prison guard in order to release you. Mentally abusing a medic in order to avoid getting injected. Seducing a fellow psychiatrist. Doctor Harleen Quinzel,” she flicked through multiple pieces of paper, reading the list of felonies committed, “If you’re thinking doing all of this will help you escape, you thought wrong.”

Her guarded body language and her sharp tongue managed to spark something inside of the deranged man, igniting a fire which rewired his thoughts to make the psychiatrist his, the only thing he could focus on.

He wasn’t used to women being so disinterested. Having closed legs when he walked into a room…

In a sudden movement, the man was on his feet, stalking around the table like a bird of prey until eventually standing right next to his therapist. Her chair was pushed backwards as she rose to her feet, turning sideways and meeting his stone cold gaze with fiery and phlegmatic eyes.

“You thought I was trying to escape?” he tsked and slowly inched forward, resulting in her subconsciously stepping backwards until her back hit the white wall of the boxed room.

“The evidence says it all, Mr. Joker”, innocence slipping out subtly in her voice but was quickly replaced with an extended posture, though her head inclining slightly meant both their faces ended up within close proximity of each other.

A sly smirk was painted on his red lips. He leant in further, pausing when the tip of his nose touched hers. Closing her eyes, she tried to steady her breathing - she felt confused and vulnerable; he had never done this before.

“Are you afraid of me, Doctor?” his voice now low, gravelly and dangerous, “Do I make you… nervous?”

She swallowed the lump forming in her throat and she re-opened her eyes, staring straight into the pools of insanity that were his eyes before she voiced her answer.

“Our session is over.” She pushed his body to the side, grabbing her clipboard and strut out of that godforsaken room, wiping the beads of sweat off of her forehead with the back of her shaking hand.

          The ringing of the alarm system permeated the air as every trained, and armed, security guard marched through the echoing halls of the distressed asylum. A sense of panic was overpowering the run-down building whilst the muffled sounds of moans arose from a locked janitors closet.

“Shit, J,” a quiet sigh of pleasure slipped from the psychiatrist’s lips as her patient, her secret lover, thrust into her. “You know they’re going insane trying to find you, right?”

A breathless chuckle came from the man she had once despised before a rich groan resounded, “Let them look, doll, I’m not gonna stop.”

He shifted his hips, making him plunge deeper at a new angle into the woman he had pressed against the wall. A high-pitched moan rang out in response.

“Never said I wanted you to,” she bit her lip, feeling the all-too-familiar knot forming in her stomach from the multiple times they had shared the experience together every week, “I’m gonna cum, J”.

“Not until Daddy tells you to, understand?”

She shut her eyes tightly, trying to control her forthcoming release. She leant forward and pressed her lips against his, and the two shared their desire with each other in a passionate kiss as he continued to pound into her.

“Cum inside me, Daddy, I’ll make you feel so good,” she tried her hand at dirty-talking to tip him over the edge, turning both of them on significantly and sending them closer to the end. “J, please, I can’t take it anymore, make me cum”.

He rocked his body into her rhythmically, pumping a few more times before he felt her letting go, walls clenching around him.

Feeling the contractions as they shot through his body, he groaned loudly in immense pleasure.

“Fuck, baby”. He released inside the woman who was supposed to be his doctor, filling her with his cum.

The only sound that filled the stuffy closet now was their heavy breathing that was exchanged between them as the high they both has just endured began to fade gradually. He pecked her on the lips before pulling out, then, in an attempt to find his strewn clothes on the floor, he crouched down and started to feel his way along the floor. In the meantime, she had already found her, rather tight-fitting, dress and white coat and admired the man’s tattooed torso and flexed muscles from the other side of the room.

“You better get back, J. Everyone’s panicking and we don’t want you getting punished any further, do we?” she paced herself towards the now dressed madman, giving him a smile and a kiss.

“I have a plan, doll; don’t you worry your pretty little head about that”, a sinister grin stretched across the handsome man’s face, confusing the therapist looking up at him.

“What plan?”

His feet carry him to the door, leaving her perplexed and standing in the middle of the small space, that now had a pungent smell of sex, as he pushed it open,

I need a machine gun.

Shiro and Matt being thrown into a cell together after the Galra druids are done with them, and refusing to be parted after that. Shiro and Matt physically clinging to each other with all of their strength when the guards come into their cell so they won’t be separated. Shiro and Matt fighting tooth and nail to be kept together. Shiro and Matt huddling close together for comfort while on the shuttle to the gladiator arena. Shiro and Matt holding hands while they’re forced into the area so that at least they’re going in side by side

Shiro and Matt finally being pulled apart by the Galra soldiers when they drag Shiro off of Matt. Shiro and Matt only being separated because Shiro let go


{ based on witchsona’s gemsona designs for jamie and kevin }

Celestite, serves for Blue Diamond, guardian and part-time scribe servant

Purple Opal, serves for “no one” (Neutral), rebel and troublemaker

{{ just thought that gem!jamie and gem!kevin would meet if kevin was captured and imprisoned at the base jamie served at, and jamie guarded his cell until kevin convinced jamie to join the rebellion and break him out :3c }}

All Monsters Are Human [The Joker x Reader] Oneshot.

This is weird. Just embrace the weirdness.

Title: All Monsters Are Human

Pairing: Joker x Reader (hints of Joker x Reader x Harley Quinn)

Summary: Arkham wasn’t just a place designed for crazy people, it was place designed to drive you crazy.

Spoilers/Speculations based on Batman v. Superman.

Originally posted by who-the-hell-is-buck-barnes

You had called Arkham Asylum home for far too long. The days had become weeks, then months, then years until all of them muddled together and you lost count.

It was hard to remember a time you weren’t locked behind bars. The memories of your escapades in Gotham had begun to fade. You were growing increasingly stir crazy in your cell as time went on.

Ivy had her plants to distract her. You envied her that. You weren’t allowed any extraneous items. Not after the last time you used some reading glasses to pick the lock to your cell. The guards seemed truly shocked at your escape attempt. You had to be crazy to try and break out of Arkham.

But crazy you were, otherwise you wouldn’t have been locked up in Gotham’s infamous asylum.

You were too smart for your own good. Your father always said it would get you into trouble one day. After university, you found yourself enthralled by the sciences. Most people aspired to cure diseases. You ended up creating a few.

Catching the eye of Dr. Jonathan Crane had been your proudest moment. Aiding him in his creation of his Fear Toxin had been thrilling. Being caught by a man dressed as a bat had been a low point.

Crane had used the distraction caused by your capture to escape. He was still free while you rotted away. He should consider himself lucky that you had failed at your attempted jailbreak. He was due a gruesome death for his betrayal.

You spent the first few months in Arkham thinking of all the ways you planned to torture and kill Crane. It was a way to pass the time. But it got old fast, and now you were left without even those pleasant thoughts for company.

The solitude ate away at you.

Arkham wasn’t just a place designed for crazy people, it was place designed to drive you crazy.

There would be screams throughout the day and night. You would bury your head in your pillow when the shouting started. It became routine.

And then one day it stopped.

You had noticed the arrival of a new prisoner earlier that day, but had paid little attention. People were in and out of Arkham as fast as the Bat could catch them and the court could release them.

But ever since the newcomer’s arrival, a curious quiet surrounded you, broken only by excited whispers. Whoever it was had to be a big deal, one of Gotham’s most notorious. You supposed it could have been Penguin, he had certainly earned his spot in the asylum, and he had a way of demanding respect. Maybe it was Catwoman, and the men around you were imagining themselves a little love stricken.

You were wrong.

In the distance you could hear his laugh, broken and dark, and you knew. The Joker.

Life had suddenly gotten more interesting.

The next day you were escorted from your cell to the resident psychiatrist’s office. Some new girl named Quinzel wanted to evaluate you. You were more interested in catching a glimpse of the newest resident.

As you passed his cell, you snuck a peek inside, surprised to see him meet your eyes with a steely gaze. You only looked away once the guards gave you an annoyed shove and told you to move. You could hear his pleased chuckle in the distance.

Your sessions with Dr. Quinzel were dull. You never were one for introspection and she appeared distracted.

After one session had come to an end, she hesitated to call the guard to collect you. Slipping you a small piece of paper, she glanced nervously at the door before giving you a small smile. “From Mister J,” she whispered.

You palmed the note and she called for the guard.

When you got back to your cell and the guards were no longer in view, curiosity got the better of you and you unfolded the paper.

I love your work, big fan

You felt strangely elated at the unexpected praise. Dr. Crane was never one for compliments. He liked deadlines and preciseness. Emotions weren’t welcome in science.  

This strange little game of courtship, for lack of a better word, continued for a time. You’d catch glimpses of him here and there. His intense stare and manic grin intrigued you.

You were drawn to his smile, as gruesome as it was fascinating. His mouth gleamed with the metal that had now replaced his teeth.

“The Bat broke his teeth,” Dr. Quinzel admitted with an angry hiss. “After Mister J killed that kid. What’d they call him? Robin.” She shook her head. “Batman tortured him. Some hero he is.”

You were slightly amused by her obvious fixation on the Joker. Not that you didn’t understand, he was pretty captivating. But then again, you were a certified nutcase. You were starting to think the good doctor was too.    

A couple weeks later, Dr. Quinzel slipped you another note before sending you back to your cell. This one simply read:

The party’s about to start

You could only sit and wait.

Two days later the sound of gunshots echoed off the walls of Arkham. You slipped from your resting place and sauntered to the door of your cell, hoping to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

Shouting and screams filled the air. The guards were panicking and the inmates were hollering in excitement. The shots were rapid fire, not the standard issue pistols the guards had holstered to their belts. It sounded like a machine gun, you mused.

You caught a glimpse of some of your neighboring inmates running freely through the halls and you growled, slamming your fist against the door in frustration. Why were you still locked up while those morons ran free?

You heard an amused tsk to the right of you and were eye to eye once again with the Clown Prince of Crime.

“Now, now,” he drawled, shaking a taunting finger at you, “patience.”

“Get me out of here,” you demanded, but he merely grinned.

“Say the magic word…” he sing-songed.

“Please,” you muttered through gritted teeth.

“That’s not it,” he teased, now waving the key to your personal prison just out of your reach. “Try again.”

“I’m going to kill you if you don’t unlock that damn door,” you spat.

Joker threw his head back, laughing. “Ding, ding, ding! I like you, so fiery!” he cackled, as he finally slid the key into the lock and turned it. You reveled in the sound of the bolts giving way.

You pushed the door away from you, leaving it wide open. You wanted nothing more than to run into the melee, to freedom, but your mind still had you trapped.

His hand, so pale it nearly shone in the dark, entreated you. “Come on, baby,” his voice was temptingly low.

Your fingers danced along his palm and he took your hand in an unforgiving grip, pulling you towards him violently. Your body met his roughly and your heart pounded with excitement.

“It’s time to play,” he leered, his smile too wide and his eyes too bright. You could hear Dr. Quinzel yelling in the distance.

His grin managed to widen. “I can’t wait to show you my toys.”

The tiny bit of your conscience that remained told you to flee, but you stamped it down without a second thought. It was time you had some fun. And after fun would come revenge.

I need a gangsta || Open rp

Even Oliver has lost counting how many times he’s already escaped the mental institute, it was so easy for a mastermind like him, but he never put many effort in remaining uncaught. It was rather a game for him to entertain himself, and not die out of boredom. As he was lead by the two tough guards back to his cell Oliver stopped as he spotted a new patient, he stopped walking and locked his eyes with the other, it was like an electric power how his eyes met with the other patients. He ignored how the two guards firmly pulled on him, he just gave a crazy grin to the new patient before he was dragged back to his cell. 

Later on in the mental institute’s canteen Oliver looked for the new patient then once he noticed the other, Oliver walked up to the table and sat down opposite of the other. “What’s your name?”